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06-30-2008, 11:35 PM
The following is an adventure I wrote for my group while they were in an alternate universe version of their own world. A sort of Shadowrun D&D.

This was written for my use so it is shy of background material that I know perfectly well. I'm not trying to keep secrets, but the text to explain the things that need explaining would far outweigh the adventure key. The system is a sort of 2e/3e mutant I call MD&D 2.8. Modern elements come from d20 Modern.

Running it as is would likely be impossible. It is presented to scarf stuff from and enjoy. Details are spare, it is primarily a mnemonic for what I have cooked up in my head. Short on role-playing information but holds the necessary stats. I can remember personalities, numbers escape me.

This would be a single night's adventure as planned.

Maps for the Scowler's house would be the Haunted Townhouse (http://phoenixinn.iwarp.com/fantasy/maps/map.html)1 and 2.

Heart & Soul

Mr. Johnson: A quiet man who wears round glasses tinted green. He is balding and unassuming.

Good afternoon. A matter has come to my attention that needs resolving. I have located a number of soul gems in the possession of a man that intends to use them in a manner than would harm the contained souls. It is my desire that he be deprived of the gems.

The man in question is known as "The Scowler". An antisocial misanthropist he has not bothered to give any other name to the people in the neighborhood. He is a magician of some power and I believe watched by Atlas Inc. They want his services for themselves, and he would prefer to keep them out.

The neighborhood is a poor one and he has been trying to keep a low profile. I can supply you with two ground vehicles, suitably battered in appearance to fit in, and drivers if you need them. I am to understand you do not have technical skills.

Do you have any questions?

Mr. Johnson will give the PCs two six passenger cars that look like total ghetto cruisers. They are in perfect mechanical shape.

Seahaven Barrio. The Old City Barrios are the most dangerous places in Seahaven. Many of the buildings date back to the god days. There are still dangerous underground areas and hidden traps to be found throughout the city.

This barrio was once the upper class part of town. It is one of the better barrios as it is at least high and dry. It is one of the worst for having an active underground. The area is sliced up by the turf of various gangs. The Scowler has carved a turf out of the area the Jets had claimed. They hold a resentment, but he has a better class of thug. The streets meander the alleys are narrow and the buildings are at least a third in ruins. The old upper class town houses have been converted into barely livable tenements. The occupants are the fairly well off poor. The poorest poor are relegated to the waterfront.

Joe average: Male, female it doesn't matter, the average people are at the mercy of who ever wishes to mess with them.
G2, ac 10, bab +0, d/a by weapon
Stats S 11 +0, C 14 +2, D 13 +1, I 11 +0, W 11 +0, Ca 11 +0
Saves F+4, R+1, W+0
HP 12

The Heat: The cops stay out of the barrios unless forced into entering therein. They have low morale as the gangs are always better armed and armored than they are. You do not see cops in the barrios unless they are forced to be there. This is the case.

The reason for the Heat is Gale Twitty. Rich little Clebutard that decided to "explore" the barrios. Her car is broken down and she has called for help. Help arrives in the form of ten cops and a Knight of Eyrie (Doesn't mean what it use to mean) Averlor Kendear has gotten distracted "solving" issues that exist only in his mind. He has not found Twitty, but will as the PCs find her. He will assume they are up to no good.

Cops: Not as well armed and not as well trained as a soldier. They can be depended on to be pissy and have an attitude, usually a pissy attitude. 95% of the cops have an attitude that can be sweetened with gold. The other 5% will turn you in.
F1, ac 18, md 15 bab +1, d/a by weapon medium armor +6
Stats S 15 +2, C 15+2, D 13 +1, I 12 +1, W 12 +1, Ca 11, +0 psi 6 +4 Saves F+6, R+2, W+1
Knife 1d4 +5
Pistol 2d6 +4 HP 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

Averlor Kendear: Male Elf: Kendear is what passes for a Knight of Eyrie these days, He is use to throwing his weight around. He is a Judge Dredd type but without the charming personality. No the cops don't like him either. Kendear doesn't want justice, he wants order and he doesn't care who he kills to get it. He is above bribery. He'll just seize your stuff and execute you if you resist.
F9, ac 28, md 20, bab +15/+10, d/a by weapon Power armor
Stats S 19 +4 (25 +7), C 16 +3, D 14 +2 (16 +3), I 14 +2, W 15 +2, Ca 16 +3, Pis 6 +8
Saves F+12, R+5, W+5
Power Armor: Str +6, Dex +2 AC +10 +5 magic Hardness 5
Knight's ring (Ring of elemental resistance DR 10 all elemental types.)
+5 sword 1d8+12 +27/+22
+5 auto Pistol 2d10+5 +22/+17
HP: 86

Gale Twitty: Clebutard caught in the middle with a broken down car. A real Ho Ho with nothing between her ears but cream filling. An excuse for sex with round heels. She has four serious hitters.
G2, ac 10, bab +0, d/a by weapon
Stats S 11 +0, C 14 +2, D 13 +1, I 11 +0, W 11 +0, Ca 16 +3
Saves F+4, R+1, W+0
HP 12

The Serious Hitters: Twitchy and nervous. They are standing outside the car guarding it while Twitty talks with her friends inside. The driver is trying to fix the car.
F6, ac 17, md 22, bab +6/+1, d/a 1d8+5 , flack vest +6
Stats S 16+3, C 16 +3, D 14 +2, I 12 +1, W 12 +1, Ca 12, +1 Pis 3 +11
Saves F+8, R+4, W+3
+3 short sword 1d6+6 +12/+7
+2 Heavy Assult Rifles 2d8+2 +11/+6
HP 58 58 58 58

Driver: Head in the guts of the car.
F2, ac 18, md 20 bab +2, d/a by weapon light ballistic armor +6
Stats S 16 +3, C 16+3, D 14 +2, I 12 +1, W 12 +1, Ca 11, +0 psi 4 +9
Saves F+6, R+2, W+1
knife1d4 +5
Pistol 2d6 +4
HP 23

Treasure: Gale herself for that matter. Gale is dripping with 30,000gp in jewels.

Ajax Inc: The Scowler has gotten on the map. This is not good for the Scowler. Representatives of Ajax Inc. are discussing his joining the Corporation. They are working a holding action until a magician of sufficient caliber to force the issue can be freed up. The Scowler is a tough nut. They are not to directly confront him. He would win. If Freeman sees the PCs at work he will offer them a contract, or else.

The Corp has evicted a tenement and made the place reasonably livable. They will defend the Scowler if he is assaulted.

Bob Freeman: Recruiter. A general salariman and physical coward, that is why he has thugs. Bob is pressuring the Scowler to join the corporation. He is not paid to take no as an answer.
G5, ac 16, md 17 bab +3, d/a by weapon
Stats S 13+1, C 14+2, D 11 +0, I 12 +1, W 12 +1, Ca 12, +1 Psi 6 +4 Saves F+6, R+1, W+2
+3 knife 1d4+3 +6
+2 Pistol 2d6 +5
HP 30

Corporate thugs: species varies, most are Human. These are higher class thugs and generally well behaved until told to not be well behaved.
F5, ac 20, md 20, bab +5, d/a by weapon Ballistic armor +8
Stats S 16 +3, C 16+3, D 14 +2, I 11 +0, W 12 +1, Ca 11, +0 psi 4 +7 Saves F+9, R+3, W+2
+1 Assault rifle 2d8 +8
+1 short sword 1d6+1 +9
+1 Knife 1d4+1 +9
+1 Pistol 2d6+1 +8
HP 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21

The Jets: These local kids are defending their turf with what ever they can manage. They will encounter the PCs first. The Jets are mainly concerned with looking tough and keeping other gangs off their turf. However they fold fast when professionals like the Corporate thugs show up. If the PCs can convince them they will front their back door of the Scowler.

Each gang member will have a firearm, either SMG or pistol and a knife

F2, ac 18, md 20 bab +2, d/a by weapon light ballistic armor +6
Stats S 16 +3, C 16+3, D 14 +2, I 12 +1, W 12 +1, Ca 11, +0 psi 4 +9
Saves F+6, R+2, W+1
sub machine gun 2d6 +4 autofire
knife1d4 +5
Pistol 2d6 +4
HP 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23
23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23

Tippen Rad: Human male: Gang leader. A good mind when his ego doesn't get in the way.
F3, ac 20, md 21 bab +2, d/a by weapon heavy ballistic armor +8
Stats S 16 +3, C 16+3, D 14 +2, I 13 +1, W 12 +1, Ca 13, +1 psi 4 +10
Saves F+6, R+3, W+2
Short sword +1 1d6+1 +5
Pistol 2d6 +4
HP 34

Linda: Half Elven female: Rad's squeeze and the gang's magic.
M3 ac 12, md 17. bab +1 d/a by weapon
Stats S 12 +1, C 14+2, D 16 +3, I 19 +4 , W 13 +2, Ca 13, +2 Psi 6 +5
Saves F+3, R+4, W+5
Pistol 2d6 +4
HP 18

spells: 1: OO OOO 15
2: OO O 16

Gang hideout. The gang holes up in a cellar of a ruined townhouse. In contrast the squalor and crowding around them they have fixed up the basement fairly well. It is comfortably filled with stolen goods and girly girls.

Girls: Will defend the turf if they must. Being a kept girl beats starving.
G2, ac 10, bab +0, d/a by weapon
Stats S 11 +0, C 14 +2, D 13 +1, I 11 +0, W 11 +0, Ca 16 +3
Saves F+4, R+1, W+0
knife 1d4 +0
Pistol 2d4 +1
HP 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

Treasure: 200gp.

The Magic Men: This collection of former gang members are less a gang than a hired troop of guards. The Scowler doesn't care what they do on their free time as long as he is not bothered. He has grudgingly trained one of them as a magician. They occupy the town houses to either side of his. (same basic floor plan) They get paid, see that other people don't bother the boss and most importantly don't bother the boss themselves.

Gang members. A mixed batch by gender and species. They are as loyal as their pay and the pay is pretty good.
F3, ac 20, md 21 bab +3, d/a by weapon heavy ballistic armor +8
Stats S 16 +3, C 16+3, D 14 +2, I 12 +1, W 12 +1, Ca 11, +0 psi 4 +10
Saves F+6, R+3, W+2
Assault rifle 2d10 +5
Short sword 1d6 +6
Pistol 2d6 +5
HP 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34
34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34
34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34
34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34

Adam Bertt: Human male: A well equipped mercenary that likes the relative freedom of the gig.
F9, ac 28, md 20, bab +15/+10, d/a by weapon Power armor
Stats S 19 +4 (25 +7), C 16 +3, D 14 +2 (16 +3), I 14 +2, W 15 +2, Ca 16 +3, Pis 6 +8
Saves F+12, R+5, W+5
Power Armor: Str +6, Dex +2 AC +10 +5 magic Hardness 5
+1 Heavy Machine gun ammo 2d12+1 +27/+22 Auto fire
+5 auto Pistol 2d10+5 +22/+17
HP: 86

Anna Greeves: Human female: The gang's magician. Thinks the Scowler is a creep, but held her peace long enough to get the magic. A willowy and dangerous woman.
F2/M5 ac 12, md 19. bab +4 d/a by weapon
Stats S 16 +3, C 14+2, D 16 +3, I 17 +3 , W 13 +2, Ca 14, +2 Psi 6 +7
Saves F+6, R+4, W+6
Assault rifle 2d10 +7
Short sword 1d6 +7
Pistol 2d6 +7
HP: 50

spells: 1: OO OOOO 14
2: OO OO 15
3: OO O 16

Girls: Forced to service the gang. They would willingly leave given a choice. The boys are not nice and treat then like disposable toys.
G2, ac 10, bab +0, d/a by weapon
Stats S 11 +0, C 14 +2, D 13 +1, I 11 +0, W 11 +0, Ca 16 +3
Saves F+4, R+1, W+0
HP 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

The Townhouse:
1: Main hall: The door is armored and locked with a DC 35 lock. It also has a wizard lock on it, DC 19. the back door is likewise protected.

2: Ballroom: Now lab. Scowler has set up the ballroom as his lab. His latest project is on the bench as well as other things he has done. The central part of the floor is kept clear for various experiments. Most equipment is shoved against the wall. The lab can be scarfed for a few useful magical bits if the party has that leisure.

The unfinished Defender is on a bench along the East wall. The tube of soul gems is next to it.

At the end of the same bench is a prism of polymorph. A valuable looking bit of magical gear whose sole purpose is to turn people into banana slugs. The save is a DC 30. It is activated by picking it up the wrong way. Only the Scowler knows the right way.

The north west wall has bins of materials They are mostly empty at this time. There is two pounds of adimantium pellets, and 5 perfect foot long quartz crystals left over from making the Defender.

The South west wall holds an elaborate mechanism for storing magical energy. The device is not of his manufacture and he cannot replace it.

Along the north and south wall are a selection of equipment that does not have daily use.

Treasure: Tube of soul gems The tube is a mithril cylinder six inches long and an inch across. It holds the three soul gems with padding between each gem and the ends of the tube (foam rubber). Each gem has a soul.. Potions of strength, extra healing, 2 vulnerability to magic (-6 to all saves vs any magical effect for 1d4 hours.), Accumulator engine; stores magical energy to recharge wands of staves, it can power magical devices or do any number of things if you know how. It can restore 1d20+5 charges to any magical device in a 24 hour period. 2 pounds of adimantium pellets, and 5 perfect foot long quartz crystals 500gp each.

3: The outer office: There is little here but a desk and a single chair. The Scowler meets what few people he meets in this room. Both the door and the window are armored.

The chair shows as magical. It has an armor field around it that adds +10 to all armor ,and a protection from normal missiles. In addition the sitter can press a button on the arm and be teleported to the study upstairs. The door is wizard locked and the room is then flooded with a powerful sleep poison Fort DC 27, and the room is plunged into darkness.

The deskl is normal but has a large armored drawer to hold money. Scowler pays his gang here.

Treasure: Magical chair. Teleport, to a preset location. Activate two remote devices. A skilled magician can re purpose the three effects to any location or devices. Armor +10 protection form normal missiles.

4: Parlor: (dark 25x35) Wizard locked DC 19. Ancient and genteel decay. Scowler doesn't use this room. He checked it out for traps or anything dangerous and ignores it. He locked the door to keep his pet out of the room.

Anything of real value was stolen long ago. A couple of broken and rotted out wing chairs, and the built in shelving is all that remains. The stuffed heads on the wall are rotted beyond recognition. One locked shelf has defied the thieves due to the accidental use of transparent steel in the glass, and the cheap rusted lock on the case. There is nothing of value within. A few Elven trinkets.

Treasure: 18'x48" transparent steel panel.

5: Music room: (Dark 25x30) Wizard locked DC 19. This chamber was one the music room in more prosperous times. It holds nothing but dust. the door is locked to keep the pet out.

6: Kitchen: This room has been retrofitted with the latest in modern kitchen gear. The old hearth and walls are hidden behind flashy stainless steel. A small hired crew does Scowler's cooking. They are day staff that cook, serve and leave. They also do all his shopping. They have a key to the back door.

It would take the assurance of luxury for life to get the staff to betray the Scowler. They are that scared of him.

The door to the cellar is sealed off. A washroom has been tucked into the space by the stairs.

Kitchen staff. George, Glady and Filla, all human. They shop cook and clean.
G2, ac 10, bab +0, d/a by weapon
Stats S 11 +0, C 14 +2, D 13 +1, I 11 +0, W 11 +0, Ca 16 +3
Saves F+4, R+1, W+0
Pistol 2d4 +1
HP 12 12 12

Treasure: Several thousand gp in modern kitchen gear and some good food.

7: Prison: (dark 30x15) Formerly the house workroom the Scowler has converted this chamber into a prison. He seldom has prisoners, but a few people have crossed him. Currently this room is empty of all but a bare cot and a portable 'fresher.. The room as a DC 35 lock and is Wizard locked DC 19. The wall are armored, but that is only obvious from the inside.

8: Upper hall: The hall is protected by a magic mouth that will proclaim in a loud voice "Visitors Sir!" five times should anyone but his hired staff, pet, or himself enter the upper hall.

9: Private study: (continual light 25x25) Wizard locked DC 19. The room contains all of Scowler's books and study materials It is furnished with a large fine desk and chair. All walls are lined with shelves. Those containing magical books have glassteel panels and Wizard locks DC 19. The shelves also contain curios and minor art objects. Scowler keeps his money in here as well in a chest under a locked (DC 35) panel under the floor hidden by a rug.

Also found here are his computer and comm gear. He screens all his calls.

Treasure: Fine books, art objects, and decent non magical stuff 15,000gp. In chest 150,000gp Magical books 10,000gp. Private notebooks. Notes on the Defender, his study of the accumulator engine, how to remove the collar of domination, and so forth.

10: Bedroom: (usually dark 25x25) Wizard locked DC 19 Large but functional. The bed a dressing and sitting area. A few books of casual interest and a big dog bed for the pet. He takes his meals mostly here.

11: Bathroom: (usually dark 25x10) A fully modern bath will all the luxuries including a large jacuzzi.

12: Back bedroom: (dark 25x25) Wizard locked DC 19. Empty.

13: Mens dormitory Wizard locked DC 19. Empty.

14: Women's dormitory. Wizard locked DC 19. Empty.

Upper floors: Checked for danger, soundness, and cleaned. The Scowler doesn't need them. All rooms are empty and slightly dusty.

The Scowler (Freddy Morris) Half elven male. An antisocial misanthropist without any redeeming public habits. He seeks only to be left in peace. An admirable goal for an antisocial misanthropist without any redeeming public habits. He will not willingly give up the tube or the gems.
M17, ac 22, md 29, bab +8/+3, d/a By weapon or spell
Stats S 20 +5, C 20 +5, D 18 +4, I 24+7, W 17 +3, Ca 15 +2, Psi 6 +16
Saves F+10, R +9, W +13
bracers +8
Ring of protection +4
Ring of domination -- matches the collar of domination.
Limited wish -- I wish a cure serious wounds cast on my person should I be mortally wounded.
+4 dagger 1d4 +9 +17/+12
+2 pistol 2d6+2 +14/+9
Wand of paralyzation DC 17
HP 163


The Scowler is working on a protective artifact that will keep nosy people out of his home and lab. the three souls will be bound as guardian forces of considerable power. It's a not nice thing to do to the souls, but ask him if he cares.

Sandi: Human female: A street fighter that tried breaking in on the Scowler two years ago. He placed a collar domination on her and keeps her as a nude pet to do the housework, cook, serve as sex slave and get beaten like a rented mule. Under the effect of the collar she cannot resist. He has in the two years he has had her managed to convey enough orders that she speaks only when he demands an answer and cannot show anyone anything of the house. Relieved of the item she will gladly torture the bastard so slowly he'll think it's a career.
She has been ordered to stay out of the upper floors.
F4, ac 13, md 12 bab +4, d/a by weapon
Stats S 17+3, C 16+3, D 14+2, I 11+0, W 11+0 (4 -3) Ca 16+2 pis 6 +5
Saves F:6 R:3 W:-2
Collar of domination -- matches the ring of domination.

Treasue: Collar of domination. This cruel device is worn in the neck of the victim. When placed on the body it bites into the flesh. Only the possessor of the ring of domination can remove it without a great deal of cutting and pain. the collar has the following properties. The wearer must obey the possessor of the matching ring of domination without question. They have a free will but are not free to use it. Orders last until revoked, so an order to remain silent will force the victim to be unable to speak until the ring wearer say otherwise, even to save their own lives. Fast heal. The wearer of the collar will heal one hit point of damage a round. Even mutilation is slowly corrected. The better to beat them with impunity. Lowers wisdom to 4: For any saving throws or mind effects. The victim still possess their normal judgment.