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10-19-2006, 03:28 AM
As a concept, the Mythic Game Master Emulator intrigues me. In practice, I'm not so sure how it would work. I'd love to run it in three of its modes (solo, GM Assistant, and Full GM Emulator), but I'm pressed for time at the moment ... I doubt I could play through a solo game in one session. Plus, a solo game with Mythic is almost like just writing a short story with randomizers, so it's not a "real" test.

So, I'd like to try an experiment: I'll come up with a character and a starting concept. Other readers can make suggestions about what details could be in each scene or what happens to the character next -- preferably yes/no questions, but ideas in any form are welcome. I'll then play out scenes or parts of scenes, using the Mythic system and my own dice rolls, explaining mechanics as I go along. Then the cycle repeats ...

OK, here goes:

After skimming Promethean, I like the concept of playing a Frankenstein Monster but I don't like the details. So, I'll construct a creature using Truth & Justice:

Name: Raphael

Appearance: A hulking humanoid stitched together from disparate and alchemically enlarged parts.

Motivation: Learn more about his kind.

Strengths: Good Mellifluous Voice (+2), Expert Education (+4), Good Artist (+2)

Weakness: Grotesque (-2)

Powers: Expert Super Strength (+4), Average Invulnerability (0), Average Immortality (0)

Stunts: Average Superleap (Super Strength Signature, +0)

Hero Point Pool/MAX: 5/10

Backstory: Unlike Victor Frankenstein, Raphael's creator, Dr. Wolfgang Athanasius, stayed with his creation to teach Raphael the difference between good and evil, as well as history, philosophy, and a little medicine. (Raphael discovered his talent for sculpture by himself.) It was therefore a shock when the old man died quietly and unexpectedly one night. After mourning his "father" for some time, Raphael set out into the world to learn more of the alchemical arts: perhaps he could remake himself into a more human form, or at least build a companion.

When travelling, he usually wears a hood or scarf to hide his face, and occasionally a clay mask of the face he'd like to have ... not that any of that helps. His size and proportions he can't hide, however, so most people react to him with fear and apprehension. If he can, he'll use his voice to reassure listeners before stepping out of the shadows.

Apart from his trememdous physical strength, he's invulnerable to all but the most massive normal damage: he can shrug off a few gunshots but not a firing squad, and ignore a torch but not a building burning around him. He also cannot truly die as long as his body is mostly intact, although he's reluctant to test the limits of his immortality.

If not all of that made sense, bear with me; I'll explain T&J as I go along. (To start with, its basic mechanic is to roll 2D6 and add applicable bonuses and penalties, against a target number also rated from Poor [5] to Master [13]. It might help to read up on the base PDQ system: http://www.atomicsockmonkey.com/freebies.asp#pdq ...)

So, let's start with the following scenario: In his travels, Raphael wanders into a deserted village and meets a little girl.

Tell me what could happen next.

10-20-2006, 10:26 AM
Oh, oh! I've seen this movie. I know what happens next.. :)

Are you looking for questions such as the following...

What is the girl doing?
Does she have good eyesight?
Is the little girl frightened?
Are her guardians nearby?

Or are you looking for questions for the monster such as...
Is Raphael afraid of little girls?

Has he ever seen a small human?
Should he find the girl's parents?

10-20-2006, 11:22 PM
What is the girl doing?
Does she have good eyesight?
Is the little girl frightened?
Are her guardians nearby?

This was more the sort of thing I was aiming for: detail of the immediate environment, and what's happening. Oh, and since you saw the movie: "Is there a well or other body of water nearby?"

Or are you looking for questions for the monster such as...
Is Raphael afraid of little girls?
Has he ever seen a small human?
Should he find the girl's parents?

My interpretation of Mythic is that the player retains the same control of the character as in any other game, and will decide his actions based on the situation.

From the background I laid out: Raphael has never seen a little girl in person, but he certainly knows of them (Educated) and would probably be more curious -- and cautious -- than afraid. My intent for the character is that he's a gentle giant, so he'd be inclined to help the girl out if he can.

Sometime this weekend (I hope), I'll start this first scene off.

10-22-2006, 11:20 PM
Here I am again, and we're going to do our first scene. (Or I am, at any rate.)

Mythic breaks the actions into Scenes. Each scene has a description:

Scene 1: Raphael wanders into a deserted village and meets a little girl.

Each session also has a "Chaos Factor", which skews probabilities in each scene. The Chaos Factor starts at 5.

At the top of the scene, we roll 1d10 against Chaos. I got 7, so no scene modifications so far.

Raphael approached the farming village cautiously, through the trees.
He heard none of the usual sounds of activity: horses, carts, gossip.
At last, pulling his scarf and hood over his face, he stepped into the
main road, and trudged into the village.

Next we use the "Fate Chart" to fill out details. Each detail is a Yes/No question; we assess a probability (as a phrase, from "Impossible" through 50/50 to "Has to be"), cross-reference against the Chaos Factor, and roll d100 to get a Yes/No answer. At the extreme ends (20% of each range) are Extremely No and Extremely Yes, which intensify the answer in some way.

Are there signs of battle in the village? (50/50, rolled 28: Yes)

OK, so it looks like an army swept through. Or bandits, or somebody.

Are there bodies? (Likely, rolled 10: Extremely Yes)

When I said "deserted village", I assumed maybe a few scattered corpses of those who didn't run fast enough. Instead, it looks like few if anyone made it out alive ...

Did they die of wounds? (50/50, rolled 56: No)

Interesting. Signs of battle, but no deaths in combat ...

As he rounded the curve in the road, he beheld a nightmare. The
village looked like it had been attacked by an army: doors thrown
open, thatch roofs burned to cinders, gunshots peppering the walls,
and bodies, piles of bodies everywhere. Yet, as Raphael looked
closer, the dead peasants bore no wounds of swords or shot ... just a
look of fear as they fell.

Is the little girl crying? (Very Likely, rolled 86: No (barely))

Is she playing? (Very Unlikely, rolled 76: No)

Is she staring at the bodies? (50/50, rolled 10: Extremely Yes)

As Raphael surveys the horror, wondering who or what could have done
such a thing, he sees a sole survivor: a little girl, staring intently
at two of the bodies. He approaches quietly, and she pays him no
attention until he speaks. "Little one, what happened here?"

T&J System Time: Raphael tries to sound as non-threatening as possible; she hears him before seeing him, and he has his face covered, so his Good Mellifluous Voice prevails: he rolls a 7, +2 for voice gives him a 9.

We know the little girl isn't crying, so she's not generally distraught or excitable. Let's call that an Average difficulty of 7, so Raphael doesn't frighten her.

Back to Mythic: Does she answer the question? (50/50, rolled 17: Yes.)

Unfortunately, *I* don't know how to answer the question, so I'll just have her tell what she saw.

The little girl turns toward him, takes him in with one look. "They
all died. They all ran around screaming and shooting, and then they
died." She looked back at the two bodies. Her parents, perhaps?

"What's your name?"


"Would you like me to take you away from here? I would like to find
someone to take care of you."

Does she want to stay? (Unlikely, rolled 42: No)

Melissa nods mutely, and Raphael leads her down the road.

End of scene. We've got two Characters so far:


We've also got two Plot Threads already:

Raphael finds a new home for Melissa.
What happened to the villagers?

Finally, this scene was creepy, but not particularly chaotic. We'll decrease the Chaos Factor to 4 for the next scene.

OK, not exactly riveting stuff so far. Maybe next Scene the plot will thicken.