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Digital Arcanist
03-24-2008, 02:28 AM
I was thinking that it would be nice to hear from our current members about their current campaigns. We've discussed campaigns, both past and present, in other threads but we've added many new members who've not shared.

Here are the parameters:

1. Must be a fantasy campaign
2. Can be any gaming system (Dark Ages WoD doesn't count)
3. Must be a current campaign you are either running or playing
4. Give a BRIEF synopsis or as much as you've uncovered
5. Briefly describe your character (ie. level, class, race, roll in the party) if applicable
6. If you are involved in more than 3 campaigns, just pick your one or two favorites

I'll start!!!

I'm in two campaigns currently. I am a player in the first and have just taken over the second as DM.

In the first, the party has been chosen as champions of Olidamarra. Our quest is to save the gods and the world from some dark disaster. Each god has a group of five champions blessed with gifts who are partaking in the same quest. So far I calculated two outcomes for my character. The first is that I do my deity's bidding and save him. The second is that I feel things would be better without the meddling gods and work to keep them from regaining their powers. My character is a 4 Scout/ 2 Swashbuckler human raised by elves on their continent. I play the long range artillery and stealthy assassin.

The second campaign takes place in Ptolus, and the group is running through the included campaign in the mammoth book. I was playing a Gatewarden dwarf cleric of the Metal God. So far, there's some conspiracy afoot and I think the drow are involved somehow. I've just taken over as DM and I'm still reading through the story.

Both campaigns are D&D 3.5 edition campaigns with some of the Ptolus-inspired additions to the latter.

I look forward to reading about your exploits.:popcorn:

03-24-2008, 01:29 PM
Currently I have the Thindacarulle Campaign, which I run, rolling into it's 33 year. Be brief? (several minutes of rolling on the floor omitted.) It's high Fantasy, it has been playing a long time and it would take me most of an evening or a good sized book to explain in any "brief".

Characters are in a dystopic parallel plane trying desperately to get home. They are seeking the lost gods in order to return order to the world, and incidentally work the artifact that will get them home.

Friday nights I play the Lugracia Campaign run by Mike Conn at Oakland University. We have been at it about 5 months now and I can say I'm just getting the hang of his world, to some extent. I would say about mid fantasy.

My character is Raphael DeMedici A half centaur Warkock that is attempting to come to terms with his nature.

Currently the party is fixing a ship up to rescue Raphael's Grandfather and family from an ill situation.

Digital Arcanist
03-24-2008, 08:28 PM

Are you using a pre-made setting in either campaign or are they homebrew? I've never come across either name in D&D. Are you using D&D rules, 2ed is your poison if I remember properly, or is it another gaming system?

03-25-2008, 09:20 AM
D&D 3.5e
Custom Setting
Current Quest - Recover the 4 pieces of the Crown of Shadows and assemble them so that the remade artifact can be destroyed, preventing an ancient god of Slavery, Tyranny (and other LE things) from being resurrected. Characters just started the ocean voyage through the islands on the way to the jungle peninsula where the ruins of a city lay, and the suspected location of the pieces lay.

3 Players right now + 1 NPC and 2 hirelings
Player 1: Skarn Warblade - Loves battle
Player 2: Dwarf Incarnate (replacing the his kobold that got crit'ed on last session when he ran up to the 1/2 Orc with a spear and did something the DM warned him would provoke an AoO)
Player 3: Human SwordSage - Newbie to D&D
NPC: Illumian Archivist (see articles/Blogs) - Plot provider

P.S. Still looking for more players. (Wed Evening, Northwest St. Louis County)

03-25-2008, 12:49 PM

Are you using a pre-made setting in either campaign or are they homebrew? I've never come across either name in D&D. Are you using D&D rules, 2ed is your poison if I remember properly, or is it another gaming system?

Both are home brew worlds, mine and Mike's. My rules set if MD&D 2.8 and Mike is D&D 3.5.

03-30-2008, 09:06 PM
OK. My brandy-new campaign. Only played one adventure, next one is this weekend.

Using D+D 3.5, Gestalt rules. Set very loosely in the Forgotten Realms. Basically using the maps and some of the place names, and that's about it.
So far we have:
Dwarf F/C
Human F/T
Elf F/D
Elf R/C
Halfling Bard/Sorc
Elf F/W

It'll be a high magic/high fantasy series. Save the girl, then the town, then the city, then the universe.

It takes place about 40 years after a century-long war ended. War wiped out a little more than 1/2 of the population. Was a way for the gods to clean house. Massive humanoid and giant armies, then the demons moved in, then the devils popped in to see what was left. Very messy.

The PC's work for a large, very successful trading company, owned by a mysterious 1/2 elf named Badure. He is a retired adventurer, and his exploits are legendary. The company is very diverse, from magic item trading, furs, spices, food, inns, all up and down the coast and elsewhere.
Badure is very dedicated to fighting evil and injustice, uses his resources freely to do this. Think Harpers, only with better funding, and not all that singing...

So far they've broken up a slavers gang, killed the evil cleric who ran it. Next they're gonna fight his second and 3rd in command, finish off the gang.

03-30-2008, 09:18 PM
Oh. One note on them killing the evil cleric...

He was supposed to be VERY tough. They were 5 Gestalt PC's, all 1st level. He was 8th level. I had the evil cleric take all healing spells, to heal the damaged slaves (they would break arms and legs, make them easier to handle, then he'd just heal them when it came time to sell). He could swap any spell for a Cause Wounds spell, and I gave him the Quicken Spell feat. He had a good AC, a nasty mace and good attack bonuses.
I gave the PC's some one shot weapons to soften him up. 3 of them.

In my play testing, the best the PCs did was only have 2 of their own go into negative HP before dropping him. In one, he killed 4 of them totally, dropping them to below -10.

Well, they gained surprise, then when they hit him with the javelin of Lightning and the 2 fire bomb potions, he rolled under 4 for all of his saves, and they rolled AWESOME on damage rolls. He rolled a 2 for initiative, they all rolled above 10. The first two attacks were both criticals. One with a Great Sword swung by an 18 strength for almost 30 hp, th other was a Heavy Mace, also with an 18 str. That one did around 30 hp too. They basically did over 1/2 of his total hp in two shots, after doing almost 2/3's of his total with the initial barrage. Wiped out a very tough opponent and never took a scratch.

03-30-2008, 10:37 PM
neither plot nor npc survive first contact with the pcs. ^^