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Chris House
07-08-2008, 09:40 AM
Well if you had not read or seen this game you have not been to a game shoppe latly- first let me introduce you too a few. Maddness Comics and games in Plano Texas on Custered and Parker, Lonestar Comics and Games - Mocking bird in Dallas and Arlington and Game Chest- In CollinCreek Mall or you may have to look this one up.

First and formost this is a a game with value and price!
440 pages 59.99
it is a Western setting on ana alternative Victorian or Wild west era
some have called it the American Expansion Era But not here!
the Cover looks like an Old time life western book

the Game MEchanics are freash and well old school at the same time.
traditional Random Generation for character Creation
but you get Build points to pick skills and Talents - Earn more BP with Quirks and Flaws.
range 3-18 < 3-24 )
you roll 3d6 and roll fractions 01-100%
so you can have a Strength of 11/45%
Characteristics are Strength, Dexterity,Wisdom,Intelligence,Constitution, Looks and Charisma- with reputation
character creations steps
be prepaired -dice ; d4,d6,d8,d10,d12, &d20

1- start with 75 build points
2 roll ability scores
3choose a natiionality
4 roll prior and Particulars ( optional)
5 Finalize ability score and other adjustments
6 calculate starting reputations and Bonus BPS
7DETERIMINE Quirks and Flaws
8 purchase skills and Talents
9 roll hit pints
10 record base speed and Accuracy
11 equip your character

this game is fun to make characters exspecially if you stick to random rolls but hey some people like point buy!
this is not Boothill!
this is a real western show!
this system is the most complete RPG i have ever baught and it is packed with supprises.
I am not a fan of western Movies! I like some of the spagetti stuff and post modern western - like pale rider - unforgiven and 3:10 to YUMA
through in Silverado and young guns and the Quick and the dead and that about the sum of it!
but I love the Victorian age in books and Film out side of western motif
and add the price tag of 59.99 and this was not going to be a book I really wanted! even with the classic Cover and art!
till i went to rpg.net and and read what the book had with it!
I STARTED to get excited -non d20 system- all though it used a d20 for to hit- it had multi mechanical systems or what they call MINI -GAMES these days and a lot of hard realistic but fun optional modelur systems !
ok my Wife a Game as well said she was excited about this game too after read the reviews ! my wife excited about a game-WOW
oh dont get me wrong she loves gaming but she is not the all out gamer I am!
So here what I found so far
it has a very unique to hit system with an overlay
that don't make combat any faster then any other game I have played but it sure makes it fun and exciting!
this is not sit down with the book and dice game, you need photo copies of verious items the overlays for combat , a deck of cards and poker chips
sound familier old timers ?
charactersheet of course and if you can a few figures if you want it and a battle mate if you got one of those too!
this is not a begininng GM GAME! THIS IS THE BEST AND MOST ADVANCE RPG I have ever read!
its also as close to actual gun fight as you can get in a pen and paper game with out LARP-ing !
its rule are commonsense and if you a combat Veterin your going to very much appreaciate this gun and damage system!
why you ask. well it is intesive and it is about as realistic as a can get gaming and still have fun!
oh I know you want lots of details well folks go to rpg.net and other Kenzer and company to get the full amount of review I am just trying to get you interested inth is game to do as much reserch as I did before I plucked down near 66 dallors with Taxes!
as a Texan I have to say I like the world setting -Texas is its own nation!
As a Amature Historian I LOVE THE aLTERNATIVE SETTING you not hammed into history and they have gotten a lot of vieribles in this setting,
its a pretty book and I think one of the best systems out thier it's not Universal its Fun!
and if this is what Hackmaster 5th edition is going to be similer too, I may have to go to that game for my fantasy!
well that all any commentso r questions let me have it! I know this is a weak review but the point is to let you know thier is this game you see
that I like called Aces and Eights!