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05-20-2008, 12:40 PM
Hey there! I'm playing a 3.5 Edition game right now, and I tried the Sorcerer for a change. I'm enjoying it and plan to take the Master Transmogrifist Prestige Class (from Complete Arcane) at my 9th level. I'm not used to full casters to begin with, and while I'm enjoying it I am a bit new to the whole thing. So I'm wondering, has anyone ever played as a Master Transmogrifist, or with one? I'm looking for advice on spell selection as my sorcerer levels, feat selection, etc. For example: should I take feats that pump up my spells while I'm in human form, for when I don't shapeshift? Should I take Silent Spell and Still Spell so that, in case of emergency, I can cast spells while shapeshifted? Should I take feats that allow me to do more cool stuff while shapeshifted? And so forth. Really, any advice at all about playing Sorcerers in general or Transmogrifists specifically - even magic items I should look for. Thanks!

05-21-2008, 07:39 PM
playing sorcerers depends a lot on the rest of the composition of your party. generally speaking, however, you want to buy scrolls. all of the "utility" spells that you know you're going to need once every adventure or so should be in a scroll. the frequently used low level spells that you will use a lot should be in wands.

there are some nice replacement class features that you should look into, there is one that allows you to use metamagic feats without the full round action, but you lose your familiar for it. usually, that's not a problem. so long as you take several metamagic feats. at lower levels, the battle sorcerer variant is supreme. free arcane casting in light armor? plus proficiency in a single martial weapon? oh, yeah! the catch is the loss of spells known. at higher levels this can be offset with scrolls and runestaffs. but if you are the primary (or worse, only) arcane caster, then consider these tradeoffs carefully. if you have a rouge with maxed 'use magic device' then it's not such an issue and you can go for it.

you will need to make sure you meet the prereqs for transmorgaphist, of course. see how many options that leaves you. the spell selection is fairly critical for you. consider your options: does it allow spell resistance? have one or two that don't. does it allow a save? what kind of save? you will want to be able to force all three saves, so that you can hit opponents in the weak save area. can you cover all of your damage types? slash, blunt, and pierce; plus fire, cold, sonic, acid, and electricity. do you want to be a blaster, or do you want to be able to control the battlefield? what about boosts and protective?

since you will be focusing on transforming, you might want to consider the warshaper prestige for later. it's benefits only function while you are transformed, but it has some nice advantages if you can afford the levels. also consider. half your class abilities are going to be spells! can you cast those spells while transformed? most forms will not allow it. unless you can silence and still and eschew it... remember that nifty replacement class feature i mentioned above? so unless you take those metamagic feats i just mentioned, you will have to cast before you transform, and hope your durations last the encounter. pity you if you get ambushed, in such a case.

items... consider forms that will grant complimentary abilities. since you will be a transformer, you can dump str and dex. your form will take care of that. but with the new rules, you want a high con and cha. boost these with items. unfortunately, as a transformer, wilding clasps won't work for you-they only function with wildshape. i seem to recall that there was another similar spell or item ability that could work for arcane casters, but i don't recall off hand. so you will have to either take off all your boosting items, and then put them back on (if the new form allows it) but then you have to start thinking ambushes again... or find a way to allow them to be used when polymorphed. (sounds like a great spell research project to me... ;D )

there are some great new spells in the spell compendium, be sure to browse those. and in the miniatures handbook-all about battlefield effects and mass combat. great for full-party encounters.

consider what spells can and cannot affect you while transformed. and be sure to review the new polymorph rules-there are some great articles (8 or so, plus faq and errata) on the wotc website.

hope this helps. feel free to ask questions. =D