View Full Version : Fortress of the Starpath

07-10-2008, 06:56 AM
Fortress of the Starpath uses the ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG system. It will be ran in OpenRPG, every Sunday. I ask players interested in the campaign to download the ZODIAC rulebook and create a character at level 3 first. Then download everything for OpenRPG if haven't done so already. For the character, I ask for a background, one that is detailed, but not too much. I'll also need players to create Limit Breaks for their character with this setup

Limit Level 1-1: Level 2 Tech
Limit Level 1-2: Level 3 Tech
Limit Level 2-1: Level 3 Tech
Limit Level 2-2: Level 4 Tech
Limit Level 3-1: Level 4 Tech
Limit Level 3-2: Level 5 Tech
Limit Level 4: Level 6 Tech

(modifiers are not part of the Level's total)

The story for the campaign can be found at the ZODIAC Messageboard at http://zodiacffrpg.proboards74.com/index.cgi? under Campaign Organization.