View Full Version : Campaign idea I have..(and questions)

07-26-2008, 07:08 PM
For a while, I've been wanting to do a campaign heavily based on the Heroes in Hell series (which I'd most likely end up using a useful blend of Past and Modern).

I do have some questions after reading d20 modern and past, and using my little campaign idea. Also little ideas I'd like critiqued. ;) (I am expecting some non-responses of "it's your campaign do whatever you want!" :p)

1.Death/Dying/HP 0 and less-In the novels, if one was severely injured or injured enough that you would be killed, you would "disappear" and "appear" on one of the Undertaker's tables. I was thinking on the lines of if a PC was reduced to 0 HP or less, that the plane they were on (Hell) would have some sort of effect to recognize a injured person and transfer them over. Not entirely sure that would work...

2.Hell-Plane affected technology and vehicles (Insert Official Name here)- In the novels, planes and vehicles didn't work...unless it (the Plane/Satan) wanted you to...Computers would work...until you hacked to that nice spiffy Folder that had all the exits of Hell listed (and then it would crash before you read anything!).

3.Magic (of any sort) backfiring/not working. This would also include anything a Priest/People of the Cloth/Shamans/etc is normally capable of not working. (Except the Undertaker, who is a messenger of God/etc). The Undertaker would not be able to say, return a PC to the Earth Plane (via resurrection, etc).

NPCs I've been wondering how to do/translate to Modern:
1. Satan(aka Nick)-Evil overlord who has his own avatars. I was thinking of writing a deific-type thing for him.

2.Michael-Nick's Psuedodragon-eque companion/pet/whatever. And Always Neutral Evil most likely (instead of the regular Always Neutral Good). I may have to tweak with the Dragonet creature.

3.Beezlebub-Pit fiend??

4.The Undertaker (aka Altos)-Solar Angel?? He would probably would need a resurection type spell as a permanent special ability. Also he would need to have a sense motive as a permanent special ability (A lot of suspicious characters trying to get out of Hell without being "reformed" or "deserving" to go elsewhere).

Any comments or critques would be most helpful-I may try beta testing this in a Play-by-post forum in a few weeks or so.

Thanks ;)