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After action report 3-18-2007
Jay's Star Wars Game #3
Corrections and refinements requested
Carol suggests making Spot, Listen and Search class skills for all classes. After some consideration I agree. This is house ruled into effect.
Carol's Character is not present during the early part of the adventure because Carol was writing him up.

Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a former Soldier*
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, also a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager
NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.
The Ship - the Ponderous is named for an old Jazz song (GM's note, both Broc and I know the song, the rest of the players haven't heard it yet.)
The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that STi Unke has been able to add Quad laser cannon.
A long, long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away

The Ponderous is returning from normal cargo run to Coruscant. However the exit from hyperspace is accompanied by werd lighting effects and (retcon) red light indicating a hyperdive malfunction.

The PCs first notice that all the traffic patterns at Coruscant are different and that their computer is having trouble synching up with the Coruscant traffic control and communications systems.

As they get closer, they notice that the patterns of lights on Coruscant are different. There's even open ground visible on Coruscant.
Eventually they achieve communication and are welcomed to Coruscant by Coruscant traffic control.

Elizabeth request and gets a DL of the laws on Couruscant.
She spends time looking at the weapons regulations (Open carry is acceptable, but weapon use is liable to result in criminal charges.) and drug/alcohol rules.

Most conventional alcohols and recreational drugs are acceptable. Many are taxed rather thoroughly. Two classes of banned goods are Alderaanian wines and dangerous drugs - Those that lead to violent psychosis, immediate addiction or physiological damage to humans.
Chocolate is not on the banned list and sells for conventional prices.
They land, and are inspected by flunkies from the port authority. They have no cash and their electronic accounts are out of reach. But it turns out that Elizabeth has a stash of gold coins she keeps as a "get home free card"

Gold, Silver, Platinum and other precious metals are used as currency.
She pays for the landing fee, arguing shrilly with the port flunkies about the valuation of her gold pieces.

When informed that these are hr dowry, the Port flunkie turn to Josh and offer condolences, starting a running joke through the session.

And the PCs are now officially grounded on a Coruscant different from the one they know.

Sti-Unke and his Astro-mech begin to to diagnose the hyperdrive - they discover that the "N-Space transtitional stabilizer" has melted down. This vital part of the hyper drive governs the entrance and exit to hyper space.

Apparently "someone" had attached a power coupling backwards and this damaged the component - eventually leading to it's failure.


Meanwhile Al'Tair listens to the public broadcasts.

The accent is weird.

Al'tair listens to entertainments, talk radio and some sports, reaching the
conclusion that what he's hearing is the same, but different.


Elizabeth and Josh head out of the ship and to an Avenue. Shops and warehouses line the place. Services and sales for the support of starships are all over.

Josh and Elizabeth quickly find "The Sports Bar" a dive near the landing pad - a Typical Spacer hang out,badlty disguised as a bar catering to sports fans. Larg view screens display people dressed funny doing a variety of physically strenous things to themselves and each other.
Josh and Elisabeth drink some beer. Elizabeth tells the Bartender that she's new in town and looking for some temp work. The Bartender extorts a small bribe and claims to know someone who knows someone. He'll get back to her.


After this, Elizabeth looks for the police. There is a local police substation where Elizabeth describes her interaction with the Bar tender to the Desk Sergeant. Josh is stunned by this act.

The Cop listens patiently to Elizabeth's story and then explains to her that she effectively volunteered to be small time hired muscle - a Mook. People seeking legitimate employment often go to the Employment agency down the street. However if contacted by the Bartender, the police would appreciate a call.

Elizabeth and Josh leave the Police Station. Josh expresses disbelief that Elizabeth is acting so naive and clueless. Elizabeth points out that this Coruscant is an alien world and that she prefers to stay on the right side of the law until she knows her way around more thoroughly.

Elizabeth and Josh head for the Employment agency.


Al'Tair, bored of the radio, decides to go explore job opportunities himself. Using a local directory, Al'Tair quickly finds a local hospital.

He approaches the staff to inquire about openings. He gets to talk with the Hospital Administrator. The Hospital Administrator doesn't recognize his credentials, so he is offered a chancce to do an "Apprenticeship" residency - He'll assist a staff physician until his skills are assesed and confirmed. The hospital is not interested in doing this for a short term committment on Al'Tair's part.

Al'tair understands this and leaves.

At the Employment agency, Elizabeth and Josh find all sorts of jobs available from labor, to skilled trades and proffessional jobs.

There are also calls for Starship crew and job postings for security work, varying from long term professional outfits and uniformed security services to short term emop assignments.

Elizabeth and Josh take a temp assignment with a high pay rate - 50 silver per day, which is about 50% higher than the norm.

Getting the directions to a local warehouse and a time they are expected to show up, Elizabeth and Josh return to the Ponderous.


At the Ponderous, Sti-Unke having diagnosed the reason for the malfunction then comares his charts to what they scanned on the way to Alderaan. - the Stars have moved but not consistently with a time jump. Some stars reflect 6000 years in the past, while others suggest 6000 years in the future.

Unke concludes that they are in an Alternate Universe due to the hyperdrive Malfunction. He could recreate the malfunction but has no way of steering the resulting miss-jump. Unke resolves to seek out a mad hyper-Spatial physicist to help design a corrective jump back home.


When Al'tair, Elizabeth and Josh return to the Ponderous Unke reports, and describes his intent. He will seek work for the Ponderous until they can afford repairs and then seek out a Hyper-Spatial Physicist who may be able to help them get back home.

Elizabeth and Josh agree with some ambvalence. How will the ship operate without a working hyperdrive?


Elizabeth and Josh report to the warehouse for their night's work as security guards. The the job is described by the warehouse manager. the Warehouse has been sufering from thefts. Their job, deter thieves. If the Thieves come on site, they are to use weapons on stun to disable to thieves and call the police. The warehouse is an electronics whole saler, and so have pallets and boxes of easily fencible electronic goodies everywhere.

Josh and Elisbeth are two of five mooks hired for the nights work. Bruno is a big one. but he has sisters, as evidenced by his refusal to say much to Elizabeth and his refuse to get within arms reach of her.

Gregor spends the evening hitting on Elizabeth.

Pete spends the evening describing a popular sport on Coruscant to Josh. Pete is a fan and goes on at excruciating length about this sport, which seems to be a mix of Hockey, NASCAR racing and badminton. Pete knows the players on his favorite local team, the Red Wings. He knows the managers and coaches. he knows the strategy of the sport and seems to believe (Like all dedicated fans of sports) that the Manager/coach has suffered some mysterious brain damage and that he, himself could manage the team better.


Meanwhile Sti Unke goes to the Sports Bar himself and spends the evening drinking with and querying other pilots. Uke discovers that the Galaxy has four major players the Coruscanti, the Corellians, the Alderaanians and the Draconians.

He learns that all powers are engaged in a campaign of exploration and exploitation of primitive worlds.

He earns that free lance trade ships are common, that they are tolerate by all powers, except the Drconioans where it's asy to step on someone's toes and wind up torture bait.

Unke learns that the Exploitation efforts are targets for pirates. But this danger makes jobs for free traders more lucrative.

Unke learns that the cherry assignment is supporting an expedition by one of the univrsities or museums from the core worlds - This is the Starship equalvalent of easy money. Spend time grounded playing lift and carry for egg heads.

At the night deepens at the acme warehouse, Josh and Elizabeth trade barbs and walking patrol duties wth the other mooks.

Then Josh hears a sizzling spitting noise and turns to see the door to the warehouse being cut open.

Josh calls an alert and the Security party springs into action, taking cover. Elizabeth makes Gregor call the police, something that Gregor isn't used to doing.

The thieves enter the building in numbers, well armed. Josh an Pete start flinging stun bolts with abandon. The bad guys fire back with carbines and pistols on lethal setting.

As soon as the first lethal bolts return from the thieves the scurity party advances their weapons to full power and a full on fire fight ensues.
The security party and the thieving party are settling into a stalemate when more bolts come from anothe direction. Another truck and another squad of thieves has, un-noticed cut through side door and now has the security party in a cross fire.

The security party conducts a fighting retreat out the front of the warehouse. They don't loose anyone. Several thieves are killed.
The ware house is on fire - the cover the security party and the thieving party used was boxes filled with tens of thousands of GPs of electronic gear. The damage is enormous.

The police arrive - the two thief party trucks, hearing the sirens, simply drive away leaving their comerades to face the police.

The Police take everyone into custody. Ambulance and fire engines arrive.

The Manager arrives and is stunned at the level of damage accomplished by his security people. He wasn't expecting a full out firefight.

The Manager pays Elizabeth, Josh, Pete, Gregor and Bruno off to get them away from his warehouse. Bruno, the one who has a sister asks for Elizabeths comm-code.

The manager is fairly spazzed. he offers good references if the Mooks just GO AWAY.


The next day - Rutger Vosk awakes ready to get to work. Early on the second day he ntures forth to start querying agents and seeing who is who.

Vosk learns that there are three general classes of Agent - Low grade - who are desperate and fairly poor at their job, medium grade agents who are good at their jobs but haven't reached the pinnacle and pinnacle agents who are so in demand they don't have time to talk to you.
Vosk Finds Chalmers, a professional looking agent who isn't so succssful that he can turn down clients.

Vosk and Chalmers inspect the Ponderous, Chalmers suggests changes to make the ship more sellable to clients and asgrees to represent the Ponderous.


Having an agent working to find them actually freighter work allows te PCs to relax and spend the day cleaning up the ship.

Elizabeth and Josh thn return to the Acme electronics warehouse to see if the manager would like anyone else shot for 5 gold that night. The Manager cringes and quails, saying no. The damage from the shootout, the resulting fire and and firefighters putting the fire out has left the stock of the warehouse decimated.

Work crews are scavenging the useful items and moving them to another warehouse.

Elizabeth and Josh return to the ship.

Hearing this Vosk has an idea. He takes his own stash of jewels and goes to the Acme warehouse. he asks the Manager for an N-Space Transitional Stabilizer. The Manager has one. It's a spendy device. But presented with the jewels, the Manager writes off the part as destroyed and pockets the jewels.

Vosk takes the part back.

That evening Sti Unke installs the part in the ship and once again the Ponderous is hyperspace capable.


The next morning, Chalmers calls and says he has a potential client for the Ponderous.

Chalmers arrives with his client, a thin dark haired man in an expensive suit. This is Jon Hampton. He is the son of incredibly wealthy financialists on Corscant. He is seeking a crew to help him find his missing Sister, Murriel.

Jon feels feels that Murriel may have left Coruscant, although his Mother, a strong willed woman doesn't take this idea seriously.
Jon is slightly drunk talking to the characters, but seems coherent.
Vosk calclates and asks for 35 gold per day plus expenses. Hampton agrees.

Elizabeth asks for a list of Murriels friends to start questioning.
Hamption points out that Mom has violent and professional detectives and mercenaries scouring Coruscant for Muriel.

Elizabeth wants to make sure they're on the "rescuers" list so "Steel Eagles Security" doesn't blast them to atoms and then claim any reward over their dead bodies.

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After action report 3-25-2007

Jay's Star Wars Game #3

Corrections and refinements requested

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a former Soldier
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, also a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager
NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that STi Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon

During this session Howard says he may not be present at next weeks game due to a Mega fragging LAN. Sti-Unke delegates Josh to be his XO, in charge should he be unavailable


A long time ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Crew of the Ponderous have found themselves in an Alternate Universe where things are different from the universe they call home. Seeking work to earn money for ship's repair - they have been hired by Jon Hampton to find his missing sister Muriel..

As the session opens Josh and Elizabeth claw at each other, having banter.

Elizabeth takes calling cards from Jon Hampton to gain access to the friends of Mirram and ask them for information. Elizabeth and Rutger leave to go visit the first on their list, Aicha Smythe

They find that the wealthy on Coruscant live in enormous apartment buildings with aggressive security and access control.

Aicha Smythe is not terribly helpful, not having much memory for details. Although she reinforces the notion that Muriel was in conflicut with her domineering mother.

Tovi Mitchell - was met in a library which sported the heads of dozens of scary monsters from all over the galaxy - and a collection of expensive delicate and enormously deadly hunting blasters. She tells that the girls known as Murriel's friends were of the same social circle and occasionally overlapped in terms of interests. Elizabeth concludes that Tovi's escape is by being mean to living creatures

Sti Unke - Sti Unke goes to a Spacer bar, The Battered Coffee Pot, and asks around, utterly failing to find anything of interest to the investigation or much of anything else. (Howard Dice were arguing with him)

Josh and Al'tair go to a "hive of Scum and Villany" called "The Hammer" - Al'tair goes behind the bar and uses his skill at pharmaceutical improvisation to create hang-over cure potion, which he starts selling. The Bartender irate, forces Al'Tair to begin mioxuing Drinks and actually tending bar if he's going to invade the work space. Al'tair spends the rest of the night learning to bar tend on the fly and splitting the proceeds of his hang over cure potion with the Bar. Josh does nothing but drink and lightly socialize - and enjoys not having anything excitingly stupid happen.

Natasha Simington - Elizabeth and Rutger make the same sort of entrance and are introduced to Natasha in her study. Natasha is studying architecture, and has detailed models and plans. She explains that for people of her social class appearance is very important so young ladies are compressed into socially acceptable roles, against which many struggle. Natasha explains that the Band which is the source of Murriel's circle of friends was formed in high school, but forcibly disbanded when their parents discovered that the girls intended to go play for an audience.

Jorunn Hanamaker - Elizabeth and Rutger find Jorunn a tiny little pixie of a girl who is grimly practicing martial arts. Each of the girls is seeking her own escape from being a socially acceptable decoration.

Jorunn points out - Spacer Bar A; Spacer Bar B; Spacer Bar C; MD-Alpha and MD-Beta

As places where Murriel liked to hang out as part of her rebellion.

Sti-Unke researches the net, finding social pages and occasional tame gossip pieces, until he finds "The Smoking Blaster" - this website shows information carefully gleaned from police reports, leaks and other sources. TSB is ryun by a conspiracy nut who seems to fel that Coruscant is in the grip of an Iron Fisted Elite who use influence, bribes and even darker crimes to evade the law, and rule Coruscant Deeply unfairly.

The Metaphor I used was Lyndon LaRouche's view of the Rothschild dynsasty - which is paranoid and loopy.

BUT - Sti Unke discovers that Mark Darklighter is a thug with a mysterious luck in court. He runs Two hidden elite gambling/drinking/illegal activity clubs called Mark Darklighter Alpha and Mark Darklighter - Beta. (Accuse MD of being unorigiinal and you may wind up sleeping with the fishes)

Unke reads that there have been a continuous stream of crimes near MD Alpha and MD Beta, but nothing unusual ever seems to happen INSIDE the clubs.

Unke reads that Muriel Hampton has been sen entering and leaving MD Alpha and MD Beta with other rich people, celebrities and occasional shady characters.

Unke reads that Muriel and Natasha were involved in a vague shooting incident in the lower levels of the City - and iincident that seems to relate back to MD beta. This incident happened a yar ago.

Unke also reads that Jon Hampton has been seen entering and leaving MD-Alpha and MD-Beta in the company of rich girls and celebrities.

Helenn Goldsun - Elizabeth and Rutger visit Helenn and learn more of the tension between the girls and the parents of the rich on Coruscant. Helenn cuts the interview off short.

Zumurrud - Elizabeth and Rutger find Zumurrud also a hunter, but not as seemingly blood thirsty, a similar collection of weapons, not in as obvious a display and pictures instead of mounted trophies. Zumurrud outlines that Muriel was seeking company of scuzzy spacers, and that she probably has left with one of them, seeking to escape the domination of her very strong willed mother.

The PCs all re-gathered at the Ponderous and briefed each other. The session ended there, for the evening.

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Corrections and refinements requested

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain (Howard was not Present for the 4-1-2007 Game)
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a former Soldier
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, also a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager
NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that STi Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon


This is was a short session due to lack of sleep on my part and the part Carol.


A Long time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The YT-1300 "Ponderous" has found herself in an Alternate universe where things are different from their own home.

Quickly adapting to the new setting, the crew of the Ponderous has taken work from Jon Hampton a wealthy heir of an elite Coruscant Family - the Ponderous crew hopes to be able to complete his mission and earn enough money to repair their hyper drive and attempt to return home.

Hampton has hired the PCs to help find his missing Sister Murriel. Mirriam Hampton the Strong Willed Matriarch of the Hampton Family is convinced that Muriel has been kidnapped and will be used as leverage. However Jon believes his sister ma have left Coruscant.

The PCs find themselves playing "Private Eye" attempting to track down clues to the location of Muriel Hampton

Having Interviewed friends of the Missing Heiress, the PCs plan to look into places Murriel was known to frequent...


Having learned from his experience tending bar at The Hammer, Al'Tair spends the morning premixing sober-up potions.

Josh calls the crew together to brief on plans. He insists on a calm, measured reconnaissance of tonight's target, MD-Beta. This will not be a case of "The PCs kick in the door and go in blasters blazing."

The Other PCs agree reluctantly.

Josh heads out to find a hardware store and a Public Library.

Rutger researches - public information (bad roll)

At the Public Library Josh researches the Jedi and discovers their relationship to the galaxy is different than he recalls at home.

(I will describe what Josh Discovered about the Jedi in a separate post)

Rutger and Al'Tair discover the Book marks Sti Unke left on the ships computer system for 'The Smoking Blaster".

They read about Mark Darklighter being a teflon thug and the MD clubs being mysteriously ignored hives of scum and villainy.

Elizabeth bets Josh donuts that mark Darklighter is a dark jedi

Jon arrives at the Ponderous and loads a truck load of expensive booze and "Trade Goods" for his anticipated trip. He also reveals that the Password for MD-Beta is Swordfish, The elite pass around the password to prove that they are cool enough to know the password.

Jon takes the PCs shopping for appropriate attire - one set of formal clothing each, Elizabeth gets hair and makeup done

Sandi names the other Spacer Bars Murriel frequents
Spacer bar A = Nina
Spacer bar B = Pinta
Spacer bar C = Santa Maria

At MD-Beta, the PCs discover the place to be a sort of casino/speak easy/exclusive club.

Mark Darklighter is a sort of intermediary putting together criminals, smugglers and other people who do illicit business. Darklighter's places of business have become reknowned enough to attract the wealthy who seek to establish "Street Cred" by appearing at MD-Alpha or MD-Beta.

MD-Beta is also a gambling establishment where professional gamblers can compete and win money from smugglers and celebrities.

The PCs enter MD-Beta with John Hampton. Hampton is rich but he is also a professional quality gambler.

The PCs explore the nature of the social overlaps and interactions, but they are not terribly successful at seeking specific information about Murriel Hampton.

After three hours at MD-Beta, bouncers and bartenders tell each of the PCs that he is no long welcome, and escort them to the door.

In the entry hall, they find Mark Darklighter, confronting Jon Hampton. Darklighter says that it poses a risk to Hampton's health to continue to pursue the investigation into the whereabouts of Murriel, and that Hampton should drop the investigation.

The Party exits MD-Beta, returns to the Ponderous with Jon Hampton and the session ends for the night.

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After action report 4-22-2007

Jay's Star Wars Game #3

Corrections and refinements requested

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain (Howard was not Present for the 4-22-2007 Game)

Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a former Soldier
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, also a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that STi Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon.


A Long Time ago in a galaxy Far, Far Away - The crew has been hired by wealthy dilettante Jon Hampton to search for his missing sister, Murriel. Crime Lord Mark Darklighter warns them off of their investigation, saying it could lead to danger for Hampton and the crew of the Ponderous.


The next morning at the Ponderous, Elizabeth and Josh question Hampton. Pursuing the search for Murriel poses dangers and they want him to make an informed decision before proceeding.

Hampton decides to accept the risk of death, injury and perhaps social standing damage to continue the search for his sister.

The PCs setup a watch rotation to be alert for danger. Al'Tair sees an aircar parked nearby watching the Ponderous. Liz Activates the ensors on the Ponderous and uses them on the car, but finds them not entirely useful for the task. (She does detect that the car has no starship scale weapons aimed at the Ponderous)

Josh calls the police and reports the car behaving supiciously. A Coruscant Police car rousts the surveilance vehicle and the watchers move away.


We spent some time describing the huge structure that composes Sector 1407 on Coruscant - A huge semi-circular building with landing pads on different levels, shot through with cargo lanes and store fronts for businesses that service small lot cargo ships.

Josh leaves the Ponderous and walks around playing tourist and familiarizing himself with the building, as well as nearby landing pads.

Al'Tair sit down and thinks about ways to end run Mark Darklighter and gain information about Murriel.

Josh, Returning to the Ponderous , spots the watchers, having moved to a different access alley in the mega-building and resumed their surveillance of the Ponderous.

Josh, returning to the Ponderous, asks Jon to query the family Security agency, the Steel Eagles Security Company about what they know. Steel Eagles is an armed, paramilitary private police force and investigating group. They are hired by the wealthy and by Corporations to provide enhanced, focused security unavailable from the police.

Steel Eagles sends an officer by to brief Jon. John and the Lieutenant talk. Steel Eagles feels that Mirram Hampton, the matriarch of the Hampton Family may be rejecting critical information.

They agree to cooperate on the investigation. The Steel Eagles feel that the PCs are acceptable stalking horses to investigate avenues that Mirram has forbidden them to pursue.

That Afternoon the next shift of watchers begin a Barbecue on a unused landing pad some distance away from the Ponderous, making their surveillance comfortable, but seriously failing to stay hidden.

Josh Wishes to question the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria , spacer bars where Murriel Hampton hung out.

Jon Hampton and Liz leave the Ponderous. Hampton takes Liz out for an evening of dining, card playing and generally acting as decoys for the surveilance while Josh and Rutger ask questions.


At the Nina, Josh, Al'Tair and Rutger begin to investigate, by asking questions.

Here Rutger really comes into his own as a social character. Al'Tair has encountered a bully who is intent on starting a fight. Rutger detours the bully to a by-stander extricating Al'Tair from the impeding battle.

Afterwards the PCs move on to the Spacer bar Pinta and try their luck.

However, Al'tair speaking to his next to friend discovers that Murriel Hampton was seen in the company of Space Pirate, Kalan Zone.

Al'Tair also discovers that a being named Jaewu, an information broker, may be willing to sell information about Kalan Zone's Wherabouts to the PCs.

Jaewu is a G'zark, a green scaly, hairless humanoid.


Rutger and Josh go to Jaewu's known hangout and approach him. Jaewu will sell them information about Kalan Zones whereabouts for 500 gold.

Rutger agrees. Josh and Rutger fall back to gather 500 gold from Jon Hampton, and then return to Jaewu to purchase the information.

Jaewu tells the PCs that Kalan Zone left last week, heading for Gold Port. He also tells the PCs that he no longer wishes to associate with them, and will do no mor business with them.

(GM's note - Jaewu discovered the relationship between Kalan Zone and Mark Darklighter and that Mark Darklighter wishes all inquiries about Murriel Hamtpon to end. Jaewu sells the info because he previously agreed to, but knows the PCs are heading for a confrontation with MD and wants no part of that. This means that MD is also aware of the Inquiry.)


Rutger, Josh, Liz and Al'Tair return to the Ponderous to find Mark Darklighter and 15 of his hired goons waiting for them, with several air cars. Darklighter means to coerce the PCs into dropping the investigation.

Mark speaks harshly to the PCs. "I told you to drop this. Where is Jon?"

Liz: "He's on the ship. What makes you think we don't have back up?"

Unbeknownst to the PCs or Mark Darklighter, Jon Hampton watching the brewing confrontation from the Ponderous has called in back up.

Mark Darklighter does the math. He can't see Jon Hampton, but knows that Hampton's family has retained Steel Eagles for protection. Mark Darklighter does not have the forces available to fight Steel Eagles and win, so he calls a retreat and skeddadles.

The PCs get Xps for defeating MD and his thugs without firing a shot, by name dropping.

As MD and his crew drive away, Steel Eagle fighter planes, armored cars and attack ships arrive to defend Jon Hampton.


Josh and Jon , on the Ponderous, brief the Steel Eagles Lt. on what's happening. The Steel Eagles , having assured themselves that Hampton is safe. Withdraw back to base, and the Ponderous crew start making preparations to fly to Gold Port

There the Session ended, the PCs got 516 XP each.

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After Action Report 4-28-2007

Corrections and refinements requested

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a former Soldier
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, also a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager
NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that STi Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon.


A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away ....

The crew of the Ponderous travels to the obscure free port of Gold Port in search of missing heiress Murriel Hampton, hired by Jon Hampton, her brother.


After making sure all ships weapons and systems are functional, intact and in good shape, the PCs amuse themselves in a variety of less than coherent ways.

Liz drinks lightly maintaining a Buzz. Josh, Al'Tair and Liz play "Quarters". Josh uses his force ability to cheat, amusing Al'Tair and Liz.

Meanwhile, Jon Hampton gives Rutger Vosk and impromptu clinic about the various qualities, distillations and histories of the alcoholic product Hampton has brought along.

Sti Unke and R2-J9786 (R2-NPC) navigate , and try to pretend they don't know the crew.

The Ponderous exits hyperspace near the planet Gold Port. On the Gazetteer Gold Port is listed as an obscure and uninteresting Corellian Plantation world, where agricultural and pharmaceuticals are gathered from native planets and wildlife.

Added to this is a free port, a hive of scum and Villainy. Space control asks the Ponderous if she is a schedule commercial transport or a free lance ship and then vectors the ship towards the Free port section of Gold port.

The Ponderous descended into a tropical paradise, the Island of Gold Port.

The main Spaceport is built into a volcano, the services are in a town along the seashore (which is beautiful, and offers good surfing)

The PCs notice wrecks and scrap at the foot of the Volcano. It seems the port auctions off ship unable to pay their docking fees. Those not worth selling are scrapped out and pushed off the landing plaform and left to roll down the mountainside.

The Ponderous lands and pays the 500 silver piece docking fees, and then travel into the main town.

The town of gold port is divided into near the beach, and away from the beach. The Away side is the location of warehouses and more serious cargo transfer business.

The Near Side, is "Pirate Land" a sort of hard core amusement park dedicated to seperating space pirates, smugglers and freelancers from their cash.

Gold Port favors a 17th century-like "Pirate Look" with broad lapels, cuffs, and tall boots.

The PCs purchase a meat roll from a wandering vendor. The meat is mysterious but tasty and well seasoned.

The PCs bypass McNasty's a Casino/Dance Club/Bar thingee. And go to "The Olive Garden of Good and Evil" a Bar/restaraunt.

At the Olive Garden of Good and Evil, the PCs eat a nice meal of vague but well prepared food, and get a basic primer on Gold Port, how it works and how people find their way around.

After eating, the PCs returned to McNasty's (Looking Longingly at Bloodbath and Beyond weapons shop) and began to hunt information.

Sti Unke went to the dance floor, and socialized with the working Girls and the Adventure Girls.

Adventure Girls are younger women adventurers, who are filled with energy, not much sense, and an under current of sex and violence.

Adventure Girls look for exciting romance, and gullible men they can talk into doing expensive and/or stupid things on their behalf, in between pirate raids and other adventures.

Josh gambles, and looses, but discovers that there are serious gamblers there, as well.

Jon Hampton also gambles.

Elizabeth, dances some but mainly watches the adventure girls and idiot boys dance their dances.

Rutger joins the drinking and deal-making crowd and begins to make connections.

Al'Tair just stands and watches it all go by, bemused.

Sti Unke approaches Jon Hampton about a Wardrobe upgrade for blending in on Gold Port. Gathering Josh, Hampton and Unke leave McNasty's and shop for a nice suit of faux-pirate fashion so that Unke can blend in better.

Then, upon returning to McNasty's Rutger petitioned for a blend in suit of his own as well.

While Rutger, Liz and Hampton were out shopping, Sti and Josh made time with adventure girls on McNasty's Dance Floor. Josh and Sti learn from their dancing partners that Kalan Zone was murdered a week ago, his ship destroyed and many of his crew killed. A Pirate named Old Bazzu took out a gruge he had against Kalan violently, causing aserious scene.

Local businessmen and vigilance committees took umbrage to this and Old Bazzu left Gold Port with a 10,000 gold piece price on his head.

Sti, Josh and Al"tair realized that a relatively new wreck they spotted at the bottom of the Volcano must have been Kalan's ship. When Hamtpn, Liz and Rutger returned to McNasty's, Josh, Al'Tair and Unke returned to the Spaceport and threaded their way down to the wreck.

This takes a good chunk of time. As they arrive at the wreck, evening descends. Urchins and homeless scavengers flee from the wreck ahead of PCs, but one urchin with more guts than sense stood his ground.

Urchin: "Waddya want?"

Unke: "We're looking for a friend who was on this ship when it came here."

Urchin: "What's it worth toya?"

Unke: "5 silver."

Urchin "Done" (Holds out hand)

Unke: (doles out three silver pieces) "Half now, half when we find my friend." (Describes Murriel Hampton.)

Urchin listens: "She wasn't here. No one survived the raid on the ship itself." (flees)

Unke, Al'Tair and and Josh return up the mountainside to the space port.


Meanwhile at McNasty's, Rutger asks around and rolls max on his gather information kill.

Rutger learns that when Kalan Zone was attacked, Murriel was in town. She avoided the whole attack, but later fell in with a disposessed Alderaanian noble, Don Griego. Don Griego was looking for muscle to go back to Alderaan and try to recover his legacy. Murriel signed up with him and left three days ago.

Hamptron is overjoyed to find that his sister was alive and well as recently as three days ago, and that the party is closing in.


At that moment - lights start blinking red in McNasty's and all over Gold Port. People start running, every which way and brandishing weapons.

Rutger followed the staff of McNasty's into the cellar where they reject him. "You get to your ship and shoot back!" they yell "We're being

Liz, Hampton and Rutger hear detonations and heavy weapons fire.


At the star port, on the Ponderous, fixing to return to town, Unke, Josh and Al'Tair are called by port control

"Arrrr! An attack be in comin'! Fill yer fists snd prepare to repel boarders!" The heavy weapons scavenged from pirated ships start firing from the lip of the volcano.

Unke begins starting the Ponderous up, and energizing weapons. Al'Tair confused about his battle station, elects to man one of the Ponderous' gun, figuring he can't make things much worse. Josh heads for the top Quad blaster turret.

On the comm, Unke agrees to fly to pick up the rest of the party and the client in town.

Just then a huge detonation occurs in the caldera of the Volcano. This was full sized Starship weapon broadside. A bright white flash and a shockwave breaks windows all over Gold Port.


Running outside, Liz, Hamton and Rutger see the shapes of attacking ships in the sky.

And there we called it for the night.

The PCs were awarded 750 XP for excellent in character play and making excellent progress in advancing the plot today.

04-16-2008, 08:16 PM
Games of May -

For some reason my after action reports for May 2007 disappeared. So I'll have to summarize what happened.


Battle at Gold port.

The PCs learned that their quarry, Murriel Hampton hooked up with Don Griego and left for Alderaan.

As they learned this, alarms and explosions announced that Gold Port was under attack.

The PCs didn't recognize the fighters and ships attacking.

(They were older Alderaanian Designs, The Alderaanians were supporting the Malovid attack to use the Malovids to kill Corellian backed pirates out of Gold Port.)

Sti Unke, Josh Carson and Altair lift off in the Ponderous to fly into town and pick up the rest of the crew.

On the way they are attacked by Malovid fighters. The Ponderous is damaged, but they find that if Sti Unke flies maximum whack job, then the Malovid pilots cannot hit them.


At McNasty's Rutger, Elizabeth and Jon Hamton run outide and see landing ships coming down, exchanging fire with the pirates and residents of Gold Port.

They retreat back into McNasty's and prepare with the remaining patrons to make their stands inside the bar.

Two squads of Malovid raiders enter the bar, firing and throwing frag grenades.

GM's note - I balanced this badly. Elizabeth and Rutger were quickly in retreat and over whelmed. Broc played a Trandoshan hunter in the bar and min-maxed the character out, So he quickly took control of the battle and laid waste to the attacking Malovids. The rest of the NPC bar patrons died quickly from the frag grenades and gunfire.

The surviving patron of McNasty's kill the rest of the malovids and loot the bodies for weapons, body armor and good stuff.


Sti wants to land the Ponderous close to McNasty's so the PCs under fire can board the ship and escape quickly.

He lands really close to McNasty's. Really close. He smashes into the building and wedges the Ponderous into the upper story of the Club.

Rutger, Elizabeth and Jon flee into the Ponderous. Sti wrenches the ship free of the bar and the Ponderous flees for space.

The PCs successfully escape into hyperspace, heading for Alderaan.

04-16-2008, 08:29 PM
Games of May -

For some reason my after action reports for May 2007 disappeared. So I'll have to summarize what happened.

At Alderaan, the PCs land and pay landing fees.

The Ponderous is badly damaged, and is not safe to fly again until repaired.

Sti Unke and R2-J9 begin working on the fixing.

The Alderaanian authorites ask about the ship, cargo and crew. One of the questions is "Are there any force users or jedi aboard?"

Answered yes, the Port officials request inspect from theAlderaanian temple.

Jedi form the Alderaanian Temple arrive. They are dressed in red. They quickly check Josh and Al'Tair for dark side influences. They ask Josh to check in at the temple and are somewhat supicious of Al'Tair.


The PCs go to the Alderaanian Jedi Temple. The building is a huge gothic monster. It has very large Jedi guardian guards out front.

The Decoration on the temple recount the heroic resistance against the Sith invasion, and the subsequent triumph over the Sith by the forces of light.

The PCs meet Brother Henry, a sort of Jedi PR guy who describes the Alderaanian faction of the jedi and the temple. he also gently suggests that Al'Tair is risking corruption by the dark side, by not following the rigorously correct form.

Elizabeth becomes hostile and brittle. She senses that the Alderaanian Temple is rigid and much too impressed with it's own correctness.

Josh has also percieved this, but wanted to play it cool until he learned what he wanted to know. The PCs leave the Alderaanian temple severely not-impressed.


Then the PCs went around Alderaan to the land where Pavel Griego was, until recently the Don. Pavel was usurped by his cousin, Elias.

The PCs visit Casa Griego and the town nearby. They learn that Pavel Griego and several adventurers, including Mirriam entered Casa Griego via a secret tunnel.

Pavel and his party were ambushed by Imperial troops and Jedi. The PCs learn that Pavel Griego and three of his companions were killed, but that three survivors including Mirriam were arrested.

Rutger makes a deal to purchase a load of high quality oranges from the town. The prices there are very low. Rutger is sure he can sell farm fresh oranges at a good price at the Ponderous' next destination.


Meanwhile, Sti Unke loctes and hires Frijole, well respected freelance starship technician on Alderaan.

Frijole come to the Ponderous and enjoys meeting a ship of a design he has nevere seen before. He agrees to help wih the repairs on the Ponderous. Frijole and Sti Unke have a long and happy discussion about starships, tools and methods for the care and feeding of Starships.


The Party returns to the capital, Madrilona. As they walk through the transport station, a work-bot falls into step behind Elizabeth. Elizabeth turns and says "What are you doing? Who's bot are you?" Neural Positronic Construct 101 says "I am following you Mistress. I belong to you."

After asking around, Elizabeth finds no one wh0o knows anything about the work-bot.

So she shrugs and says "Okay, come on."

Back at the Ponderous, Elizabeth requisitions R2-J9 to perform a very thorough software analysis. If NPC-101 is a trap, she means to find out.


Rutger, Josh and Al'Tair return to the Jedi Temple with more information.

Brother Henry looks it up an finds Murriel was in custody on the Imperial Prison Island of Comstalla. But she escaped with a rogue Jedi named David Monjalle.

The PCs are braced by Lazar, one of the senior Inquisitors of the Jedi Temple.


Once upon a time Alderaan was conquered by "the Sith". In a long and bitter war, Alderaanian Jedi and freedom fighters threw off the Sith occupation.

But the process was lengthened and made uglier by the Sith habit of lying, manipulating, back sabbing, betrayal and corruption. Sith sympathiers hide, an strike from hiding.

They enjoy corrupting jedi to the dark side. They enjoy corrupting anyone to the dark side.

As a counter to this, The Alderaanian Temple has developed a special unit of Jedi Inquisitors, who root out hidden sith sympathizers and uncover lies, deceptions and corruption.

Almost no one expects th Alderaanian Inquisition.


This is why Alderaanian Jedi tend towards being fundmentalist. They distrust non-jedi force users intently. This is a cover Sith sympathizers have used too often.


As Lazar approaches, Al'tair gets an image of rage and fire, restrianed tightly. Lazar is avery dedicated sith hunter. And he wants David Monjalle, badly.

Josh agrees to share information he discovers about David Monjalle.


04-16-2008, 08:30 PM
After action report 6-3-2007

PCs were awarded 450 XP for this session

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a former Soldier
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, also a former Soldier (Sandi
was nor present
today - Elizabeth's actions were pre-decided)
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

NPC Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his sister with the help of the Ponderous crew.

NPC- Neural Positronic Construct 101 - a labor droid which approached Elizabeth and announced that it belonged to her.

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon


In a galaxy far, far away...

The crew of the Ponderous is search for Missing heiress Murriel Hampton.

They have discovered that Murriel escaped prison in the company of Rogue Jedi David Monjalle

The Ponderous crew enters into a tense alliance with the Alderaanian Temple and the Inquisitor Lazar to find their quarry.


Josh examines records of the escape of Monjalle and his party from the Island prison of Comstalla.


Rutger returns to the Jedi Temple Of Alderaan, and speaks with Brother Henry, their liason.

Rutger back tracks the story of David Monjalle.


Meanwhile Sti Unke, local technician Frijole, Al'Tair, Elizabeth r2-J9, and NPC-101 throw themselves into repairing the Ponderous - still badly damaged after their run in with the Malovids.


Rutger learns that David Monnjalle Used to be a highly respected Inqusisitor of the Alderaanian temple, ferreting out the influence of the dark side and burning it out with the Light.

Then about 12 years ago, Monjalle got into a a confused situation. Information is sketchy. Apparently Monjalle felt he was on the verge of revealing a massive dark side conspiracy.

Monjalle's parents died tragically.

Monjalle had a confrontation with Zerrid Nalto, who up until then had been a close ally of Monjalle. Monjalle Killed Nalto in the entry way of his family home, an estate way out in the Alderaanian boon docks.

There were four witnesses to this event, including Monjalle's ister who now runs the estate.

After this Monjalle disappeared. He whereabout were unknown.


Monjalle next appears in the records two years later. Monjalle got into a conflict with a royal advisor named Zagal.

Zagal was moving to have Monjalle declared fallen and dark side when Monjalle challenged him to a duel in the Royalaudience chanmber during court.

Monjalle killed Zagal and escaped.

His majesty was Not pleased.

Later, evidence quietly surfaced that Zagal was corrupt, evil and possible tainted with the dark side.

Zagal partisans say that Monjalle manufactured and planted this evidence.

King Lucas never pursued legal steps against Monjalle, and refuses to discuss the issue.


Monjalle was seen leaving Alderaan and it was hoped that that would be the last of him.


Two years later, Monjalle appeared on Alderaan with an entourage of primitives from the planet Kazak IV.

Trading on an acquaintence, Monjalle walked into the royal court with his group of primitives and, in an embarrassingly public and undeniable fashion, presented evidence of the corruption of General Montenegro, the Military Governor of Kazak IV.

Montenegro, a friend of his Majesty was ruined and Lucas was forced to take steps against corruption in the empire.

Lucas let it be known that Monjalle was no longer welcome at court or in the royal palace.


Three years ago, Monjalle attacked and killed a Colonial Marine Colonel, a squad of his best Marines and an Inquisitor from the Alderaanian temple.

Although there is a question about corruption of the Colonial Marine Colonel, Monjalle is wanted for questioning - and the temple is not happy with Monjalle.


Last Year, Monjalle was seen escorting a journalist who revealed corruption on the Coruscanti colony of Garn-Zeta. This Embarrassed some players in the Coruscanti High Society.


Rutger files this information away.


Sti Unke contacts the University of Madrilona, and searches their physics department for scientists mad enough to deal with dimensional travel using a hyperdrive.

Unke wishes to reverse engineer the transition of the Ponderous to our current Universe and return to their starting universe.

A few e-mails are exchanged.


Josh examines the records of starships leaving Madrilona within a mile of the shore of the bay where Monjalle and his crew escaped from Comstalla prison.

Josh discovers one small transport left the target area in the targeted time, a small transport/yacht carrying Noonby Kirbez.

Josh returns to the Ponderous and researches.

Noonby Kirbez is a highly respected artist, silver smith, sculptor, philosopher and writer. Kirbez writes dense philosophy but also popular writer who advocates against the Alderaanian Empire.

Kirbez was heading for Corellia to appear on a TV show speaking out against Empire.


Rutger and Josh feel that Kirbez, being an anti-imperialist is a natural ally for Monjalle and suggest following him to Corellia.

Then Rutger and Josh throw themselves into the repair of the Ponderous, which is still not fit for flight.


The next morning, Elizabeth takes Neural Positronic Contruct-101 and strips it's programming own line by line looking for a booby trap. She doesn't find any. Compared to R2-J9 NPC-101 is a simple, clueless machine.


Knocking at the door, two young and earnest looking scientists (still wearing lab coats.)

Professors Aguila and Martins are from the University of Madrilona Hyperspace Physics Department. having read some of Sti Unke's e-mails they smelled mad science and arrived bushy tailed and bright eyed to investigate.

Unke describes what happened, what damage was noted and so on. he offers Aguila and Martins the melted slag of the ruined N-Space Transitional Stabilizer.

They giggle - mad science is now in the offing.

Sti Unke requests that the mad scientitists help the Ponderous return home.

This is an enormous challenge. A missing or malfunctioning N-Space transitional Stabilizer most often results in every particle of the ship entering hyper space and then exiting hyper space - differently. Different times, different locations, different speeds and vectors.

Cross dimensional travel is usually a leakage of particles from something that made the transition naturally or from a damaged hyper drive.

The chances of the Ponderous making such a transition intact are stupidly high against.

Unke insists that the damaged machine is a quid pro quo - they get to examine it in exchange for trying to help the Ponderous return home.

Aguila and Martins agree. They will attempt to understand the Ponderous' transition and see if they can design a way to reverse it.


Al'Tair elects to return to the Alderaanian Jedi Temple and ask for more information.

At the Temple Al'Tair is greeted by Brother Henry who holds him until Inquisitor Lazar shows up.

Al'tair is of a non-Jedi force using tradition. This considered dangerously prone to corruption by the dark side.

Lazar and other inquisitors take Al'Tair to an interrogation room, where he is thoroughly questioned and pressed and questioned.

This is an exausting process. The Inquisitors are confused. Al'Tair was non-jedi and therefore suspicious. But he was blankly honest, earnest and well meaning.

After several hours of force using interrogtion, the Inquisitors can find no hint whatever of ill will or corruption in Al'Tair.

At long last Lazar hopes to call Al'Tair's bluff.

Lazar approaches Al'Tair. "Your non jedi ways are dangerous and corrupt. repent and join the Jedi Order."

Al'tair: "okay."

Lazar: "What?"

Al'Tair: "Sure. I'm in. I'll be a Jedi. It's cool."

And Al'tair is being completely earnest. he was planning opn training in the Jedi ways with Josh, this just advanced his schedule somewhat.

Lazar: Flummoxed. "Emm. Okay then. You'll join the trainees. Okay."

Al'tair: "Cool."

Al'trair is taken from the Interrogation room, given trainee robes, and placed with the beginning jedi trainees (mostly tiny children)


Meanwhile Josh realizes that Al'tair has been missing all day.

"Where's Al'Tair?"

Rutger: "Oh, he said something about asking questions at the jedi Temple."

Josh: ".... You're kidding."

Josh gears up and heads off to the Jedi Temple to rescue Al'Tair.


At the Temple Josh is Met by Lazar and four husky Inquisitors.

Josh demands the release of Al'Tair.

Lazar insists that Al'Tair is better off in the temple, away from corrupting influences.

Josh angrily hints that violence may be in the offing.

Lazar: "My point, exactly."

Realizing that he cannot win a direct confrontation, Josh withdraws, plotting an indirect confrontation.


Sti Unke approaches Josh. "Let me see what I can do."

Josh, very angry. "Okay. But I'll just have to wind up rescuing you, too."

Unke "Let's hope it doesn't come to that."


Unke approaches the jedi temple. "May I see Al'Tair please?"

Brother Henry hoping to defuse a problem. "Okay."


Al'Tair finds himself being schooled in the way of the Jedi. Interesting stuff but is he a prisoner, still?

The teaching staff at ther temple is competent professional and supportive.

Unke arrives. he is shown into the classroom where he and Al'Tair talk breiefly and Unke watches the training process in action.

Unke: "This man is my ship's Doctor. We need him. Can he return to us?"

Brother Kringle "We don't like to let new trainees out so early. It's dangerous for them."

Unke: "Would you be willing to come with us and train Al'Tair while under way?"

Brother Kringle and the Gm: Blink, blink, blink.

Kringle: "That's an interesting idea! I cannot go myself, but I know someone who may suit the purpose nicely. Will you accept such a person on your crew?"

Unke: "Sure."

Kringle: "Tomorrorow, then."


The next morning, Al'Tair arrivaes at the ship with his Jedi trainer, Sister Madelia.

She is wise in the ways of the Jedi. Not so much in the ways of the outer world.

It could be that Brother Kringle means for her to learn as much as to teach.


The Ponderous is finally getting ready for space. Liz takes her mysterious gift droid to the market and sells it for a quick profit.


The Ponderous lifts off and heads for Corellia in pursuit of Noonby Kirbez.

04-16-2008, 08:31 PM
After action report 6-10-2007

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'Tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a former Soldier
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, also a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

NPC Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his sister with the help of the Ponderous crew.

NPC - Madeline, a Jedi assigned to train Al'Tair in the way of the Jedi.

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon.


This is a summarized account - since I was lax about writing it when we played it.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

The PCs are searching for missing heiress Murriel Hampton.

They have learned she escaped Alderaanian prison in the company of rogue Jedi David Monjalle.

They have further learned that, within an hour of the escape, a small transport belonging to Noonby Kirbez left Alderaan
heading for Corellia


The Ponderous exits hyperspace in the Corellia system.

Like their home dimension, The Corellian system here is composed of five inhabitable worlds, with three sentient species.

Unlike the Corellia system they are used to, These 5 planets are in a rosette around the the yellow system primary star.

There is no huge space station in evidence.

The PCs join the large traffic flow towards Corellia, and land at Bela Vistal, a touristy city on Corellia.


Madeline and Al'Tair check in at the local Jedi temple. The Corellian Jedi Temple is calmer than the Aldeeranian temple. Jedi
strongly aligned with the temple wear light blue.

Josh checks into the Corellian temple seperately.

The Corellian Jedi Temple mainly asks for contact information in case they have a problem they need to request help from err... reserve Jedi.


A Brief bit of research reveals that Kirby Noonez, a noted philosopher, artist, silver smith and anti-imperialist spokesman
is in Coronet City.

He is Scheduled to appear on a talking heads news video presentation called interface-to-face

But this evening Kirbez is scheduled to appear at a meeting of the Anti-Imperialist Society in Coronet.


Rutger sells off the hold full of oranges they picked up on Alderaan (Fresh Fruit, very good) and buys a hold full of superior
Corellian McGuffin Chips.

McGuffin chips are a vital part of any modern electrionic device. They can enable advanced capabilities, but they can also be
delicate at the wrong time and are often subject to theft.

The Ponderous now has a hold full of technological goodness.


The PCs turn out to hear Kirbez speak at the Anti-Imperialist Socity. They find the Amti-Imperialist sciety to be a mix of
piolitically active rich folk, "Hippies" and a handfull of others.

Madelia and Josh introduce themselves to two Corellian temple (Blue Jedi) and three unaligned (Rogue) Jedi.

The PCs are told that as a special treat, Kirbez will debate Favid Dume, a noted supporter of the Corellian Empire.

The debate is set up and the meeting is called to order.

Then the PCs are treated to the word and concept version of two old kung fu master duking it out.

Major Philosophy-fu, the words flying thick and fast.

Al'Tair's superior intelligence allows him to sort of keep up.

Madelia and Josh, having studied Jedi Philosophy sort of keep up.

Jon Hampton, Liz and Rutger wind up back at the bar within minutes, drinking their way through an impenetrable wall of wordage.

As the two hopur debate winds towards some sort of a conlusion, Dume gets more and more angry. Red in the face and hostile in tone.

Kirbez smirks and drives home his point.

Dume is left sputtering and incoherent.

Liz, seeing a potential problem developing moves down to the front and offers each great philosopher a bottle of something
resembling vodka. "Gentlemen. It's just a debate. Not a duel!"

Kirbez smiles and takes the offered bottle, swigging the booze.

Dume refuses. "A Duel! Capital idea. I challenge you!"

Kirbez smirks "Surely you are not serious."

Dume takes a white glove and smacks Kirbez with it and casts it to the ground.

One of the Blue Jedi arrives.

Liz steps in. "We accept." She means to act as a proxy for Kirbez.

Kirbez is charmed. "Thank you Madame."

Dume storms off "My seconds will be in touch with the time and place!"

The Blue Jedi follows him.


The meeting of the Anti-Imperialist Society breaks up, amidst excitement and talk of the wild meeting.

Kirbez sweeps Liz along with him to his limousine. Rutger wriggles into the group as they pile in and head for the Regal Hotel
his Coronet.

A Volunteer driver and a guest liason from the Anti-imperialist league are also in the car.


As they fly off, Josh alertly notices that the Limousine is being followed by an Air-Van.

He quickly approaches the owner of a dusenberg like open topped air car.

"I'm taking your car."

"I BEG your PARDON!?"

"Kirbez is about to be attacked."

"Oh! Well then, please do try to return it relatively intact!"

The PCs pile into the car leaving Jon Hampton behind.


In the Limousine, the first hint the PCs have that they are under attack is explosions and gun fire. The look to see an air-van
with thugs leaning out shooting at them trying to force them down.

Liz shouts instructions at the Volunteer driver, but discovers that as a civilian, the volunter drive is totally ill-equipped to deal with the attack.

panicking the volunteer driver screws his piloting roll and spirals the Limousine into the ground.


Rutger and Liz, being experienced at crashing have strapped in and take little damage. Kirbez has broken his arm.

The van of thugs land and exit to finish off Kirbez and his entourage.


Liz whips out her blaster and lights one of them up. Rutger adds his shots.


The thugs are just realizing that this isn't going to be as easy as they thought, when Josh and party land in the borrowed

Josh and Madelia pop light sabers and rush at the thugs. Josh bellows: "You have one chance to surrender! Take it now!"

At that, surviving mooks decide that life is worth living somewhere else and flee.


The PCs rescue and do first aid on the downed NPCs from the Limousine.

Rutger advises an immediate exit to avoid the authorities.

Madelia disagrees.

The party argues asbout it long enough for the police to arrive and render the discussion moot.


There follows a prolonged interrogation.

Al'Tair, Liz, Josh and Sti Unke are forthright and forth coming with the

Rutger tries to hedge hedge self incriminating details.

after questioning , a Blue Jedi arrives and joins the interrogation.

The Corellian temple learns of the PCs opinions that Lazar, an Inquisitor of the Alderaanian Temple is dark side and evil. They request further details.

Then the Blue Jedi vouches for the party and springs them.


The party, fronted by Liz approaches Kirbez in the hospital, where he is recovering from the crash, and asks him what he knows about Monjalle the rogue Jedi from Alderaan.

Kirbez knows of Monjalle and has spoken with him in the past.

Kirbez opines that Monjalle may have been heading for Metropole de Rouge, a place where Monjalle enjoys causing trouble for evil people.


The other Blue Jedi met at the Anti-Imperialist Society Meeting approaches Liz and informs her that he has fobbed off Favid Dume with the excuse that it would be unseemly and ungentlemanly to duel a man who has been injured.


Kirbez eventually talks Liz into posing for a sculpture he will create in Silver.


Rutger, knowing the next destination visits the cargo brokers and picks up a load of medical supplies heading for Metropole de Rouge.


The party leaves Corellia for Metropole de Rouge.


Why did the Mooks attack Kirbez? The Coronet Police are tracking it down. A junior flunky at the Alderaanian Embassy, evidently outraged at Kirbez' anti- Imperialism and Anti Alderaanian sentiments hired the Mooks to "teach Kirbez a lesson"

By the time one of the mooks rolls over on the junior flunky he has ben reecalled to Alderaan for reassignment.

The PCs recieve 655 XP for this session.

04-16-2008, 08:36 PM
After action report 6-24-2007

525 Experience Points for each PC

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'Tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a former Soldier ( A Jedi)
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, also a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

NPC Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his sister with the help of the Ponderous crew.

NPC - Madeline, a Jedi assigned to train Al'Tair in the way of the Jedi.

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon.


This account has skipped the last three games - Apologies to all I'll do shortened thumbnails of the previous games


A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away.

... The Ponderous, is in search of missing Heiress Muriel Hampton. Discovering that she is in the company of rogue Jedi David Monjalle, they have tracked the pair to Metropole De Rogue, a city on a planet they knew in their home dimension as Dagobah


The Ponderous exited Hyperspace and approached the planet.

Ground Control contacted the Ponderous and told them to follow the "Light House satellites"

As the Ponderous entered the atmosphere of Dagobah, she encountered a powerful ionizing layer.

Almost immediately the ship was disabled but Sti Unke and his trusty (and shrill) R2 unit were able to recover the ship and make a successful landing.


Safely landed the Ponderous delivers her cargo of medical supplies. Then Rutger seeks buyers for the ship's stock of Macguffin Chips.


Quick research by Josh and Liz reveal

A) Weapons policy is very loose. Carrying a sidearm is recommended due to aggressive wild life. Violent crime is responded to violently and therefore is not recommended.

B) That Metropole de Rouge is a major slave market, with a well-developed infrastructure for acquiring, distributing and controlling slaves.


Josh leaves the Ponderous and heads out to "Blood Bath and Beyond", where he buys raw Light Saber Crystals (They are in bins in the light saber section of the store to the rear. Light Sabers are high priced, specialty weapons)

Carson also buys two "Blood bath and Beyond" T-Shirts and becomes a Blood Bath and Beyond preferred customer with a little card, good for minor discounts galaxy wide at BB&By locations.

Good Role-playing +.1


Meanwhile Liz takes Jon Hampton into town for another purchase.

They take a rickshaw ride across old town where the industrial landing areas are, through the Alderaanian sector where old, quaint architecture meets culture and superior cooking, to the business sector where the buildings and offices are modern and real business gets done.

There they go to Hevoba and Associates, an upscale slave market.

This is a businesslike lobby, with subdued decor, a receptionist behind a desk and small sales kiosks where buyers can shop via screen.

There, attended by the receptionist (apparently the sales representatives were busy) Liz shops for and buys a toddler, a little girl to be delivered to the Ponderous.

Liz reasons that rescuing one person from slavery is better than not rescuing anyone.

Liz and Jon, highly disturbed, return to the Ponderous to await the delivery.

Good role-playing that inconveniences the PCs - +.15


Sti Unke reads about economy of Metropole de Rouge. He learns that exploiting the aggressive swamps for food and pharmaceuticals is the basis of the economy. Huge Plantations cultivate useful plants using slave labor.

Unke then looks for news of chaos and disaster at local plantations. He figures that Monjalle, being a rogue Jedi noted for violence may be traceable by a trail of destruction

Good thinking +.01

Unke reads of a recent slave revolt violent suppressed at the XYZ Plantation.

Unke calls the XYZ plantation and posing as a possible buyer asks for a meeting/tour of the place and is welcomed.

Sti Unke, Rutger, Al'Tair and Madeline take an Air Taxi to XYZ Plantation

There they find a professionally run agribusiness style plantation, where the only visible slaves are healthy and freshly scrubbed.

They find that XZY Plantation specializes in growing and drying Nik-nik leaves which, when processed by a modern pharmaceutical plant in obscure and difficult ways, yields a super anti-biotic which is popular all over the galaxy.

Although spotted as small timers as soon as they arrived, the sales rep sucked it up and gave them the full tour. Besides, giving a tour and educational lecture is better than actually working.

They learn that the Plantation is heavily defended against wild life and slave violence. They learn that aggressive wild life is as much a concern or more so.

There is a discussion about Piranakeets, flamethrowers and the hunting and preparation of Piranakeets in cuisine.

The PCs returned to the Ponderous knowing a good deal about life on Metropole de Rouge.


Somewhere in here, Discussing the 750 things Mr. Welch is no long allowed to do in Role Playing games - Gungan jokes which got a spit take from GM

+ .01


Back at the Ponderous, Liz takes delivery of her little girl, a 4-year-old waif named Zoe. Zoe is in shock and numbly answers questions with single words.

When Al'Tair returns to the ship, Liz has him examine Zoe and then remove an actijot, a device for inflicting pain on slaves for the purposes of control.

+ .01 appropriate use of skills

Liz begins working to make Zoe feel safe and secure.

Josh snarls are Liz for being dumb but does so gently.


Then Rutger seeks out buyers for the Macguffin chips the Ponderous is carrying. This takes several attempts and some nit picky negotiation, but the Ponderous supply is superior quality Macguffin chips, so eventually Rutger is able to make the sale and earn some decent profit for the Ponderous crew.

+ .01 for good skill use.


After this, Josh and Sti Unke elect to go hit the local spacer bars and do some face-to-face information gathering regarding Murriel Hampton and David Monjalle.

They both arrive at this decision and leave independently at "Scruffies" the Space bar nearest the Ponderous' landing site.

In "Scruffies" Josh goes about asking for information bluntly and spending freely.

Several of the regulars note from subtle detail that Josh is a soldier and an adventurer.

Previous experience has shown that [darn]ing with adventurers leads to gun battles and deaths. Therefore, the patrons share information with Josh hoping to expedite his progress and get him away from them when the inevitable explosions and gunfire occur.


Sti Unke, making a more subtle approach is actually clued in by a patron on why Adventurers are cooperated with and encouraged to be about their business. There is a good scene where Unke takes advantage of Josh buying the bar a round and where Unke's helpful advisor introduces Unke to Josh to facilitate information transfer.

+ .01 good role-playing.


Josh and Unke learn that Murriel was seen at Scruffies two days ago. They learn that the man they know as Monjalle is known on Metropole de Rouge as Moji Kenobi.

There may or may not be a connection between Murriel and Moji Kenobi (In fact the largest connection is that Josh is asking for them both)

Josh learns that Moji Kenobi is on some ones [darn] list, and a bounty hunter named Bik Narsa is looking for him.


Josh and Unke leave Scruffies separately and meet at the Office of Bik Narsa in the Alderaanian Sector of town.

Advancing the plot 0.1


Josh and Unke approach Bik Narsa and find him working the phones combing his network of informants for information about Moji Kenobi.

Josh and Unke ask for details and Bik Narsa reluctantly agrees to talk about his case.

Moji Kenobi approached a local loan organization, and using some obscure treasure and coin, secured a loan, by saying there was more where that came from.

Then Moji Kenobi took his heavy loan to Acme Slave Sellers and bought a boat load of slaves

Then Moji Kenobi disappeared with his slaves, leaving the Loaners and the Slave dealers very irate.

Narsa also mentions that Moji was seen in the company of Odal Kenobi.

In return for the information, Josh promises to turn Moji over, should he catch up with him.

Advancing the plot 0.1


As Unke and Josh left Narsa's office, they were braced by five street gangers.

The gangers rolled a 1 on a d20 to perceive how badly outgunned they were.

The gangers demanded surrender and lewt. "Keep your hands where I can see them! You know the drill, give up the money!"

Unke drew and fired killing one of the gangers.

Josh popped his light saber.

Gangers bought a clue and fled.

Josh and Unke picked one of the scattering gangers and pursued him down the street.

Josh used a force push to knock the ganger into a parked car.

Then Josh and Unke questioned the Ganger, stole his five silvers and his blaster pistol.

The ganger squealed like a pussy, peed himself and generally acting like a real coward when confronted with violent adventurers.

When asked for a name, someone to go brace who actually KNOWS anything, the ganger rolled over on Kaylo Zayne, claiming he knew what was happening in town.

Then Sti loudly announced to amused spectators that the hapless ganger had just informed on all of them and let him go.

As Unke and Josh walked away, a Metropole de rogue Police car pulled up, and casually mentioned that the MdR SWAT Team was, in fact equipped with heavy weapons, should this become relevant.

It's an ENCOUNTER! + 0.05


Josh and Unke decided to investigate the office of Odal Kenobi, the known associate of Moji Kenobi.

They found a much lower scale building, aging and decrepit. Odal Kenobi's' office shared the building with a Travel agency, a palm reader and one other struggling business.

The door had been forced open. The office/apartment was closed by police tape.

Beyond the police tape, Josh and Unke observe that Kenobi's office had been very thoroughly searched and ransacked.

Josh entered the office and searched. The main fact he found was that Odal Kenobi was behind in his bills and that he didn't look anything like Moji Kenobi/David Monjalle.

After a long search finding nothing much, Josh leaves the building to find that Unke is failing to be very observant at all.

Josh notes that they are being observed by the Palmist/Fortune Teller.

Josh then approaches the office/apartment of Madame Nyine, knocked and when she answered, he entered.

Josh had a hostile confrontation with Nyine. She mentioned that Odal Kenobi was an unpopular do-gooder.

Josh implied a serious threat to Nyine's life. Nyine realized that despite having a knack for reading destiny that if things got violent she was screwed.

So she advised Josh to seek out the No-Em plantation. Mister No-Em, the leader of that plantation would be able to tell Josh "Everything he needs to know."

Josh snarled very credibly and left Madame Nyine's.

Advancing the Plot +0.1


Back at The Ponderous, Unke and Josh report their findings.

There is discussion of the next step.

Quick research reveals that Kaylo Zayne, the person ratted out by the Ganger is the MdR Chief of Police, and not convenient to hold at Light Saber point.


Liz rounds up the R2 unit, and compares the Map of Metropole De Rogue with the Map of Dagobah from their home dimension.

Liz discovers that the main Sith temple resides on the far side of the planet from Metropole de Rouge.

The site on Metropole de Rouge - in their home universe is an ancient crater lake with some interesting ruins nearby.

Liz also discovers that the Yoda House memorial is a blank location on the current map.

Liz then discovers that many of the plantations on Metropole de Rouge map out to Sith ruins on Dagobah.

No-Em plantation maps out to a major Sith ruin.

Scary good thinking + 0.1


The next morning, the crew plots their visit to No-Em plantation.

They rent an Air-van, load up weapons and armor and head out, through a heavy rainstorm. No-Em Plantation is 129 kilometers away from Metropole de Rouge.

There is an ancient road, but it is disused since repulsor lift is commonly available.

As the PCs fly towards the No-Em plantation, they are struck by a massive lighting bolt.

The rented air-van is completely disabled and plummets from the sky.

The van crashes into a large tree, severely injuring Rutger and Unke, Altair and Josh must work QUICKLY to save them from dying.

The PCs find themselves 86 km into the swamps with a totaled out air van
Facing a long walk to No-Em plantation, or an even longer walk back to Metropole de Rouge.

04-16-2008, 08:38 PM
After Action Report 8-19-2007

All PCs get 950 XP for the session

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a Jedi, vetran of the rebellion
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech. [Left on Ponderous]

NPC - Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his sister with the help of the Ponderous crew. [Left on Ponderous]

NPC - Madelia - an Alderaanian temple Jedi, travelling to train Al'Tair in the way of the Jedi, and to learn the ways of the Galaxy [Left on Ponderous]

NPC- Zoe, Elizabeths new Store Boughten daughter. [Left on Ponderous]

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon


A Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ....

The PCs are on the planet known as "Metropole De Rogue". On their own Maps it is called Dagobah.

On their way to visit the Plantation belonging to the Mysterious No-Em family their rented Air-Van was struck by lighting and fell from the sky.

Al'tair and Josh used The Force to bring Sti Unke and Rutger Vosk from the Brink of death. Now the Party now considers their next course of action.


Elizabeth climbs the tree the Air van hit. The Tree is lightly damaged, but is very large.

Elizabeth uses macro Binoculars to see a cut in the Jungle some distance away.

Sti Unke uses his maps to determine that this feature is a River to the East of them.

[This way the PCs successfully oriented themselves and picked a deliberate direction to travel, defeating my plan of randomized directions and encounter chains. +0.2.]

Sti scavenged the main power core of the Air-van. it's damaged but could be worth a trade in.

The PCs set off towards the river, marching through the swamps and jungles.

[As the PCs set off the subject of "Hotel California" came up, a song I don't especially like. Then the Players added the extra horror of speculating about William Shatner's cover of Hotel California, causing the GM to overload and reset. +.01]

[As the PCs marched Lafe put his creativity to work, drawing and cutting out trees, bushes, and other obstacles, a great benefit to the game. +0.333]

As the PCs marched along they discovered all the fun stuff about swamps, mainly heat, humidity, bugs and mud.

[Howard added his set of "Cardboard Heroes" to the pile, also vastly improving the game map and gaming experience. +0.25]

After an hour of marching the PCs discovered a game trail and used that to aid travel.

The PCs encountered a clearing where a herd of sort-of-Antelopes were grazing.

The behavior of the Antelopes suggested that they were tame if not out right domesticated.

Although there was some talk of attempting to locate the owner, herder of the Sort-of-Antelopes. However Josh pushed the party to keep moving and so they did.

Another hour of trail marching along, - Elizabeth was surprised by Beedle, the Sort-of-Antelope herder who'd been following the Party.

Beedle and PCs introduced themselves. Beedle had been watching the PCs from hiding, and decided that leaving the S-o-A's alone meant that they weren't bad guys.

The PCs described their straights as castaways in the Swamp. Beedle being a polite person offered to show the City Folk to his home at "the Big Muddy" so they could hire a boat to return to Metropole de Rogue.

Beedle is a 12 year old Kajan boy, used to making his way through the swamp, but unwise in the ways of the larger Galaxy

[Good contact with a useful NPC +0.1]

Another three hours of walking. Sti and Rutger are very tired now, having only recently been severely injure.

Josh sees an Ambush ahead on the trail, but a voice calls out to Beedle.

It turns out the Ambusher are looking for, laying in wait for, hunting a party of rustlers and bandits. The leader of the Ambushing group is Dak, Beedle's dad.

The PCs make friendly contact with the Kajan hunting party, and learn that the No-Ems are considered good people to be from. Far from. They have the "Bad Mojo" working for them. messing with the No-Ems is considered a quick route to suicide.

The PCs also learn that local swamp and river dwellers - the Kajans are a mixed lot, some good, some evil. hey learn that Dak and his party are in conflict with bandits and rustlers ho are strongly suspected to be Kajans of poor character.

Dak agrees that Beedle should guide the City Folk back to Big Muddy and help them arrange transport back to the City.

Josh brings up the subject of pushing on to confront the No-Ems, however the Kajans and the rest of the Party considers this... unwise.

[Good party Copntact with local natives, enhacing party support +0.1]


After a couple of more hours, The Party decides to make camp for the night.

Beedle makes an unwise choice for camping spot, but Josh finds a better spot and the party makes camp.

Rutger, Sti and Al'tair crash hard. Josh and Liz take watch.

That evening, While Liz is on watch, she is confronted by an aggressive, chittering racoon. When Liz tries to run the racoon off, it approaches even more aggressively.

So Liz pulls her blaster and shoots the racoon injuring it.

The weapons fire brings Josh and Beedle quickly awake. Sti, Rutger and Al'tair having had a long day stay deeply asleep.

As Josh and beedle get up, 5 more racoons rush into the camp from all sides and attack viciously.

Josh and Liz make quick work of the racoons, but not before Sti, Rugter, and Al'Tair must wrestle in close combat with crazed wild life.

Al'Tair, Rutger and Beedle are bitten.

Sti impales a Racoon on his Vibro dagger.

["Racoon on a stick!" +.01]

After destroying the attacking racoons,the party must deal with the consequences of the attack. Al'Tair passes out cold, Rutger and Beedle become higher than kites and start hallucinating.

Josh uses Al'tairs med pack and shoots up the bitten party members with anti-biotics and other support drugs as well as some sedatives to make their reactions to hallucinations not so dangerous.

[Racoon attack +.2]


[As a fire engine roared by on Nevada St, we utterly failed to pull the game over and let the emergency vehicle pass. Dumb ass GM falls over and dies.]

The next morning, Rutger and Beedle are badly hung over from their hallucinogenic experience, and Al'Tair returns to consciousness with a sense of a oneness with everything - see Timthy Leary's writings on his experiences.

As the Party once again takes to the tail back to Big muddy they encounter wasp/hornets. [The GM couldn't make up his mind and so the flying, angry stingers changed species often during the encounter]

As the Party proceeds the wasp/hornets become more numerous and aggressive.

Josh protects Beedle from the stinging insects with his light saber. and extravagant demonstration of jedi agility.

Finally the PCs start taking 1 hp stings from groups wasp/hornets and decided to flee.

note - a burning light saber's bright light and hum attacts and annoys wasp/hornets - much to their detriment.

Beedle flees and leads the "Reverse charge" away from the angry wasp/hornets.

Although Rygter gets off to a poor start, soon the whole party is turning out excellent cross country times fleeing from the angry bugs

At the PCs suggestion, beedle locates a Mud bog and dives in, using the Mud to hide from the Wasp/Hornets.

The party now looks like Mud golems but are much less noticable and irritating to wasp/hornets and other insects.

[Hornet/Wasp Encounter +0.05]


Later that afternoon, as the party marches along, finding the joy of mud in their underwear,

Blaster bolts fly - The Party has walked into an ambush!

Beedle and Sti Unke go down in the first volley, Liz and Rutger are injured.

Rutger and Al'Tair rush to Ati Unke's aid. Liz rushes towards the front and covers Beedle.

Josh uses the force to stabilize Beedle and then takes a defenseive stance.

More bolts fly from assailants in hiding on both sides of the trail.

Josh ignites his light saber, leading to the bandit party leader's famous last words "It's a Jedi! Git 'im!"


Liz and Rugter return fire aggressively. Al'Tair heals Sti Unke.

Josh reflects a bolt back to the firer, killing him.

Then Sti joins the battle returning fire.

In short order the bandits are decimated.

Injured, Eniaos flees.

Xanaphia becomes hysterical when her lover, Tosti is killed and rushes Josh in a murderous rage.

Although the PCs make an earnest attempt to kill Eniaos as he flees the jungle provides him cver to escape.

Josh pulls his blaster and stuns Xanaphia, capturing the hysterical Kajan bandit girl.


Afterwards, Josh and Al'Tair use their force powers to heal the party, While Rutger and Liz made sure the fallen Kajans were indeed dead.

There we closed for the night.

[Bandit Ambush +0.5, capturing Xanaphia +0.1]

XP 500 times

+0.2 +.01 +0.333 +0.25 +0.1 +0.1 +0.01 +.2 +0.05 +0.5 +0.1 = 1.853

500 * 1.853 = 926.5 = 927

All PCs get 950 XP



Hot Shotted Sporting Blaster Rifle - 3d8, 25 shots, old but well cared for
Machette hull metal blade, improvised handle
Clothes - scruffy and patched. (now blood soaked and icky)
Medical gear - 1 med pack - an ancient unit that has been field modified for refills.
Field Pack - composed of well cared for but old equipment
Medical kit, new (stolen from a landed ship)
Ancient IR goggles (Old and well worn but field repaired and working)
Surgery Kit - (old, assembled out of scavenged parts, but workable)
Comm link - (A new one)
Comm link - (an old one)
Old water filter, refilled filters
hip flask of rot gut
container of field prepared stew/stuff dead animals, scavenged veggies, delicious
Parabolic ears, scruffy but field repaired. (+1 to listen checks)
bug jammer
cred chip
27 sp
8 gp

Blaster carbine - crufty
Clothes - Don't ask. Dirty, smelly, bloody fuggedabout it.
Droid brain - functional but powered down.
Blast vest (Scuzzy)
Medpac reused, scuzzy
5 gatorade bottles of wine pollen
1 gatorade bottles of wine, heavy garlic
A cred chip, scuffed and bloody.

Hot Shotted Sport blaster rifle
Clothes, better than average, before he was shot
tool kit - scavenged tools but well cared for. Weaponsmithy.
100 feet nylon rope - 50 ft, 25 ft, scraps.
3 Knives, various shapes and sizes
Fire Starter - powered device makes a tiny plasma flame
Spool of wire
Water breating mask
312 Silver pieces
23 gold pieces

Clothes (for a short person)
heavy blaster pistol with a mounted shoulder stock (+1 against range mods)
Sporting blaster rifle, modified for a short person (Child sized) +1 to hit.
Medpac (Relatively new, scavenged from a life pod)
Magnifying goggles
tobacco and pipe
electrical tool kit.
Climbers gear
cred chip
17 sp
9 gp

04-16-2008, 08:39 PM
After action report 8-26-2007

The PCs get 475 XP for this session

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a Jedi, veteran of the rebellion
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager

NPC - Beedle, a Kajan boy acting as guide for the Party

NPC - Xanaphia, a Kajan girl. Captured by the PCs after her gang ambushed them last session.

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech. [Left on Ponderous]

NPC - Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his sister with the help of the Ponderous crew. [Left on Ponderous]

NPC - Madelia - an Alderaanian temple Jedi, travelling to train Al'Tair in the way of the Jedi, and to learn the ways of the Galaxy [Left on Ponderous]

NPC- Zoe, Elizabeths new Store Boughten daughter. [Left on Ponderous]


A Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ....

The PCs recover from an ambush laid by evil Kajan in the jungle of Metropole de Rouge

The PCs loot the bodies of the bandits who assaulted them. The gear ranges from old andf well cared for, to old sad and not-well cared for.

[GM's note, a random pile of stuff is good for getting the players talking amongst themselves and buying time while your brains rattle into place.]

The PCs question Xanaphia. This is an angry, hostile process. Xanaphia is clueless and vile. She maintains that the PCs defense of themselves amounts to murdering her friends. When the PCs point out that the Kajans opened fire, Xanaphia insists that this is accepible because they're "just city folk."

Rutger drugs Xanaphia with captured wine spiked with hallucinogen pollen.

Xanaphia passes out. Later when she awakens she mutters randomized opinions about how the No-Ems will destroy the PCs. Liz becomes so irritated that she kicks Xanaphia.

Eventually the PCs decide that questioning Xanaphia is futile. They pick her up, still tied up, and continue along the path to Big Muddy.

Along the path the PCs encounter a flock of Super chickens. One rooster takes up an aggressive stance at the PCs, preparing to fight them for possessions of his hens.

Sti Unke throws a rock at the Super chicken and he flees.


The PCs get into The Big Muddy, along the banks of the large river also known as The Big Muddy. The town is marked by an increase in housing and cultivation.

The center of the town is a three building grouping. The largest and dominant of these is "The Warehouse" - it is a shipping-recieveing warehouse. It has large loading docks on the front, and docks for loading up barges on the side facing the river.

The Kajans sell small lots of gathered vegetation, crafted items and food stuffs to the warehouse owners.

The warehouse owners gather these into lots and sell them to Barge owners.

Barge owners load the goods and then travel down the river to the city of Metropole de Rogue to sell these things there.

In this way there is a small but consistent flow of money into the Kajan community at Big Muddy.

The Next Building is the Bar (It has a dirty, broken sign, but since it's the only bar, it doesn't really need a name.) This is basically an adventurers inn used as a community bar by local Kajans.

It has a few rooms and spaces for bathing - used by Kajans in from the bush and adventurers on their way through.

The Bar serves food prepared from local fresh ingredients, in the local Kajan style.

The third large building is the Big Muddy General Store. This is ... well a general store. It sells prepackaged foods and goods from the Big City, as well as tools, hardware and supplies. It also has a supply of weapons and armor.

The place stays barely in business from local purchases, but makes any profit at all from adventurers and visitors equipping for a trip out in the bush.

The Owner of the General store, named Skeeter, is the informal mayor and constable of the Big Muddy. (The town doesn't officially exist in the eyes of the government, centered in MdR)

The PCs visit the store. Liz buys a blast vest and helmet for Beedle. After describing why she wants it and who she wants it for, the Store owner sells at to her at just barely above cost. Beedle is one of "his people" and so that gets Liz a break.

He takes possession of Xanaphia.

Skeeter explains that the barges sometimes take passengers to the big city - the costs depend on whether the passengers work (Cheaper) or are passengers (More spendy) and whether the Barge is fully loaded (Cheaper and he's going that way anyway) or less than fully loaded (The barge owner will charge enough to make up for less sellable payload)

The PCs go and meet Hank, the owner of the barge currently loading up at the warehouse dock.

The PCs bid a fond farewell to Beedle, who having guided the party to Big Muddly and having been paid, has fullfilled his rile and now returns to his normal life.

The PCs discuss it - They fear that the escaped bandit will warn the No-Ems of their presence and that a retaliatory attack is possible. So they ask Hank for passage soon.

Hank asks for 1000 SP, (to make up for less sellable cargo when he got to MdR), if the PCs will work the barge on the trip.

The PCs scrape together 70 gold pieces and offer the looted cred chips from the bandits.

Hank is resigned - stolen cred chips must be sold to criminals in MdR for a large discount in order to be hacked and looted of electronic funds. But when hank sees that the PCs are offering 4 cred chips, he accepts the deal.

Hank and the PCs spend the next two hours loading the barge of the remaining cargo that Hank has puchased, and then cast off heading down river towards MdR

As they leave the town the PCs see a van from "acme" slave service arriving at the General store. Xanaphia has been sold into slavery to make up for shooting at the strangers and at Beedle.


The GM tries to do a bit of "Hucklebery Finn" description of sliding casually down river on the barge. This fails.


That evening the PCs set up watches and wait through the night. When queried about armaments on the barge, Hank points out two pintle mounts and tool lockers along the railing port and starboard - the lockers contain heavy repeating blasters (e-webs), Hank is prepared to fend off Dinosaurs, creatures and bandits.

on the second watch, Liz, using old IR goggles notes that the Barge is in a warmer puddle of water in the middle of the river. Some discussion ensues about what might cause a warm spot in the river.

Then the PCs notice green slime oozing over the gunwales - an Ooze is attacking!

Well - we think it's attacking. Mainly it tries to crawl on the barge and flails about weakly (jay's dice). [Seriously - this evil thing with acidic digestive juices that eats all organic material cannot roll higher than a 6 to TOUCH the pcs.]

The PCs try alcohol, which is a deadly poison to the ooze. They use a good deal of their looted supplies, but when they approach Hank the Barge owner for more, he refuses to turn loose of his stash unless it's the last resort.

The PCs note that the Barge has stalled and is adrift. the engines are jammed.

The PCs try weapons on stun. This discourages the ooze, a little.

Sti Unke runs down into the engine compartment. he opens an access panel and discovers that the Ooze has jammed the Barge's water jets. The Ooze rolls a 5 to attack Sti Unke.

On deck, Josh grabs a water breathing mask and perpares to dive into the river to try and free the barge from the Ooze.

Sti Unki gets the idea of electrifying the hull of the Barge.

He finds the power leads and finds [jays dice now roll a 20] that the barge is pre-rigged to be electrified to drive off evil oozes.

Unke charges the engine casing and the ooze flees it. The Barge resumes chugging along

Unke charges the hull and the Ooze flees the ship.

Then the PCs go back to sleep as the Barge flees at 3 1/2 miles per hour, from the Ooze which does 2 and 1/2 miles per hour.


The next day started out relaxed and calm. But as the Barge approached a bend in the river, the PCs began hearing large noises from down river.

As the barge rounded the turn, the PCs saw several barges and a large machine that resembled a three story tall chipper shredder.

Hank threw the wheel over and advanced the throttle to full. The PC's barge began to very slowly turn.

The PCs wondered at Hank's reaction. Hank tells the PCs that the corporations of Metropole de Rouge had an agreement. With heavy technology they can strip mine the jungles and swamps of MdR for profitable compounds. But this would have a very bad effect on the Kajans.

So after some shooting and some Killing, the Corporations and the Kajans reached a compromise. Now the PCs and Hank have run into evidence of Corporate treachery.

This makes them witnesses.

Witness whom the Kazu Mira Corporation would like not to tell any tales.

Sure enough. here comes a bunch of Kazu Mira Security troopers. A lot of them.

They had 6 motor boatsm, each holding a dozen troopers, each with a Light repeating blaster maounted on the front.

Hank's Barge is not going to be able to escape, it's far too slow and unwieldy.

hank and the PCs turn out for battle. The Kazu Mira troopers are dressed in battle armor, each an anonymous expression of the Kazu Mira Corporate will. Not too unlike Storm troopers.

The Lead boat hails the Barge over a loud speaker. "Heave to and prepare to be boarded!"

Sti Unke calls back "On what authority?"

Troopers "We're the guys with the guns!"

The PCs ready Hanks heavy blasters. "We have guns, too!"

The troopers open fire.

And, Like Storm troopers they CAN'T HIT THE RIVER FROM THEIR BOATS!

[Jay's dice. Consistently rolling 3, 4 and 5s.]

Liz uses her own blaster cannon (A blaster bazooka), Sti Unki fires the heavy repeating blaster. Josh ignites his light saber and stands in front of Sti Unke deflecting and reflecting bolts.

In short order Unke and Liz destroy two boats full of troopers, bodies flying every where. next time, the troopers will demand combat armor with breath masks built into the helmets.

Josh relects several blaster bolts, killing the gunners who are trying to get Unke.

Hank then yells "Target the harvester!"

The Security troopers reteat, calling for air support.

The PCs start whaling on the three story tall chipper-shredder with all weapons at hand.

Although one of the troopers gets a lucky hit and knocks Unke down, the fight is heavily weighted in the PCs favor.

As the harvester starts to burn, a corporate runs out on the deck of the Kazu mira barge and shreiks "Stop shooting the Harvester! We surrender!"

The Corporate didn't especially care how many mooks he was loosing but getting the harvester destroyed meant massive repair bills and loss of productivity while the machine was down, and that would screw him with the home office.


As the PCs healed Unke, the Barge slid past the work site and left the Corporate guy and his security goons picking up the pieces and assessing damage.

There we closed for the evening.


Base XP 500

Advancing the plot: + 0.25

Good role playing: + 0.25

Interesting solutions to the Ooze + 0.25

Hopelessly smearing the Mooks + 0.1

Asking Inconvenient questions ("why is the Harvester Illegal?") + 0.1

+ 0.25 + 0.25 + 0.25 + 0.1 + 0.1 = 0.95

500 * 0.95 = 475

04-16-2008, 08:40 PM
After Action report 9-9-2007

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a Jedi, veteran of the rebellion
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, a former Soldier
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now
working as the ship's business manager

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the
exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech. [Left on

NPC - Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his
sister with the help of the Ponderous crew. [Left on

NPC - Madelia - an Alderaanian temple Jedi, travelling
to train Al'Tair in the way of the Jedi, and to learn
the ways of the Galaxy [Left on Ponderous]

NPC - Zoe, Elizabeths new Store Boughten daughter.
[Left on Ponderous]


A long time ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

The PCs are traveling down river on a cargo barge.
Last session they had a violent encounter with Kazu
Mira Corporation. As we started they motored past the
battle site and continued down river.

About half the day later, as they come around a bend
in the river, the PCs sight another barge pulled
along the shore of the River. This other barge is
fitted out as a mobile bar, inn, restaraunt, casino,
brothel, general store and barter faire.

This vehicle crawls up and down the river providing
services to Kajans along the river, and corporate
employees along the river.

Hank, the barge captain pulls along side the Party
Barge to buy some real food and enjoy some

The PCs board the Party Barge also.

Liz buys some childrens toys for Zoe. Sti Unke sells
off a captured hot shotted blaster rifle and gets some
operating cash

Sti Unke then goes to the bar section to troll for

Al'Tair and Josh stay on deck and engage in people
watching, viewing the gambling, buying, selling

Rutger also goes to the bar section to troll for

Sti rolls a mediocre roll. Rutger sees a scruffy
looking man leave susiciously.

Rutger follows the man. Josh and Al'Tair see Rutger
and quickly ascertain he is following Jo.

Josh and Al'Tair follow Jo After to the landing deck where a
handful of air-vehicles are parked.

Jo, seeing the PCs approach panics. (He thinks they're bounty
hunters) He leaps on his speeder-bike and prepares to flee.

Al'Tair uses the force to turn off the Speeder-Bike.

Jo freaks, feeling that dark force users are about to get him. He
dives over the side of the barge to try and swim for safety.

Josh uses the force to catch jop in mid air. He raises the
screaming man back to deck level.

As Josh pulls Jo back to the barge, Sti Unke, still in the bar
hears a voice from the door. "Fist up! Force users on the landing

The crowd surges. Force users are probably bad news. most of the
crowd heads forward to escape.

A few of the more civic minded (and optimistic) barge patrons grab
weapons and head aft.

Sti joins the flow and does his best to be an obstacle.

As Josh lowers Jo on the deck he is confronted by two large men with
large guns. These are the bouncers/security staff of the Barge.

Jo yells "They Bik Narsa's boys! Don't let 'em git me!"

Josh says "No, we're not." But Josh remember talking to Bik Narsa in
Metropole de Rogue. Narsa is the Bounty Hunter hunting Moji Kenobi,
aka David Monjalle the Jedi who was last seen with Murriel hampton.

The Bouncers make their int rolls. Jo is into something stupid.
Josh is being more delicate and thoughtful than someone from Bik
Narsa's gang.

"Why is Bik Narsa after you?" Josh asks Jo.

"Tell 'im, Jo." One of the bouncers says. he's curious himself.

"Emmm. You're noting going to kill me?" Jo asks.

"No." Josh says. "Tell me."

"Uh. Okay, but you didn't hear this from me. Bik Narsa is lookin'
for a guy. Well, three days ago. I was walking along, and this guys
approaches me. he says 'You have my next step.'"

Josh, Al'Tair and the Bouncer nod for Jo to continue.

"So I referred him to the Sigma Epsilon Cake System [The GM likes
Cake better than pie]. A couple of years ago I was on a tramp
freighter that had a run there. But we all got the willies from the
place and turned away. That I know of, we was the last ship to
return from that system."

"I sent fruitcake Jedi boy there. I figure he deserves whatever he
gets there, ya know?"

Josh listens and then nods. "Thanks. We're done." and turns away.

Bouncer shrugs. "Okay. Jo. Time for you to go somewhere else." The
Bouncer knows that Jo is going to attract more trouble.

People on the Barge relax as the confrontation breaks up. No violent
action scenes in the offing.

As everyone reelaxes, someone (I forget who) spots Air-Vans heading
up the river.

Unbeknowst to the PCs or about anyone else, someone on the barge has
ratted Jo out to Bik Narsa.

The PCs see the approaching vans. The Bouncers see the approaching
vans. The patrons see the approaching vans. Everyone tenses for
another action scene.

Jo sees the vans. he squeaks and rushes to his speeder bike.

"Don't run." Josh says. "You're better off here."

Jo rolls pitifully on his INT roll.

As the vans orbit the Barge looking for Jo. Jo climbs on his Speeder
bike and flees.

The vans - focused on recovering Jo follow.

As the PCs watch, Jo disappears into the distance, riding his bike at
maximum velocity.

The vans pursue

Then, as the barge patrons and PCs watch a ball of flame heralds the
end of Jo. He rolled a critical failure on his piloting check and
flew his speederbike face first into a tree.

So much for Jo.

The PCs gather to exchange information and work out how they're going
to return to Metropole de Rogue.

The Air Vans fly past the Barge on their way back to town.

One air van full of Mooks decides that it would be fun to gasmble,
drink and indulge in the other services offered by the party barge.

The Van Lands. Ted, Mo, Larry, Jerry, Curly, Shemp, Surly Joe,
Jobesser and Emil exit the van to pursue recreation.

Discussion ensues among the PCs. Over riding Liz' caution the other
PCs investigate the Air Van.

The Stooges have left the keys in it.

More later

The party piles in and fliesoff.

The stooges takesome time to notice.

Josh pilots van, low on fuel.

Comm system rings. PCs ignore it.

The other three vans fly back up the river.

Josh hides the van, the stooges cannot see him


Josh rolls very well barelymakes the city. Sets down
on a fishing dock.

Bait shop over charges for a charge.

Sirens. Bik Narsa trying to Motivate stooges.

Discussion over the disposal of the transponder.

Liz takes cab back to ship.

Bait and hook.

Cop sees van. Lands, extracts a bribe and proceeds.


PCs drive back to Ship, load up the van up.

Ponderous leaves Metropole de Rouge without further

After two jumps, the the PCs approach the cake
system. Locate asteroid belt and pilot into the
indicated asteroid.

Without comment, the PCs approach a landing pad. The
Ponderous Lands and it movedinside.

Al'Tair reaches out with the force and contacts a

Al'Tair "oh Shit."

The Butler comes out to the ship and stands
paitientlyin front of the hatch.

They open the hatch.

"Thank you for coming. The MAH-ster is expecting you.
You are invited for Dinner."

Sti: "Is Monjalle here?"

Butler: "No Sir. You are the first visitor for three

Sti: "Okay. Well, thank you, but good bye."

Butler:"Are you sure you won't stay for dinner?"

Sti: "Nope. Thank you for asking, but we have an
anvil in the oven."

Butler: "As you wish."

The Butler leaves, and then as he leaves, magnetic
shields spring up and a horde of zombies stream into
the hangar bay.

Sti Unke hovers the Ponderous off the deck and the PCs
start plotting their escape.

There we ended for the evening.

Karfek Rom

04-16-2008, 08:41 PM
After Action Report 12-30-2007

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a Jedi, veteran of the rebellion
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, a former Soldier [not present for this game]
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

NPC - Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his sister with the help of the Ponderous crew.

NPC - Madelia - an Alderaanian temple Jedi, travelling to train Al'Tair in the way of the Jedi, and to learn the ways of the Galaxy [Patrially played by Carol this session. Thank you Carol!]

NPC - Zoe, Elizabeths new Store Boughten daughter.

XP for this session 175 XP.


A long time ago, In a Galaxy far, far away...

The Ponderous finds herself trapped in a landing bay in a space station belonging to he Scientist Karfek Rom.

Having politely but firmly refused Rom's request that they attend dinner, the crew finds Cyber Zombies shuffing across the Landing Deck towards them.

The Cyber Zombies are dessicated bodies of the former staff and creew of the station, with technology crudely hacked into their bodies.

Sti Unke lifted the ship off the deck 4 meters, hovering between the bay doors and the deck, but out of reach.

Josh and Al'Tair manned the turrets, Al'Tair the upper, Josh the Lower.

Josh fired into the Cyber Zombies doing horrible damage to the undead creatures.

Al'Tair fired at the bay doors. These beams reflected back and damaged the Ponderous.

Sti Called "Cease fire!"

Al'tair, seeking an alternative tactic, searched for and located a control panel on the wall of the landing bay. Using the force he pressed several buttons, opening the roll-up doors to the rooms to the side of the bay.

Josh took Al'Tair and Madeline and exited the ship to enter melee with the Cyber Zombies.

Although both Madeline and Al'Tair were injured, the Jedi quickly eliminated the cyber-zombies.

Sti Landed the Ponderous and examined the damage. A huge hole had been blown in the cargo hold, leaving it open to space.

Sti exited the Ponderous and, escorted by the other PCs, searched the side rooms. He found ship repairing tools and some hull patches, and other equipment for ship repair.

So he took these and began repairs on the Ponderous.

All the PCs joined in the effort to patch the Ponderous' cargo hull

This gave the Cyber Zombies plenty of time to gether, plan and launch their second attack.

40 cyber zombies, 10 security bots, 4 large security bots, and 2 super zombies enter the landing bay.

Sti lifts he Pon derous off again.

Josh derisively dismisses the Security Bots as "Model T's" which is essentially correct. The heavier security bots bring in a heav y blaster cannojn and begin setting it up.

The Super Zombies look like 5 to 8 zombies stitched together. They are large and heavy.

Sti sends Josh and Al'Tair to the turrets again to defend the Ponderous. Joish is dubious, but goes ahead.

Josh fires into the Starboard batch of attacking bots and zombies - and scores a critical hit, destroying the heavy security botys, their blaster cannon and about half of the zombies on that side.

Al'Tair looks and cannot find a good target from the upper turret.

Al'Tair, Rutger and Madeline go to the EVA port on the top of the Ponderous, They stand on top of the ship (Using safety belts and safety lines) and fire with acquired malovid blaster rifles into the horde of cyber zombies.

The Cyber Zombies and Security droids return fire, injuring Rutger.

Josh reasons that he cannot duplicate his success with his first shot on the lower quad cannon, and so exits the Ponderous to go Melee with the horde of attackers.

He leaps off the gang way and lands under the Ponderous, facing the enemy.

And there we called it for the evening.

[There was not much plot advancement or role playing in this session due to lack of sleep and catching up with friends. But it was an enjoyable session.]

04-16-2008, 08:42 PM
After Action Report 1-6-2007

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a Jedi, veteran of the rebellion
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, a former Soldier [not present for this game]
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now working as the ship's business manager

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser cannon

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

NPC - Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his sister with the help of the Ponderous crew.

NPC - Madelia - an Alderaanian temple Jedi, travelling to train Al'Tair in the way of the Jedi, and to learn the ways of the Galaxy [Patially played by Carol this session. Thank you Carol!]

NPC - Zoe, Elizabeths new Store Boughten daughter.

XP for this session 475


A long time ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

The crew of the Ponderous finds themselves trapped in the Science Station of Karfek Rom, under attack by Zombies...


When we last adjourned the game the PCs were under attack by about 28 cyber-zombies (the number dropped quickly), 8 security bots, 1 heavy security bot and 2 "Super Zombies"

Josh leapt from the Ponderous to the deck, light saber ignited.

Sti shot a couple of Security Bots with the Ponderous' lower quad cannon, but quickly determined that this was inefficient method for exterminating mooks.

Sti (Sty? Stee?) headed for the flight deck.

Madelia, Rutger and Al'Tair laid on top of the Ponderous shooting zombies with their blaster rifles.

Madelia joined Josh on the landing bay deck.

Josh and Madelia dished the damage, Josh especially, but they were quickly surrounded. Zombies Super Zombies threatened to bury and over whelm the Jedi.

[Broc acts as patient game mechanics guru +0.25]

Sti called "Get back in the ship!"

using the Force Madelia and Josh leapt onto the open gang way and got back in the ship.

The Zombies and Super Zombies (Franks) clustered under the gangway chasing the jedi.

Sti landed the Ponderous on the Zombie horde squishing them.

[Creative and effective tactic +0.25]

Then, Landing the Ponderous, the PCs resolve to seach the station for the control center to turn off the magnetic seal prevenitng their escape from the Docking port.

[Advancing the plot! +0.10]

Exiting the door, the PCs find the station remodeled in a fashion described as "Tim Burton and the Joker". The station, formerly a functioning science station has been wrecked.

The PCs argue whether to proceed to the left or the right.

To the right, they open a storage area to find service Bots working on a second horde of Zombies. Packages being attached to the Zombies are thoughtfully marked "BOMB".

Thinking quickly, Rutger and Sti close the storage area door and reprogram it's security code. [clever and funny +0.15]

Going the other direction the PCs find more of the station redone in Spooky fashion... They see,in the ruin of one ward room, two Zombies playing Pyramid, or Zabac, or something.

Sti decides to leave the recreating cyber-zombies alone.

The PCs note from damage and evidence left behind that they are not the first people to come this way.

The Pcs discover more maintenance shops and storage rooms.

The PCs find a Service bot diligently working in the ruins of it's maintenance section. It cheerfully informs them that all control is now routed through master experiment control on delta level.

Then thinking for a bit, the Service Bot announces that it must force the PCs to go to it's Master, Karfek Rom.

The PCs blast the talkative machine.

They proceed to west pole of the station. they find it is spherical, and layed out in onion layers, with Alpha level being the outer most, beta, the middle and Delta layer being the inner one.

The PCs discover that there is an Amdinistration section on Alpha level, a couple of corridors over. They head there, hoping to find docking port control, in order to escape.

Ands there we ended for the evening.

[Not bad role playing +0.10]

[being good sports +0.10]

Base award 500XP

500 times

+0.25 +0.25 +0.10 +0.15 +0.10 +0.10 = 0.95


04-16-2008, 08:44 PM
After Action Report 1-13-2007, 1-20-1008 and 2-3-2008

Characters -
Howard - Sti Unke, Tech, Owner and Captain
Lafe - Al'tair, a Cerean Healer.
Broc - Josh Carson, a Jedi, veteran of the rebellion
Sandi - Elizabeth Hoban, a former Soldier [not present
for these Sessions, Elizabeth stayed on the ship.]
Carol - Rutger Vosk, a Charismatic gad about, now
working as the ship's business manager
Kat - Koyi Doneeta, a Twilek Acrobat
TOm - Willie Wilie, a human trick shooter master of

The Ship - The Ponderous is a stock YT-1300 with the
exception that Sti Unke has added a set of quad laser

NPC - R2-J9786, the ship's trusty Astromech.

NPC - Jon Hampton - Wealthy heir, searching for his
sister with the help of the Ponderous crew.

NPC - Madelia - an Alderaanian temple Jedi, travelling
to train Al'Tair in the way of the Jedi, and to learn
the ways of the Galaxy [Stayed on the ship]

NPC - Zoe, Elizabeths new Store Boughten daughter.


This AAR covers three sessions. I have been
delinquent on doing these reports.

Also all these sessions were short. We have a hard
stop at 8:30 pm.

We added two new players

Kat - Playing Koyi Doneeta, a Twi’lek acrobat and
tight-rope walker.

Tom - Playing The Amazing Will Wiley, a Human
raconteur and sharp shooter.

+ 0.5

Both characters are survivors of a space going circus
that was captured and consumed by the Castle of Karfek


The original batch of PCs heads for the West Pole and
finds a lobby with elevators.

There are also partial war-bots welded to the walls.
The PCs begin a fire fight against the droids.

In level sub Alpha, Wiley and Koyi watch the PCs
hoping to find rescue. Koyi and Wiley cut the power
to the lobby, disabling all powered equipment in the

Jason, Sti, Rutger and Al'Tair are suddenly in the
dark, listening to huge banging crashes as the
staircases in the fire escape plummet into the bowls
of the station.

(The Stairs were cut from the walls and then
re-mounted using magnetic locks. At will Karfek Rom
could cut the power and drop intruders to their

The upper deck PCs, unaware that they have help elect
to go to the administration center on Alpha deck,
hoping to be able to unlock the docking bay doors.

Easily avoiding traps and monsters, Koyi and Wiley
effectively have the run of the station.


Koyi and Wiley scavenge for a method to interface with
the station systems and communicate with the upper
deck PCs.

All they can find is a Hello-Kitty pocket video game,
so their messages to the PCs on the upper deck are
seen as Hello-Kitty appearing on various screens and
cutely announcing various warnings.

The upper deck PCs disbelieve these warnings or find
them too vague top be useful.

After crossing a cinematic electricity trap, the
Upper deck PCs find the Administration center's
control center.

After a good deal of discussion, Al'Tair uses the
light saber loaned to him by Josh to cut through the
locked door to the control center.

Josh elects to try to cut through the bulkhead
adjacent to the door. Josh cuts through the power
feed to the control center, which explodes, injuring
him, and cutting off power to the control center.

After some effort, Al'Tair discovers that the door to
the Admin Control center has been barricaded.

The PCs cut through the blockage to find a dark
control center and bodies.

A previous adventuring group was pinned in the control
center and would up dying of thirst, starvation and
their wounds. The PCs loot the dead adventurers, but
find their goal stymied by lack of power to the
control center.

Then the PCs find their own escape cut off.
Security-Droids appear in the hallway and, although
mangled by fire from the PCs the Security-Droids cut
them off by spraying the corridor with a burning
napalm like substance.

The PC retreat into the control center, as heat and
oxygen depletion begin to encroach.

Koyi and Wiley know that the best route off the
station lies with the PCs and the Ponderous and that
they probably can't fly the Ponderous on their own.

So, locating a sealed emergency exit, Koyi and Wiley
begin firing their blasters into the exit door.

Koyi and Wiley meet the PCs they link up on deck
sub-alpha and flee.

Escaping the fire, Rutger is pinned in a closing
bulkhead door (These doors close automatically to seal
off damaged areas in the station.)

The PCs fight to manhandle the door open and free

The PCs find a store room with emergency rations,
medikits and other supplies for recovering from an

As the PCs are about to dig into the emergency
rations, Al'Tair spots subtle clues that the rations
have been tampered with. Al'tair discovers that the
emergency rations have been drugged.

Utilizing improvised cooking tools, Al'Tair
neutralizes the drugs and much of the taste and
texture in the emergency rations and they are safely
consumed by the PCs.


The PCs puzzle about how to cut the power to the
magnetic seal which holds them in the station.

Koyi and Wiley know the main power generators are in
level sub-beta, but they have not ventured there as
the traps becomes increasingly dangerous and annoying.

Sti wants to head for level sub-beta to try and cut
power and free his ship.

Koyi and Wiley lead the way.

Part of the way there, the PCs happen into one of two
anchor points for the accelerator rings that circle
the exterior of the station.

This is a tube which runs from delta level all the way
out to the rings - effectively the traditional Star
Wars bottomless pit with no safety rails.

The door slams shut behind them and the walkway begins
to retract. More, a huge fire ball ignites at the
bottom of the shaft and begins rolling upwards towards
the PCs.

Wiley turns and casually hacks the lock, rolling a
heroic 31 success. the door snaps open and the
walkway returns to it's fully extended position.

The PCs exit the shaft and close the doot just in time
for the huge fire ball to roll up the shaft without

Looking around, Rutger discovers a substation monitor
with a terminal. With this terminal they have a
chance to access the whole network of the station.

Wiley sits down and triggers a trap in the keyboard.
A pin pokes Wiley.

Al'tair is unable to determine if the needle was
poisoned so he treats Wiley as if he has just been

Rutger sits down and rolls his own heroic success to
hack the station systems.

Rutger battles with Karfek Rom for control of the
station network.

Rutger turns off the magnetic seal on docking bay
number two. Then rolling a second heroic success,
Rutger scrambles Karfek Rom's inputs so when he tries
to turn on system X he activates system Y instead.

The PCs turn and pelt for Docking bay 2, while lights
turn on and off and the fire sprinklers come on.

Underneath the Docking bay, the PCs find a group of 20
secrity bots who stand at attention as they approach.
The ownership and authorization for giving orders has
been turned off.

Rutger hacks the Security bots and takes control of

The PCs climb up through a semi hidden, semi
barricaded access door in the service bay attached to
the docking bay. Moving stealthily, the PCs find
over 100 cyber zombies 4 Franks (Frankenstien
monsters, referred to as Super Zombies earlier) and
numerous security-bots.

The Poderous, as per Sti's previous order is hovering
out of reach of the Zombies and bots.

The PCs decided to line up their 20 security bots and
conduct a frontal assault to reach the Ponderous.

[Game note - here we had a decision to make.
Thumbnail the combat or play it out. We elected to
thumbnail the combat. The PCs rolled a fort save
versus a dc of 25. for every point they missed the DC
by they got 1d6 of damage. The Players could earn
bonus points for an exciting and detailed descriptions
of their actions during the combat.]

Rutger and Sti were pounded flat by the Cyber-Zombies,
However Josh owned the combat, and Al'tair skated
through without getting touched.

Koyi danced and tumbled through the Cyber Zombies, not
getting touched, either.

Wiley shot and dodged his way to the ship.

On the ship, Al'Tair roused Sti with force healing

Josh took the upper quad cannon and blew out the
Docking bay doors.

A pain wracked Sti and his R2 piloted the Ponderous
awat from the Castle of Karfek Rom in an explosion and
a hail of cyber zombies, franks and security bots.

the PCs entered hyper space and flew to Correlia.


A day later, the PCs arrived at

Landing on Corellia proved almost too much for the
abused Ponderous. She landed in unflyable condition.

Sti and the PCs went about negotiating a deal for the
repair of their ship.

This was an expensive proposition. The Ponderous needs
a lot of work.

In the end the PCs were able to negotiate a 1/2
discount in exchange for their stolen air van, looted
starship tools and access to the technical
specifications of the Ponderous.

Koyi and Wiley began searching for accommodations.
Koyi is looking to exchange dancing for room and board
but is disappointed at the reception.

Corellia rules the Twi'lek homeworld with an Iron
fist. Twi’leks and other non-humans are considered
second class citizens on Corellia.

Koyi has run into the prejudice and is not having fun.

Madeline and Al'Tair go to the Jedi Temple on Corellia
(Blue) and tell of their encounter with the monstrous
Karfek Rom.

The Jedi Temple is willing to put the crew of the
Ponderous up as guests of Al'Tair, Madeline and Josh.

Koyi and Willie do not like this idea.

However, Jon Hampton is fascinated with the two
circus people. He intends to help them find better
accommodations, and learn their scandalous ways.

There we ended for 02-03-2008

Inquisitor Tremayne
04-18-2008, 11:37 AM
Holy Dang!

I'll try to read all this this weekend.

Looks good!