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The year is 197AC (After Cataclysm). What the cataclysm was, exactly, is up for debate. It seems there were many actual cataclysms: some man made, others not. The year according to the AD calendar is estimated at 3000AD. It is not known as civilization has only found its way back into dominance in the last 50 or so years.

This civilization takes the form of the underground city of Enoch. A city/state found in what was apparently once called the "Australian outback". The globe has been reshaped by the cataclysms that nearly wiped out humanity, making the world unrecognisable to those who once lived in it. Most of the Earth's surface is irradiated daily by solar flares, making the
surface nearly uninhabitable.

Finding your place in Enoch:
Enoch is an incredible high-tech city in comparison to the early 21st century, but it is also much more oppressive.
Rumours abound that Enoch was actually created before the cataclysms that befell the earth, some even say its creators had a hand in these cataclysms, but those who say this seem to disappear...
Enoch is divided into Citizens, Imagrents and Invidors (no those aren't spelling mistakes, you will find much lingual shift in Enoch).

Citizens- are those who are born in Enoch and/or have done compulsory Military service, which is needed to keep Invidors out.
Imagrents- are those who have been allowed to enter Enoch but not yet become Citizens. Not everyone manages to become a Citizen, many are stuck in the class of Imagrents. Imagrents are not allowed to have employment, but must instead live off what the city/state provides.
Invidors- are those who have not been allowed to enter Enoch, for one reason or another. Reasons can vary from: viral contamination, mental unfitness to anything the Ministry for Law dictates.

Enoch is controlled by the Ministry for Law, which is broken up into many sub-divisions. Said to by entirely overseen by Father.

More on Father in a moment.
The most well known and feared group within the MOL (the common shortening of Ministry of Law) is the Revered Administration a quasi-secret police force, that is a cross between 21st century police and a religious order. They act completely autonomously to enforce the laws and mandates of Enoch. The correct title of a member of the Revered Administration is Reverend Justice.
The next largest ruling body is the Ministry of Affairs who oversee the day to day needs of the people of Enoch. Including the growing of food and general industry.

Father is said to be the title first given to the founder of Enoch. This title has apparently been passed on to the President of the Ministry of Law. Many rumours circulate as to the actual identity of Father, which is kept secret as a matter of national security.

Some of the rumours:
-The current Father is actually a computer, artificial intelligence.
-Father does not actually live in Enoch but instead in a satellite orbiting the earth, which does not necessarily contradict the first rumour.
-There is no father, simply a council that oversees the running of Enoch.

Click HERE (http://enochad.proboards50.com/) to go to Enoch.

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interesting... i'll wander by from time to time to catch what's going on.

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Fair enough...not interested in joining in though?

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