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03-14-2008, 11:16 AM
This will be a game focused on a truly epic and heroic campaign. Characters will be encouraged to think outside the box and create unique and original concepts. The system is customizable and flexible. It has a good balance of realism and playability, however it is not your typical d20 so you must be open to learning something new.

Looking for mature players with a good sense of humor, but also knows that even though it is a game there are times to be serious and times not to me. People who think its funny to break character during the climax of a campaign need not apply. That being said, please don't take the game too seriously either.

My games involve as much character interaction as I can muster. Generally I have quiet (mood appropriate) soundtracks as well as battle maps, miniatures, and other visual aids.

Combat is not the focus, but it is a good part of the game. It will be tactical and challenging. I don't start the game looking to kill players, but I won't always bail them out if they get in too deep.

In a perfect world one or two of the players would also have experience as a GM, and once everyone is familiar with the system and with each other we could rotate once in a while to give everyone a chance to play. This is not a requirement, just a thought.

Please reply with:

Your preferred style of game.

Your preferred character class.

Why this game interests you.