View Full Version : Whispers from the Void

05-16-2008, 08:15 PM
I am looking to start a campaign that I have been working on for the past couple of years set in my world. I have been using my own world setting for the past 20 years.
Ideally I would like to run at my own place but I would be willing to play elsewhere depending upon the group.

The basic premise of the campaign concerns the discovery of an ancient tome and the discovery of a forgotten evil. While slow in appearance the evil begins to draw power and stretch out its grasp once more.

My games are long running. I use battle mats, miniatures, player handouts to help enhance the game sessions. I will also use a Yahoo group to post files, take care of any book keeping between sessions, and any minor rp items.

If you are interested contact me at bakersilmon07@yahoo.com.

Until another time and another adventure.