View Full Version : Conan Hyborian Adventures (using Sword & Sorcery Star Wars Saga Edition rules!)

04-27-2008, 04:44 PM
I am going to start a Conan Hyborian Adventures campaign utilizing the Star Wars Saga Edition rules in a new complete translation called Sword & Sorcery Saga Edition that can be seen/downloaded here: http://www.gneech.com/swordandsorcery/index.html, by the Gneech. This is a total conversion and is a WONDERFUL ruleset. Anyone already familiar with the Star Wars Saga Edition rules knows that they play fast and furious and are a wonderful mechanical foundation for the world of Robert Howard's Conan. This game will utilize a lot of meterial from the Mongoose Conan RPG like character races, starting equipment, player kits, most feats, etc. and the Sword & Sorcery Saga Edition rules will power the game. If you already know how to play Saga Edition, you will be ready to go!

I am thinking of once initial interest has been shown we can vote on whether to meet once/week or every other week, where we want to meet, what time, etc. This way we can be as fair as possible to all involved and try to make it so all that want to participate can. Please post any interest here and feel free to pm me/e-mail me.