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04-06-2008, 06:44 AM
We are developing an RPG called Codename: Day of Reckoning (I hope this isnt seen as an advert.. It is to make people aware of the gaming system as a non d20 item). It uses a system called Ultimate d100 (Ud100 for short) and although it has similarites to other d100 systems (runequest, cursed empire etc) there are LOTS of new game features including a very detailed firearms mechanic and gun making system.

The game itself is set in the near future (2020) and is best described as post-apocolyptic. The world is 98% destroyed by a rogue meteor that impacts the Indian Ocean at 04.15am local time on Christmas day 2020. World leaders, who were alerted to the meteor's presents over 18 months prior, try to knock the rock of course with well timed nuclear blasts as it is passing Mars. These fail. The contingency plan (Codename: Day of reckoning) is to use stasis technology, developed for the long space flights to Mars, to 'freeze' special teams of Military personnel (CoNDoR Teams). These teams are to wake 5 years after the impact and lead survivors back to CoNDoR NESTS. The NESTS in the USA were the old nuclear fall cities built in the missouri linestone mountains. Other countries had similar NESTS to use.

Any questions can be fired to me on jamie@greywoodpublishing.com or you can check out the teaser stuff on the web site and we can discuss it here


Jamie Wallis

04-06-2008, 04:11 PM
interestingly enough, several native american indian nations have been taking bids from contractors for building underground puebloes. complete with storable food and water. according to some prophecies that they have, the sun is about to change phases and become really hot for a while, making life on the surface of the earth nearly unbearable for a number of years. they plan to survive by going underground, much like your nests....