View Full Version : Star Wars d20 in Oklahoma City

04-28-2008, 04:39 PM
The current Star Wars group I lead will be losing a few players over the summer, and I'm opening recruitment to anyone who wishes to join.

I'm a GM with 5 or so years of experience in Star Wars and a year or so in D&D/LotR/d20 etc. I've led multiple Star Wars campaigns, some lasting for multiple years, some confined to single planets and some galaxy-spanning.

My group is currently an anti-Republic band of vigilantes. Chronologically, Order 66 was issued a couple days ago in context, and this group has been running for about four/five months out of context. The group currently has no force-users, but I'm not entirely opposed to the idea.

The players in my group are all mature, story-driven people, and I expect the same from anyone interested in joining. Our group is far from a typical hack&slash cadre; our sessions are usually spent with more time out-of-initiative than in battle. I ask that anyone wishing to join in be/have:

Friendly/Personable. (Please be clean/considerate.)
A group player. (I will ask players who 'do not work well with others' to leave the group, and have done so.)
Interested in playing a character, not a character sheet. (We focus heavily on story, and battle/skill checks only serve to progress story.)

Please feel free to e-mail me for more information or to ask to join. My e-mail is thriftstorewar at gmail dot com. Currently, we meet once a week on Tuesday nights, but we may re-schedule over the summer. Hope to hear from someone soon!