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Shadow Dweller
05-13-2008, 08:16 AM
Let me break down what's going on. My old DM created a campaign world and wour group ended up just running 1 game in said world, as most of the group hated it(he was using the Unearthed Arcana Sanity system heavily), so he has, for all intents and purporses abondoned the world. Myself and another former group member(We both moved about 300miles north) who actually LOVED the world are designing another campaign for it, 50 some odd years in the furture. Our character from the origonal game were turned into celestials by the Goddess(the only remaining deity in the world) and are acompanying her in her travles through the various upper planes and are looked at as patron saints of various different churchs in the world.

What I'm looking for are some artifacts that would fit each character from the group thematicaly, as they would have been "signature" items used by the party when they were mortals. If you willing I'll give a quick breakdown of each character, their signature weapon or some such...I just need ideas as to what would make a good artifact based on that, cause I'm stuck :/

Aleron Odgree(Me) - Monk
I wasn't able to do the monk-cleric-sacred fist, we were only allowed to have 1 divine caster in the group(that was for flavor/story reasons). His main/signature item during the time he was alive(Damn Dracolich) was his Monk's Belt. He was a flank-monkey/get in the way of damage headed for the Cleric type. Damage was weak(DM wouldn't allow me to use INA for some reason) so his best option was to run around the battlefeild, provide flanking bonuses for the others or do something stupid to pull agro off our overzealous Rogue/Dervish.

Eric Arder(also me) - Ranger
This was my second character, made after the monk died. He was a ranged bomber, highly Dex/wis/int. He was a race called Dindah(Human Sub-race for the campaign) that acts, in large parts, like Elves in most D&D(world was only Humans and monsters, no other PC Races). He was archery mastery, so, obviously his Bow was his OMG-stated item. He was the scout that would disapear at the beginning of combat then pelt the nastiest target with arrows till dead. Had a Wolf companion that was technicaly also a Dindah, and is still around now as a Large, Celestial Grey Wolf.

I'll post some of the other characters in a bit...at work:D

05-13-2008, 03:05 PM
Ranger ArtifactBow that grants anyone using it the ability to treat the target as a favored enemy, as per the ranger class ability. Can summon a Celestial (whatever) wolf to fight at the user's side, (x) times per day, and any beneficial spell or psionic effect targeting the user can also be applied to the summoned creature at no additional cost.If user is a ranger (or druid) with an animal companion, that companion gains the Celestial template permanently (one companion only).

Shadow Dweller
05-13-2008, 03:23 PM
I like that, thought I might change the permanantly to while you are attuned to the bow and require you to spend 24hrs with the bow for the power to work. Also, might let it make your Effective Druid Level(for your companion bennifts) be equal to your ranger level. I HATE that Rangers are on;y half druid there...should be -3 EDL at most.

05-21-2008, 07:24 PM
may i suggest going the route of fist of zuoken instead of sacred fist? that or tatooed monk.

if you really want to be unique... you could make your monks belt into a variable item. beyond the standard abilities: say it gives you bonuses to tumble, balance, climb, and jump... and you could have it transform into any monk's weapon that you can use, and it gives you the effects of a monk's practice dummy. that should be pretty nice.