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What are some NPCs you have created in the RCR?

I want to see!

04-16-2008, 01:30 PM
You want Stats? I don't have many stats.

I have ideas and descriptions. Would you find those fun to read?

Jay ~meow!~

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04-16-2008, 05:05 PM
Group Name: Malovids

Created by: Garry Stahl and Jay P Hailey

Appearance: Malovids resemble humanoid sheep. They have a coat of fur.

Number of Members: Some billions, a home world and a handful of colonies.

Nature of Members: Member of the Malovid species

Organization: An empire - when encountered usually as a military group or a raiding band.

Game Role: Low level orcs, sillyness.

World Role: Angry sheep people.

Relative Influence: Slight - any of the big Galactic powers could defeat the Malovids - taking them out of the "Great Game" would be more difficult.

Public or Secret?: Public, although they have secret operations.

Publicly Stated Goal: To conquor the hated arrogant monkies and prove their natural superiority.

Relative Wealth: Compared to an Individual huge, they can afford war fleets.

Compared to other galactic players, on the small side.

Group advantages: Malovids can be *mean* and sometimes inventively so. The Malovids are prone to actions which are not entirely suited to individual survival - when properly manipulated this can lead to Malovids counter attacking against superior odds and making suicide attacks.

Special Abilities: The Malovids are generally willing to go to the maximum
extent to win their battles.

Group disadvantages: The Malovids as a whole are slightly below average in terms of intelligence.

Special disadvantages: The Malovid pop culture reeks with resement and
anger. The Malovids know, they just know that humans are out to get them, and are, in turn out to get humans and to prove to everyone that they are just as good as any human empire.

Malovid popular speakers and entertainment hosts use the most drooling
idiocy and illogic to pander to and maintain this ugly resentment. The
Malovids eat it up.

Many Malovids are willing to fight and suffer for this. Dying usually comes
as an ugly surprise.

Those who favor them: Malovids. People who can manipulate the Malovids for their own uses.

Those opposed to them: Humans who don't like getting shot. People who
think peace is a good idea.

Area of Operation: The Galaxy, off in a backwater somewhere

Headquarters Location: The Superior Pastures of Malovidia. "It's plain that
the Monkies are jealous of the superior quality of the grass of our home
world, my friends! They seek to to pave over our lovely world with their
cities, factories and herds of oppressed cattle. There's no reasoning with
these people, My Friends!"

Public Face: Angry Sheep people

Notable Members:

Harold - the first emperor of the Malovids - remmbered as the most violent, angry and intelligent of the Malovids so far. The Evil Empire motif of the Malovid Empire is pretty much Harold's Invention.

Treemac - the Current Emperor, gives Harold a run for his money in the
smart and mean department. Surrounded by mean sycophants

Slow Hardbranch - the most popular of a veritable herd of rabble rousers.
His melodious voice gives his insanity a surface appearance of credibility,
and that's enough for most Malovids. He set the tone for idiotic
rationalizations about the evil of "The Monkies". He is known for rampant
drug addiction, occasional bouts of debauchery with young ewes and being cringinly subservient and worshipful of Emperor Treemac.

History of the Organization:
some time in the past - someone makes a race of sheep people, then abandons them on a planet that's nicely suited to them. Many people would like to meet these ancient progenitors and slap the crap out of them.

more recently - contact with the malovids leads to them being just one more of the thundering horde of alien and near-human spacies wandering around the galaxy.

about 100 years ago - attemps by Malovids to modernize their world meet with mixed success.

about 50 years ago - Harold returns from a stint with some military force
somewhere, with a very solid set of evil ideas.

about 40 years ago - Harold establishes himself as Harold the 1st - Emperor of Malovidia.

About 35 years ago - the Malovids reveal an actual space fleet and space
warfare capacity by quickly conquering the Tamile, a race of stone age
sentient slugs.

About 25 years ago - The Malovids conflict with the Corellians over looting
rights of a primitive human world. The Corellians appeal to pro-human
prejudice during this campaign. This sets the Malovids OFF. The Malovids
are equipped by Alderaanian rivals of the Corellians. The Alderaanians can
barely keep from snickering, durring such back room deals - which just sets the Malovids off worse.

About 23 years ago - The Battle of Gantooine. In a savage attempt to
rewrite the rules of the Correllian/Malovid war, the Malovids launch a full
scale invsion of Gantooine. The fact that Gantoonie has been independant of Corellia for centuries seems to make no impression whatever on the Malovids. The Malovids quickly gain the upper hand but are swamped by guerilla fighters, mercenaries, pirates and partisans.

20 years ago -the relief of Gantooine - Corellian and Coruscanti forces
counter attack the Malovids destroying their fleet at Gantooine, routing
their armies and generally serving up a lot of Mutton.

Ever since Malovid pirates have been a concern, but the Malovid war machine largely stays out of the way of the big players.

However the Malovid resentments are growing....

Fate of the Organization: Just another group of power mad loonies in the

04-16-2008, 05:07 PM
Flying Sheep
by Monty Python

The cast:

Terry Jones

Graham Chapman (With a thick countrysid accent)

Eric Idle


The sketch:
(Opening Scene : A tourist dressed in a business suit approaches a shepherd.
The sounds of sheep and the outdoors are heard.)
Tourist: Good afternoon.

Shepherd: Afternoon

Tourist: Ah, lovely day isn't it?

Shepherd: Eh, 'tis that.

Tourist: You here on holiday?

Shepherd: Nope, I live 'ere.

Tourist: Oh, good for you. Uh...those ARE sheep aren't they?

Shepherd: Yeh.

Tourist: Hmm, thought they were. Only, what are they doing up in the trees?

Shepherd: A fair question and one that in recent weeks 'as been much on my
mind. It's my considered opinion that they're nestin'.

Tourist: Nesting?

Shepherd: Aye.

Tourist: Like birds?

Shepherd: Exactly. It's my belief that these sheep are laborin' under the
misapprehension that they're birds. Observe their be'avior. Take for a start
the sheeps' tendency to 'op about the field on their 'ind legs. Now witness
their attmpts to fly from tree to tree. Notice that they do not so much fly

(Baaa baaa... flap flap flap... whoosh... thud.)

Tourist: Yes, but why do they think they're birds?

Shepherd: Another fair question. One thing is for sure, the sheep is not a
creature of the air. They have enormous difficulty in the comparatively
simple act of perchin'. (Baaa baaa... flap flap flap... whoosh... thud.)
Trouble is, sheep are very dim. Once they get an idea in their 'eads,
there's no shiftin' it.

Tourist: But where did they get the idea?

Shepherd: From Harold. He's that most dangerous of creatures, a clever
sheep. 'e's realized that a sheep's life consists of standin' around for a
few months and then bein' eaten. And that's a depressing prospect for an
ambitious sheep.

Tourist: Well why don't just remove Harold?

Shepherd: Because of the enormous commercial possibilities if 'e succeeds.

05-03-2008, 06:47 AM
A friend of mine described encountering these guys in a D&D game and I was hooked.

Short, green, greedy, amoral, cowardy, and deeply unclear on whatever it is that you're screaming about.

These guys in an over armed transport are lost. They just want to get home.

But they have stepped on the wrong toes, and now any people are chasing them, and the PCs with guns.

They're not stupid, they just don't care about your priorities, which leads to some interesting miss-communication.

Their ship is named S.T.R. Which is an acronym for "Shiny Thing Raider"

it helps to GM these guys if you can do a funny/annoing high pitchedd squeaky voice.

The only one with a name so far is "Binky" who is named, spoken of and mourned for his absence. Binky was off the ship getting an ice-cream cone at the local "13,000 flavors" when the mooks attacked. he watched his ship fly off into the sky and said "Well, crap."

His crew assumes he has been captured and roughly violated by angry mooks with guns.

05-03-2008, 07:06 AM
The Proffessor -

In my game, Corellia is a metaphor for Victorian England.

The Professor is a metaphor for Professor James Moriarity. Known by a variety of Psuedonyms, he is clever, scheming and delegates plenty of violence to his underlings.

He is careful to maintain a careful cover, and so can never be linked directly to his criminal empire. Instead he plots and manipulates like a spider in his web, guiding action remotely through his underlings.

Some of the Professor's Underlings -

Jonas Grumby - a hulking brute of a pirate. He is the Professors preferred assain when a "Message" needs to be sent. A psychotic killer, Grumby is a pirate by trade. His Pirate ship, the Orca is funded, through roundabout means by the PRofessor.

Grumby knows he'd better turn a profit, or else the Professor will become displeased. Few people have survived that. None without cuybernetics.


Gimpy - often seen as a Companion to Grumby. Gimpy is a masochist and a sadist (Named for the Gimp masks he wears in "action"). he makes Grumby look positive normal by comparison.

He likes to hurt and to be hurt. He often takes out his "Issues" with people who have displeased the Professor or Grumby. Known for a high pitched manic giggle.


Gingrr - a stunningly beautiful woman, who dresses to show her attributes, Gingrr is a killer. She specializes in luring men into lowering their defenses. Poison or the back stab are her preferred weapons.

Her cover is being a club singer and small time actress, but she makes piles of money offing wealthy businessmen and politicians.


Ann Marie Summers - a mercenary captain, she is the sanest of the Professor's followers. She is self-interested and amoral, but not necessarily wierd about it.

She is a professional soldier and killer. She runs with a hand picked cadre of mercenaries, bringing death, destruction, explosions and fire for profit. Fun is for after the mission.

She dresses in generic officer's uniforms and has an obvious cybernetic eye, a souvenier from her learning curve.


Thursell Houghton III, and his wife - another pair of whackjobs. These rich people from the upper crust of Corellian society have a dark secret. They like to torture and kill people.

By day they are upstanding wealthy pillars of society. By night they indulge their dark urges.

They have hooked up with the Professor as a sort of Evil Investment Councilor, a gate way into a darker world and a source for victims.

Houghton and his wife hae a delusion that, at the end of ther day, they'll be the bosses of the Professor's operation, but he has seen them coming.

Jay ~Meow!~

05-03-2008, 07:14 AM
Uncer Opbus is a private eye and operator on the dark side of Corellia.

Imagine a mix of Sam Spade, Johnny Dollar and Sherlock Holmes.

Uncer Opbus presents himself as a hard working blue collar detective. This hides a frighteningly intelligent mind.

Opbus runs on his own code. He cooperates with Coreliian authorities and th Corellian Jedi Temple when it suits him. Just as often he obfuscates and avoids them.

One large element of Opbus' code is loyalty to paying clients. This makes him relatively popular among law firms and corporate clients, as well as occasional "Charity Cases."

Opbus has a serious grudge against the Professor. It seems the Professor murdered one of Opbus' clients. Opbus is determined to see vengeance.

But knowing that the Proffessor is hidden and largely untouchable. Opbus has adopted a similar strategy.

Using proxies, agents, informants, and unwitting dupes, Opbus is slowly but surely mapping the Professor's web and plotting the destruction of his criminal empire.

Uncer Opbus may well hire PCs to go to obscure places and do obscure things. If they can keep their mouths shut and follow directions, he will trust them further.

If they act like the usual PCs, he'll use them as stalking horses - sending them to be the bulls in the Professor's china shop, while he strikes from hiding.

Jay ~Meow!~

05-03-2008, 07:27 AM
The Current Game -

The Proffessor, through proxies, arranged the theft of the Corellian Yachting Club's Prestigious "McGuffin Cup" - awarded yearly to the winner of the Corellian Yachting... thingee. whatever they call a Yachting race/rally/whatever.

However, the plan was not perfectly executed. Discovered too quickly, the Professor had to arrange quick transport off-planet for his stolen loot.

The Goblins Pirates, lost, abused and about broke, were on Corellia, trying to figure out their next move. They advertised themselves as an armed, high security transport hoping to make some coin or find some good booty.

The Professor, operating through intermediaries, hired the Goblins to take the McGuffin cup and deliver it to an off-world ally. He paid them half up front, and so on.

The Goblins took the job, but cluelesly went to the wrong planet and handed the McGuffin Cup to someone who's name sounded similar.

Upon returning to Corellia, the Goblins found themselves with a customer service issue.


At the same time, the Corellian Jedi Temple has asked some of the PCs to investigate the Goblin Pirates. They don't know that these guys are pirates, but thery know they are well armed, came from nowhere and seem confused.


Uncer Opbus has hired some of the shadier PCs to investigate the Goblin Pirates as well. He knows little but that they seem to be getting a lot of the Professor's attention right now.


As the PCs arrive to start asking questions three factions attack.

1 - Henchmen of the Proffessor. He has hired a pile of scum and villainy to go and wipe out the Gobbies in order to send a message about how unwise it is to screw the Professor.

2 - Henchmen of The intended recipient. He wants to find the cup before the Professor becomes cross with him. They want to capture ther Gobbies and torture the information out of them.

3 - Henchment of bounty hunters looking for the cup. They're not sure that the Gobbies have much to do with the theft, but it's not a bad bet. They want to take the Gobbies ship and hold the Gobbies hostage for information.


The PCs are talking to the Gobbies when a swarm of mooks approaches and begins shooting.

Everyone piles into the Gobbie ship and they flee.

Jay ~Meow!~

nazo shiame
04-29-2010, 11:28 AM
Right now my only NPC is a medical driod named teria.She play a main part in the story for my charcter who is a kel dorian jensaarie who's parents have been murdered.The driod lives on his ship and takes care of his wounds. she also has a motherly personality.

01-22-2011, 11:16 PM
'i needed a random bounty mission for my players so i used the first thing that came to my mind a Smuggler that was on the run from the empire his name Bendo Vai'R (say it out lound if you dont get it :P)