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04-15-2008, 05:53 PM
I thought it might be nice to have a place with character descriptions, especially since we have had new players joining us and they likely don't want to wander back through pages and pages to find the character intros. So, down those lines - I figured since this was my idea I would copy over what people have posted before. I will likely just copy intro posts for the characters. Of course, if anyone wants something different than what I find, simply add your character description and I will remove what I have from this post. Fair enough?

A quick glance tells few details about Mursharr; however, he is on the shorter side - just over 4 1/2 feet tall - but not really built like a dwarf would be as he seems more lean and toned than bulky. As he moves, his dark forest green cloak moves aside enough to note the studded leathers beneath it; but the cowl remains drawn forward, obscuring his face from view. In fact, no part of his actual body can be seen, as even his hands are covered with tight leather gloves. His favored weapon seems to be the shortbow, a quality one of which he always has close by.

Hello fellow companions my name is Barravas Whistlethorn And as you can see i'm a dwarven warrior willing to bring the fight to whom so ever cares to engage my fury......

Seryl, standing to the left of Barravas, looks as though she feels obligated to introduce herself next, though her forced introduction betrays a more taciturn temperament. Her gaze shifts from downward to looking out at the group around her as she introduces herself.

Seryl: "Seryl Andar, a..."

A small breeze catches a few strands of her bright orange hair and the sun peeks out from behind a cloud. This seems to relax and embolden her.

Seryl: "A cleric of Ehlonna. Nice to meet all of you."

"Nice to meet both of you, I am Ellyjobelle Woodsoul or more commonly known as Sparkle,one of the many bards and explorers from good Gnome Queen Azmara's court."

Seth stands at an average human height, his innate quickness apparent in his tight, lean muscles. He appears calculating his features almost aloof in deep thought. His blonde long unkempt hair flows gently down his shoulder as his light blue eyes peer off into the distance. His tanned skin clearly a sign of his outdoor life. He meets each of your eyes and gives a smile and a nod and then proceeds to go about his business.

A figure steps out, covered in a red robe trimmed in gold. The arms and legs of the figure appear to be encased in armor, shining like mithril in the light. The figure appears to be male in build, tall and imposing, and his movements are graceful. His head is in the shadow of his hood, so his race cannot be determined.

((Crowblaze)) stands, and removes his hood. Just like his arms and legs, his head is metallic in appearance, with veins of mithril gleaming in the firelight. His noseless face is stern and daunting, with (almost literally) a steely jaw and eyes glowing blue in recesses above his mouth.

((OOC: Rok pauses for a moment trying to think of how to put his words together eloquently, and then a hulking massive wall of a being approaches the barrier. It looks like wild hair or something in-distinct is covered all over his body. Massive horns extend out from the top of his head or shall we say form because he easily looks to be the size of small Dwarvish siege engine or at least a good size warhorse"
((you hear a large amount of clanking as you see vaious figures of extremely large weapons drop to the ground. Rok then appears to remove his head and set it down on the ground. When Rok stands back up his head is a little smaller with no horns present. You hear some clamouring as Rok takes off his chest plate and sets it on ground. Rok moves to other side of room with coins in it and sits on a pile of rocks))
((you see a large toothy smile disapper as Rok puts on his great helm. It has fierce horns on it and the faceplate / visor is made to look like a demons head. Rok also gathers his winter fur mantle / cloak and pulls it on over his large spiked shoulders))

With that I step from the shadows, with my purple cape billowing out behind me revealing my beautifully crafted chain shirt. Beyond that the only other thing besides my backpack is a strange look rod that I carry in my hand.
"Greetings I am Gabriel, I have also been waiting. Thank you for coming."
ooc: well I am 6' tall about 180lbs silver looking hair and metallic purple eyes. I look very well groomed ie no facial hair and hair is well kept shoulder length. I look human.

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Excellent work and a good idea!

The Wandering Bard
04-16-2008, 11:07 PM
Thanks much Zane, this helps me describe the characters.

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Yes that sure did help out cause I was trying to find out, but then gave up and thought I would gradually ask....

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Yeah, I just apparently had too much time on my hands there. :lol: That, and I knew about where all the descriptions were in the storyline, so that definitely helped.

I'm glad that everyone appreciates it so much. :D