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04-07-2008, 02:01 AM
Check out this new article from the Daily Illuminator that Steve Jackson Games posted:

April 7, 2008: GURPS: The Basics (http://www.sjgames.com/ill/archives.html?m=April&y=2008&d=7)

At the core of every edition of GURPS (http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/) is the Basic Set. True, for Third Edition the need for the Compendiums was pretty strong, but that's why we released the new edition.</p>

In any case, e23 (http://e23.sjgames.com) is your one-stop-shop for the cores of GURPS (http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/). We've already released the GURPS Characters (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG31-0001) and GURPS Campaigns (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG31-0002) for Fourth Edition. GURPS Basic Set (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6031) for Third Edition was uploaded a couple weeks ago, and just days ago, GURPS Compendium I (http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/books/Compendium/) went up for sale. You'll see GURPS Compendium II (http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/books/compendium2/) fairly soon as well.</p>

GURPS (http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/), in a digital format for easy storage, transport, and searching. It's a good time to be a gamer.
-- Paul Chapman (paul@sjgames.com)