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07-24-2008, 02:26 PM
Do you love pen and paper role playing but find it hard to work a regular campaign into your busy schedule? Do you have adult responsibilities that make it hard to get away from home for a whole day? Would you love to rediscover the wonder of myth, legend, and magic? Do you love acting the part of your character?

If yes, "Athas" may be for you. Athas is a campaign just being launched based loosely on the Dark Sun world but using FATE/FUDGE rules. Athas is a desert world, harsh but beautiful. Its inhabitants live a primitive life close to the land. The people describe their universe in terms of Gods and magical forces, demons and ill-tempered spirits but do they "really" exist? Myths and legends are rife as are rumors of heroic deeds performed in far away lands. Yet day-to-day life is subtle and simple focused on the home and family and taking one's livelihood from the land.

*IMPORTANT* Please do NOT read Dark Sun related materials before requesting to join the game. The game is "inspired by" Dark Sun but not strongly based on it. Reading these materials will confuse some elements and ruin others.

The Athas campaign will be focused on strong role-playing using the VoiP medium as a means to overcome the awkwardness of truly inhabiting one's character. The action will be high adventure and little if any magic. The use of the FATE/FUDGE system is intended to push the tactical aspects of game play further into the background and emphasize creativity in character development.

The technology requirements are minimal: Skype with a decent connection and a fair sound setup (headset recommended) and MapTool for sharing maps, drawings, and other materials.

We expect to play on the order of 2x per month for 6 hour sessions. Check out the growing web site at http://tobukemi.dyndns.org

07-28-2008, 03:25 AM
this sounds rather interesting. I had an idea like this a while ago, since many of my friend's are unable to drive (most of us are 17 and below, and not exactly in the money)
the rules of FATE seem...unusual but look like they would make for a good time.