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05-31-2008, 10:52 AM
So everyone is familiar with Lord of The Rings, right? The old Middle Earth game and the newer one by Decipher? Well it seems many people (including me) are very unhappy with these and other methods of Lord of the Rings.

And you know the saying "If you want something done, you better do it yourself."

So I am in the process of creating a Lord of The Rings pen and paper rpg. But you know, that is such a obstacle it will take more than one person. So I'm looking for DM's of all different kinds of games, players, and anyone else who can help, to help me with creating this. Below is what I have so far.

Dice System - Using the d10 system that is used in Vampire. (Where your Attribute + Skill = Number of d10's you roll and 8s, 9s, and 10s are counted as successes) Seems easy to understand and has a degree of success.

Health - Using a combination of Vampire's Health system and Decipher's Lord of the Rings system. Player's have three health levels (two for hobbits) and calculate there health as such (5 + Stamina). At a maximum of 10 for each health level. Character can take bashing damage (unarmed, clubs, etc.), Lethal Damage (swords, arrows, etc.) and aggravated damage (magic, Balrog's blade, etc.) Character gets weaker as his health levels go down.

Skill System - Everything is decided by a skill. Players can get up to 5 levels in a skill (as in Vampire) or six if they have the appropriate edge (similar to feats in D&D). These are the skills I have so far.
- Weaponry (Skill with weapons, used in Combat setting mostly)
- Brawl (Unarmed fighting skill, using mostly in Combat)
- Herbalism (Skill is identifying and using herbs medically or even magically)
- Investigation (Similar to D&D's Search, Spot, and Listen all in one)
- Athletics (Athletic ability, D&D's climb, swim, jump and such)
- Thievery (Ability to pick locks, disable traps, and of course steal)
- Subterfuge (Ability to lie, forge documents, disguise yourself, etc)
- Magic (Ability to cast spells)
- Ride (Ability to ride mounts and fight from atop a mount)
- Craft (Ability to craft things, from blacksmithing to sewing)
- Diplomacy (Ability to debate, and influence people)
- Intimidate (Ability to get your way through show of force)
- Animal Ken (How character relates and gets along with animals)
- Stealth (D&D's Hide, Move Silently, skills)

Attributes - These are the Attributes I have to be used.
- Strength
- Dexterity
- Stamina
- Intelligence
- Bearing
- Resolve
- Wits
At character creation a character has 10 points to purchase skills. Max at character creation is 3. Attributes can advance up to 5.

Defense - How many dice are subtracted from attacker's dice pool (also from Vampire). Defense is the lowest of either Dex or Wits. Ex: Warrior attacks priest. Warrior has Str 3, Weaponry 2, and a longsword (which gives him +1). That makes a dice pool of 6 (3 + 2 +1). The priest has a defense of 2. This makes the dice pool instead 4 (6 -2).

Damage - How many successes are rolled count as damage. No to-hit roll. Ex: Warrior attacks priest. He rolls a 2, 4, 8, 9. The 8 and 9 are both successes so he deals 2 damage to the priest. Since it is a longsword, it is inflicted as lethal damage.

Orders - Similar to classes. There are only three I got so far that really fit Lord of the Rings and they are the basic three. Warrior, thief, wizard. I know wizards were not a class, but you know player's will want to play as one. So I'll put them as a reincarnated one with little memory of the Valar and such (like when Gandalf came back as Gandalf the White and had lost pieces of his memory). Each Order gets a selection of skills. The number beside the skill is how far they can advance in that skill. If they wish to advance further it costs more experience points than normal.

- Weaponry 5
- Brawl 5
- Athletics 4
- Intimidate 3
- Craft 3

- Thievery 5
- Subterfuge 5
- Stealth 5
- Diplomacy 4
- Bluff 4
- Craft 3

- Magic 5
- Herbalism 5
- Animal Ken 4
- Craft 3

Magic System - Well in Lord of The Rings, they didn't throw magic around lightly and it was very subtle so here is my magic system. There are specialties such as Fire, Air, Sorcery, Beast, Mind, and Water. Also there are methods of casting. There is Standard, but also Rune and Song. If a dwarf casts a spell using a rune they get +1 to their dice pool. Same for elves with song. But not all spells can be cast using rune or song, and usually it takes longer to do so. But there are 7 ranks of spells. To cast a spell you must have the appropriate intelligence to know the spell (Int 2 for Rank 2 spells, etc) and then you cast using (Intelligence + Magic). After you cast a spell you must wait a designated time to cast another or you take a penalty. If you fail casting a spell because you didn't wait, you take one bashing damage. Ex: Wizard wants to cast Shield of Anor to protect himself from the Balrog. He has Int 3 and Magic 2 for a dice pool of 5 (3 + 2). He rolls 2, 3, 8, 9, 9. With those three successes he can ignore 3 points of aggravated damage from the Balrog for 3 turns. The next turn after the Balrog attacks (doing no damage thanks to the shield) the Wizard wants to cast a Lightning Spell. Though shield of Anor is a Rank One spell, the Wizard had more success, moving it to a rank two spell. This means he would have to wait two turns before casting another spell. Since he didn't however he takes a -2 penalty to his roll making his dice pool 3 (5 - 2). He rolls a 4, 5, 7. Since these are all failures because he has the penalty for not waiting he takes one bashing damage. Also Wizards take -3 to all magic rolls if they do not have their own staff in hand. If they have another Wizards staff the penalty is only -1.

And this is all I got so far. Below is a list of what I need help on.

Lands of Middle Earth (descriptions of lands. Who lives there, what cities are there, a little history)

More Skills

More Orders

Magic (spells and such ideas)


Anything else you can think of.

05-31-2008, 11:30 AM
Oops. Left off some skills. Here are some more.

- Lore (Basic knowledge but also specialties like D&D)
- Heal (First aid and medicine use)
- Forestry (Basically D&D survival)
- Perform (as D&D)
- Profession (as D&D)