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Dungeon Adventure: Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/duad/20080627a)

A dark evil, ancient and lost to time, stirs in the Warwood. As devotees of this evil seek to bring about its return, the PCs must race to stop them, lest their success see the land torn apart by war and madness.

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4e Adventure
Designed for: 5 characters of 8th level


As the PCs stumble across a simple group of pilgrims seeking to return the relics of a long-dead champion to their resting place, they witness a horrendous attack. The relics stolen, the PCs must race to the Face in the Hill, a place of mystery and ancient peril in the Warwood -- itself a place filled with the echoes of long-forgotten legends. There, they discover a dark plot to release a terrible madness on the land, fueled by the stolen relics and the blood of innocent victims. Plumbing the Tomb of Dreams reveals dangers the PCs might not expect, as they're forced to face not only its physical denizens, but their own worst fears.

By: Matthew Sernet

Available to D&D Insiders.