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06-05-2008, 12:28 AM
I am a game master of some 25+ years of experience. I am currently starting up a live game in the Hillsboro, Oregon area. We will be using the GURPS role-playing system in a low-fantasy setting. Previous experience with the rule system is not required. Actually, no experience is a plus!

The campaign will take place in a dangerous world built on the ruins of a fallen empire. Multiple city-states are fighting for control over the countryside while dark powers waiting in the ashes of old kingdoms gather their strength to rise once again.

I am looking for mature players somewhere between "just out of college" and "one foot in the grave". The game time will be Sunday evenings from 5pm-10pm every other week and sometimes each week.

My games put an emphasis on story first and foremost. Story and rich characters are key. Oh...well, don't forget fun. That's first. There will be plenty of exploration, politics and action, but the play's the thing.

Again, I am looking for mature players able to commit to the game time. Players who emphasize a detailed character description and background are the type of folks I want to game with. Honesty and a fun attitude should be a given.

Rules lawyers and competitive people need not apply. I am after sociable folk, who play well with others, who care more about the story and the part they play than min/maxing some combat rolls.

If you are interested, please email me at SPAM_gumby202@gmail.com (without the SPAM), telling me a little bit about yourself, game experiences you like and character types you normally play or wish to try.

Thank you,

Tom http://www.portlandgamers.com/images/Button_Edit.jpg (http://www.portlandgamers.com/GamingGroup.asp?Process=DISPLAY&GroupID=144)

07-07-2008, 04:13 PM
I tried to email you but it was returned

So I read over your description and I said to myself. Wow! this sounds
right up my alley. Sadly I am not yet right down the alley. I will be
moving to the Portland area at the end of August and would love to join
up if you still have room. I'm a 28 and work in Parks and Rec/ Natural
Restoration. I've been Role playing for 11 years or so mostly old white
wolf. Due to friends who were biased to the system I have avoided
GURPS, but in the last month I have actually looked into the system and
found many nice things.

As far as past characters in fantasy games I usually lean towards melee
based characters or rogueish jack of all trade types. I most easily
lean towards a chaotic free spirit type but very rarely play them since
I've been trying to challenge my self. I've also always like characters
comfortable in the out of doors. Tribal groups and shamans and the
like, though I've never played one because as a "tree hugging dirt
worshiper", as my friends call me when they tease, I felt like it would be too
stereotypical. SO to counter that I will often play the exact opposite.
I love Ventrue. It's fun to be bad some times.I've been in a 3.5 game
for the last 4 years and have played two characters both law/ good.One
a dwarf nobleman trying to unite the lands of men against their common
enemy. the other a human Palladin from a fantasty middle east land with
conservative views on behavior and women. In these characters I've
tried to show that just because something is lawful doesn't make it
good and just because your good it doesn't make you right.

I believe in character depth. I never do one shots because I find it
shallow. A character is only as good as his flaws. Being defined by your
power is boring which is why I don't often play wizards in fantasy. If
I do they are usually halflings that focus on illusion and usually die
withing 3 months but sometimes It's good to just be silly and wierd.
For isnpiration I watch anything made by Joss Whedon because he knows how
to make a character feel real.

I hope this would work for you and I can join up when I get into town.

04-09-2011, 03:12 PM
This is old, but are you still playing Gurps?

04-14-2011, 11:54 AM
Hello there.

I've put together a very successful and fun role-playing group since this post. We've switched to a sci-fi setting using a custom ruleset some time ago and have been having a blast.

While our main group is all full, I am thinking about starting a Doctor Who (possibly alternating with a Call of Cthulhu campaign) every other Sunday. Let me know if you are interested.

Happy gaming!

Tom / Doc4