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Igor Koslov
06-11-2008, 05:45 PM
Currently we are polling on which campaign we will be playing for our first 4thed campaign! There is also a slight chance that one of my players will be taking up the reigns for a 3.5 campaign. We are 4, DM and 3 players, and looking for 1-2 more players (ages 17-21 preferably). Anyway, tell me watcha think!

4th Edition D&D Campaign Synopsis’s

City of Darkness
An ominous dark cloud hangs above and the streets of Northaven are becoming choked with the stench of evil.
The Players- As members of the Silver Dagger, an underground group of vigilantes dedicated to bringing justice to the streets of Northaven, you have pledged your lives to fighting the evil that is running rampant through every nook and cranny of the city. You will create characters ready to face a multitude of unnatural horrors such as lycanthropes, undead, and worse as well as your run of the mill alley scum and crime lords. Whether for the greater good of Northaven, for revenge, or merely for loot, there is much afoot in this dark city.
The Setting- Ever since a black coach arrived at Cold Keep, there have been dark clouds looming over the city of Northaven and the streets and sewers have become overrun with ruthless criminals and savage monsters. The city watch does little to stem the tide of immorality and Prince Deign has not made an appearance since the black coach’s arrival.
The Theme- Dark horror and mystery are the hallmarks of this campaign.
It’s a Horde Life
For orcs of the Bloodspear Tribe, life has been hard lately. After the tribe’s humiliating defeat at the town of Brassford and after all of King Belgio’s predations and crusades against the Bloodspears, there aren’t many orcs left in the mountains these days.
The Players- As orcs of the Bloodspear tribe, you are supposed to be the most bloodthirsty and savage orcs of all, but lately that reputation has waned. After much misfortune, the tribe has been reduced to a shadow of its gloriously bloody self. As the newest generation of Bloodspear orc warriors, it is your duty to regain your tribe’s former infamy against rival orc tribes and King Belgio’s kingdom.
The Setting- After the defeat at the city of Brassford, the Bloodspears fled into the Iron Mountains, west of King Belgio’s domain. There, the orcs bide their time and regain their numbers and supplies until the time for vengeance is nigh. From the mountains, the orcs launch raids against mining towns and opposing orc clans in order to solidify their power before the final surge into King Belgio’s realm.
The Theme- For crazed killing machines, the campaign will be based around pillaging and slaughter with an orcish sense of style and humor.

Exploits of the Raven Company
Many tales tell of the Raven Company’s daring victories and tragic defeats. The Ravens have plied their bloody trade throughout the known world, gaining a reputation for fighting with great honor and skill.
The Players- Unfortunately, you can only dream of fighting in service to the last free regiment in the known world. For now, you sell your swords to small time nobles and thrifty merchant caravans. As mercenaries with a need for good food and drink and decent women, your only goal is to fight and get paid.
The Setting- As of late, you have been in the service of a rather stubborn Lord Galf of Emirk whose minor conflict with goblin raiders has turned into outright war. Instead of just paying you and freeing you from such difficult work, he has insisted that you become heroes under his flag and has entrusted you with many rather dangerous tasks. Still, you need honest gold, so you fight on.
The Theme- Heroic battle and lusty romance await ye scabrous mercenaries.

Mysteries of the Underdark
The depths of the Underdark have always held a mysterious and fearful place in the hearts of surface dwellers.
The Players- With the patronage of the greatest wizard and scholar ever to have lived, the Archmage Seshuk, you now have the courage to seek knowledge, riches, and notoriety in the enigmatic Underdark. You will enter the sunless realm of the drow and illithids and seek the mysteries that have been held out of reach of the light for so long.
The Setting- Setting out from the treacherous cavern cities of the Underdark, you will explore ancient ruins harkening back to the dawn of creation, amongst forests of huge fungus and across enormous underground seas. Lighting the way are phosphorescent mushrooms and eerie glowing crystals. You will enter the realms of the cruel drow, face tribes of insane kuo-toa, and suffer the wrath of the illithid mind flayers.
The Theme- Exploration and treasure hunting will be the forte of this adventure.

04-06-2009, 09:16 PM
I'm new to 4th edition (only played it a couple of times), but i'm looking for a group. are you guys looking for any more players?

10-04-2009, 06:38 PM
Hello, I've been looking for a group since my previous one split last year. I'm 27 (a little outside your posted desirable age range) but would like to see if I fit into your group. Send me a line, if it might work out. Thank you.

Igor Koslov
10-06-2009, 06:22 PM
We are actually not playing 4th edition currently. We are playing two 3.5 ed games simultaneously at the moment and we have 7-8 players at the moment, so we are kind of pressed for space. 27 is an ok age, but again, we are full up. Tell me about yourself, though, because our numbers do fluctuate from time to time. massood101@yahoo.com

Or, sign up at our forum site: http://myhighlordsson.myfreeforum.org/index.php

I would like to see what you're about and maybe I can see what I can do.