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04-24-2008, 10:39 PM
Hello! I am currently looking for another player for our gaming group. My current group is an assortment of friends, ranging from 21 to 31, and from a few different walks of life. An ideal player would be able to get along with many kinds of people, enjoy geek small talk and friendly jokes, and not mind when a house cat falls asleep on them during a session. We tend to play on weekends, usually three weeks a month. Games tend to start in mid to late evening, and go until everyone is too tired to continue, from 9pm to 3am is fairly normal. Most players have been roleplaying for 7-10 years. The reason we are looking for another player is that conflicting schedules have delayed quite a few games, and we all believe another player would fix that, even if they are not able to make every game themselves.

The group plays two games currently; a 2nd Edition Shadowrun game and a "Doom" game with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. We are also talking about a third game, which currently would be a religious-themed Dungeons and Dragons game.

"Doom" game is based on a few standards - all characters (PC and NPC alike) are all made on 59 points (average of 10 per stat), no stat that is primary for the class can go above 13 at start, and an miserable failure rule is in place where if anyone rolls a 5 or less on a d20 check they reroll, and another result of 5 or less results in a miserable failure. These tend to be damage (usually two dice-types above the class, so a rogue's MF damage would be a d10 of damage), and are frequently fatal. I think we have had 3 deaths from people getting on their horse alone. Also, no character is ever given a proper name. Instead, all characters all select a bad stereotype. From Brash Duelist to Cowardly Halfling and then to Cannibalistic Warlock to the Evil Wizard Falls-out-of-a-tower and the Good King Dies-in-a-fire.

The Shadowrun game is the direct opposite of this and is our primary focus. This game has been running now for over 14 years, and is heavily modified from a standard Shadowrun game. Multiple new races and magical forms have been introduced, as well as a good deal of rules have been overhauled, removed, or replaced. A player once joked that it's only still called Shadowrun because we use the Shadowrun books to pick out weapons.
The players themselves are emissaries from a small separatist island nation. They have two primary roles; acting to protect the nation and it's interests, and to carry out terroristic actions against a corrupt government. This corrupt government which was created from the ashes of the rebuilt United States of America, now called Freedomland, utilizes many forms of technology and quasi-magical technology in an effort to suppress magic across the globe as well as use both it's political power and military might to force legislation to be passed in the UN, changing the face of politics in nations beyond itself. The nation's advanced technology ranges from personalized battle mecha (7 to 14 feet in height), to optic technology that allows non-magicians to see into the astral, and even as far as allowing some people to manipulate the perceived aura of the Earth itself as a sort of Technomagic. But Freedomland's actions stem from a greater goal, one which few people realize...
Because of how long the campaign has been running, the players interact with and fight both alongside and against a wide assortment of highly developed NPCs. I don't have an exact number as to how many there are anymore, but my honest guess would be 250. Characters - both players and NPCs - tend to be highly powered and diverse. The setting is very conflict-driven, with multiple sides on multiple fronts. However, the game is mostly roleplaying, with combat happening once every three sessions on average. The combat system is completely customized, and focused on allowing options for characters both on and off of their assumed turns.

If anyone in the area is interested, or simply has questions, please drop me a PM. My wife and I would like to meet potential players before introducing them to the group, so that we can see if we feel you would be a good fit for us, and you can see if you feel we would be a good fit for you.
Thank you all for your time.

06-21-2008, 06:08 AM
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