View Full Version : Middle-earth for Savage Worlds

revolution 9
04-17-2008, 05:21 PM
Looking for players for the Savage Worlds system in a Middle-earth campaign. The story takes place during the reign of the Necromancer over Mirkwood, shortly before the Battle of Five Armies.

The campaign closely models Tolkien's writings. No experience necessary. This is a great system for old-time roleplayers and for those who have no idea what RPGs even entail.

Location and times are open for discussion. I wouldn't mind running other campaigns as well if players are interested. However, I have tried for years to get a Middle-earth game going. The campaign rules themselves were written by myself.

You can get test drive rules for Savage Worlds for free online if you wish to review the system, or we can simply get together and make a new character - it takes as little as 5 minutes.

Please let me know via PM or e-mail, or reply here. Thanks!