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03-14-2008, 10:44 AM
I will be starting up a new game of D20 Modern on saturday at 5pm in Trenton, Mi.
The game will be set in WWII, the PCs are a secret special forces unit fighting for the allies. I am going to begin the game with a mission, then as the game progresses a story will unfold.
I have two confirmed for sure players, one probably and two maybes, so there is still room for a few more players.
Let me know if you want to come shoot some Nazis with us on saturday.

03-15-2008, 11:39 PM
Well, I just finished my very first session of D20 Modern. It went pretty well. I had two players who had also never played Modern before. We spent about two hours making characters, I had them start out at level 1, then I had them level up to 4. They made a Tough Lv4 and a Fast Lv3, Soldier Lv1, then I made a Dedicated Field Medic at Lv10 (3-7) just to keep them alive.
We are using the D20 Past supplement and playing a game set in WWII. I took the name Majestic Seven from a video game and set it up as a sort of special ops strike force kind of thing. As a basic encounter to introduce them to the setting I gave them what I thought would be a simple mission, turned out to be a TPK (except for Mickey the Medic, he walked away without a scratch!)
The Germans had fortified a farmhouse on top of a hill where they could get a great view of the surrounding country side. They had a .50 machine gun in the second story window and some guys in the trees with camouflage and M1 rifles. Then I placed 6 soldiers just inside the front door, who came running at the beginning of combat. I’m using the CR1 Nazi stats given in D20 Past plu one officer.
This encounter ran pretty slow because we spent a lot of time looking up rules and getting used to the new system. I ran the medic like a cleric through half the battle until I noticed the part where it said he can only heal each patient once per day, to which the player complained “Doesn’t he have any healing potions? Dammit!”.
Their orders were to take out that machine gun. The first group of 6 Nazi soldiers that charged out of the front door were taken care of easily enough. The Browning machine gun was rattling off constantly throughout the fight, the PCs stayed far enough out of its range that it usually missed them entirely, but when it hits it packs a punch.
After they took out the main force guarding the house they exchanged a few rounds back and forth with the Nazis in the windows, but both sides had cover and didn’t want to change position, everyone was out of range of every else so we were all taking negatives to our attacks. the PCs actually did manage to kill the guy at the machine gun, but two rounds later there was another guy shooting it.
There was a brief pause in the action while each side let their guns cool. Then the PCs split up, they each attempted to flank the house and sneak up on it. the PC approaching from the south (Rob the Lv4 Tough) noticed the sniper up in the tree who had wisely not given away his location during the previous firefight. The sniper failed to see the PC sneaking up behind him and took a shot in the back from Rob’s M1, the bullet just grazed him though, doing only minor damage.
Meanwhile Nancy the soldier was crawling through the bushes on the north side of the house. She was low on hit points so she was trying to stay out of sight. Her plan was to take up a sniper position in the tree, what she didn’t know (due to a poorly rolled spot check) was that there was another very patient sniper in this tree.
Back on the south side, Rob has an idea (with GM approval). He takes out a frag grenade and pulls the pin, then he delays his action in the initiative. His plan is to let the timer expire on the grenade until the last second, then throw it up in the tree to catch the sniper. Let’s see what happens next >:D
The northern sniper had not seen Nancy approach but couldn’t help notice when she climbed up in the tree and sat on a branch just 10 feet away from him. He remained completely still, maintaining his high Hide check, while nancy rolled another 1 (total 5) on her spot check verses his total hide check of 25.
Next up in the initiative is the sniper, nancy gets a listen check. I ask if her character speaks German, she says yes. I tell her that she hears a German voice directly behind her chuckle and say “stupid American” just before he shoots her in the back of the head.
Meanwhile the other sniper fires at Rob and rolls very close to max damage. Rob fails his save for massive damage and falls to –1 hp, then on his turn, at the end of the initiative order, Rob’s grenade explodes in his unconscious hand.
What would Mickey the Medic do? I suppose that, being a great American hero, he would try to save at least one of his fallen comrades, Nancy wasn’t all the way to –10, he could have saved her. We never actually rolled the damage for that grenade, it could have been a dud, it could have dealt only 2 or 3 points of damage, but not likely.

The group decided that they would each make one more character and they will level up their current PCs to 5. Then we will have 4 Lv5 PCs and Mickey the Medic at Lv10.
The group (all two of them) is enjoying the WWII setting. We discussed mission based games versus story based games, they prefer the mission type games like this, I like it sometimes but I need a story to keep me interested (any module suggestions?).
So next week they are going to try this scenario again. I think I am going to just continue the game from there, in the style of Shaving Ryan’s Privates. We have already established that they are marching across Europe after D-Day. I think I might actually watch that movie again and take notes this time, cause that could actually make for an interesting game now that I think about it.