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Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
07-07-2008, 07:36 PM
Toby's Homebrew DnD 4.0 Campaigns

We play in Loma Linda, CA. 92408, every Saturday, located right off of the Waterman exit and south a few blocks, then left/east on Wier Road. Call or email the DM(Toby) for more information and exact location address at... tobyk316@adelphia.net (tobyk316@adelphia.net) &/or 909.455.7249.

Please note that we play every Saturday with the 4.0 rules.
We have 3 players & 1 DM(Toby), making 4 people total. We would love to have 2-3 more consistent players for Saturdays, for having 6 players(not including DM) would be ideal. Typically, we play from 2:30pm to 9pm.

If you're rusty with the rules, dont let it stop you from playing. As long as you enjoy the game, we will get you up to speed. We have most every book ever printed so if you need to research something, i am sure that wont be a problem. Adults only, please.

Campaign#1: Homebrew 4.0 DnD
Ran by Toby*
Characters beginning at 1st level.
Forgotton Realms... 4.0
Taking players

There's possibly another campaign(see below) being run by Eric. I dont know. I had to bow out of said campaigns(life got in the way). Please contact Toby for more details

Campaign#2: Homebrew 4.0 DnD
Ran by Eric*
Characters beginning at 1st level.
Forgotton Realms... 4.0
Taking players

We play at the DM's(Toby) apartment. There are no spouses, kids, or pets to bother us during our gaming adventures.

We have a good size table in the center of the living room surrounded on two sides by a comfy couch, chairs around the other two sides. Plenty of room to play.

Bring your own snacks, order pizza, or both, that's what we do. Beer is fine in moderation. It's all about the fun.

Hope to hear from you,

DM Toby

03-28-2009, 07:32 PM
this group has been canceled and i'm looking for new players to start a new campaign