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07-24-2008, 12:24 PM
Character Level: Tenth.

Race, Class, Template & Alignment: Any D&D 3.5e material is fair game, including anything posted on the wizards of the coast website. Exception: we will not be using anything from the Book of Exalted Deeds or the Book of Vile Darkness.

As of 7-24-08: No more wizards or sorcerers will be allowed, and this includes and deviants from those classes (necros, warmages, archmages, etc.). See next post for list of current players.

At this point we are looking for a cleric! Also, for balance, we could use some more physical characters, such as barbarians, fighters, or even rangers.

Ability Scores: Starting Ability Scores - One of two ways: 1.) 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 and 08 before racial adjustments if any, or 2.) 4d6 drop the lowest. Reroll anything that is below 8, and reroll all if none are above 12. Ability Scores - You get a bonus point to put in any abilities for the 4th and 8th levels, and then an extra two (four bonus ability points total).

Hit Points: Max out the first level, then roll all subsequent levels up to 10.

Bonus Feat: You can get another bonus feat to start with if you choose to give your character a significant/interesting defect, such as a weakness, phobia, or flaw (pertaining at least vaguely to what might be found in a dungeon).

Starting Gold: 40,000gp.

Character Concept: Try to come up with some reason as to why the character is even here. For the money? The welfare of the town? Just the right thing to do?

Notes: I do not by any means not allow characters to have conflict and not get along. If a PC kills another PC, no, a lightning bolt will not strike him down, but the other PCs will likely be not too happy. I believe that as long as it is in character, what happens, happens. HOWEVER, I do require utmost respect for one another as people aside from the game, and I will not allow what happens in game carry out into the real world. Get along and know that it is just a game.

All characters must first be approved of by the DM (me). I am very open to different concepts, what I'm looking for is characters that will add character to the campaign. Try to think of interesting characters that will do well in a dungeon environment, and knowing that there will be plenty of things to overcome, you'll want to look at what the other players are going to be playing to make a well rounded party.

As a note to the actual game, most encounters will be with your level. However, I believe that the dice are what they are, and death may occur to the unlucky. Still, you can prevent it by making wise decisions, and working together. Either way, I'm not in this to kill off my PCs, but to make this an enjoyable game, and what is an enjoyable without some chance of failure?

07-24-2008, 12:34 PM
Current Players:
(and all info known, current as of 7-25-08, 5:16pm MST)

*michaeljearley - wizard
*Zane - Lalitil, elf rogue/shadowdancer
*Genzodus Thoth - Zomberus (Marcus DeUgen), human dread necromancer
*Addis Hellfire - elf warmage
Nijineko - n/a
*Abbadon - Reh, barbarian/fighter

*character sheet approved

07-24-2008, 12:40 PM
As a note for the style of the game, pay very close attention as to what is going on. I do not believe in a world in black and white, so my NPCs and such reflect that. Not everything is as it seems.

Also, I give a fair warning that there will be traps and the like in Dusk, so I do not recommend simply running wildly into a room or kicking every door in. Of course, it is not a cruel warning, but simply a warning that this place is dangerous.