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05-06-2008, 11:45 AM
Hello Internet Land i come in peace with a readied Maximized Fireball at the ready.
I am a brand new member and i finally though i would start up a gaming group again. I'll post the Information up really soon but no time to write it up yet as iam a little busy but, i am taking my DnD Campagin The Chronicles of Gaia and Converting it to BESM (1st Edition) as it will be alot more flexable and easier to play online with. But I just wanted to know if there was any interest time and how long ect is negotable, but i will get to that closer to time.

Oh there you are nasty Kobold, Eat Fireball (FWAKOOM!!!) That will teach you to steal my Candy Bar.

Anyway Hope to hear from you Soon.


05-09-2008, 06:39 PM
I loves besm, so I'd probably loves to play in your little game mate. Of course, I'm not familiar with your campaign so maybe you could give some quick info?

05-09-2008, 10:40 PM
Darn it where on earth did that Letter go.
I wish Dusk would just remember to pick up his things when he visits.
But i swear if i have to walk over there again he had better make it up to me.
Oh there's the Letter it just had to trip me up
Well i had just better get it over with.

Welcome to Sera a world just like you know, except maybe without tv's, or internet or modern plumbing ... well depends if you can cast magic or not. Where your most feared item of your party is a single Letter that needs to go to your best friend or if your asked to do him/her a favor. Enter Zenos an Evil Emperor who has decided the world is his and you may not know it yet but the world is going upside down, is zenos just a mad man or is there something more.

Whatever you do don't give Peter Mitsaki a big crystal, he'll just try to shrink it just so he can put it in his poket. You have been warned.


Ok then Very basic information, you need to know.

Campain Type : Fantasy/Action/Possible Mystery/Comedy: Hey, just Should have put Fantasy Anime.

Characters: Just about anything Humanoid so Nekos, are allowed be sensible Just Double Check

Who can play: Absolutly anyone would perfer beetween 3-4 people (other characters floating may be possible if you can't play for long)

Other Info: Advantageous if you have played BESM (using 1st Edition ) but will explain Character creation later once have a full party so first timers can play.

Need to Find out if pople would prefer Messenger or PBP for Sessions.

And Finally just want all of us to have fun so hope to start soon.

Seeya for Now GM - Kai