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10-22-2006, 10:51 PM
Ahoy! I'm terrible at intros to intros, so I'll cut to the case.
I'm a 17-year-old DnD fan coming out of Centreville, Virginia. I go to Westfield High School, but as I get out early every day and my course load is light, I have a really flexible schedule. Don't be scared off by my age! I get along with upperclassmen college students and adults better than my peers. While I'm not a total newbie and have a pretty solid knowledge of the basics, I haven't really had a lot of experience in playing. I'm looking for a group that can kind of nurture me, so to speak, and will put up with me being dumb every once and a while.
A brief history of my gaming:
The first DnD game I ever played (two years ago) was painfully, painfully bad. Our DM kept getting grounded, there were only two people (myself included) that made an effort to be attentive instead of goofing off, and with two exceptions (once again, myself included), no one would act in character for more than two rounds. It totally fell apart when there was a massive blowup with me and the DM on one end and three or four of the other players on the other. It wasn't pretty.
The second campaign I joined last year didn't go too well, either. It was raucous fun... when we could actually play. Between scheduling conflicts, an hour and a half to two hours of game play sliced off because of people having to get rides all over creation, and our DM once again being grounded every few weeks, we didn't get very far. It degraded into me and the DM doing a little private online thing to pass the time.
After that, I pretty much abandoned playing for a while. I picked up again with an online campaign with a new DM which worked out really well. It kind of got cut off due to a bunch of personal drama, but we picked back up with a new campaign just last week (awww, it's a cute ittle baby campaign...) and, once again, a new DM that's working very, very well. A second one is probably on the way with a small, informal variation of Expedition to Castle Ravenloft in the works (I have a lot of spare time, obviously).
I enjoy campaigns where the people will actually play in character for the love of Patrick Stewart, and where character development is just as important as actual action. I usually play a caster of some sort (though the duskblade is my dream come true). I'll be straight in saying that I tend to get along with males better than females (I'm female myself), and I'd rather be the only girl than one of several (because I just love being showered with attention and being a total pimpette :rolleyes:). It's just a personality thing. I really want a group that's serious about playing but is willing to be silly occasionally. Being attacked by a giant taco one minute and having a character near-death the next would be Heaven.

About me in general... I'm notorious for having a rather dark sense of humor, but a lot of my friends consider me a sort of mother figure. I love to cook (I'll feed any group I join!), and I'm a freelance artist (drawing, digital painting, graphic design, mixed media and Flash). Once again I'll be straightforward in that I really enjoy anime and video games, but in no way am I one of those scary screaming fan girls. Don't lump me in with them! I beg of you! I plead and cry!
I notice that when I'm typing profiles, I sound nothing like myself... ick. Anyway, I'm looking to start up probably next month or December in a face-to-face group again (at a place like Game Parlor so I don't have to fight with my mom about gaming with people I don't necessarily know).