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08-01-2008, 10:01 PM
this evening, my girlfriend asked me when we were going to start playing again. so, i'm posting this in hopes that not all the interesting gamers in texas live in the DFW area (as these boards would indicate) and that some of you are in the houston area, preferably montrose/heights area (gas, while coming down a bit the last few days, is still expensive, and i'd hate to ask someone from, say, katy, to have to drive in all the time. now, if you don't mind...)

my homebrew is a low fantasy, kind of grungy dirty game set in an alternate earth loosely placed in a renaissance era setting. i dont use alignments, per se, and rules are more suggestions (mostly, if it's going to slow the game down, i'll ignore it, for the most part).

my girlfriend is pretty much a novice player, and our neighbor, who is a renfest veteran, is also just learning d&d, but both are earnest and eager roleplayers. so, i am open to people who are just learning.

i don't really care for rules lawyers (see above for the reason), i'm not concerned about metagaming, as i use a homebrew and pretty much warp everything to fit my world anyway (don't worry, trolls are still suseptable to fire....most of them, anyway...), and, as i don't own a bunch of splatbooks, i try to keep available options to the hardcopy books i own (i do have th epathfinder alpha 3 pdf, so if you're familiar with it, i'll allow options from that book and other golarion resources).

we usually grab a couple 12 packs for the day, and a couple of us smoke (on the patio on gamedays, though), and we either whip something up or order pizzas as well. so, since there will be beer present, i'd ask that you be 21 or older if you chose to respond.

thank you :)