View Full Version : Undecided, A Vote For The Future!

03-10-2008, 10:33 AM
Players needed! Will set a start date as soon as I can get together enough to begin.

Looking to run a Saturday group from about noon to about dinner time (maybe later if everyone wants). I can only run a group for 3 weekends a month. New players are always welcome to the fold. I allow use of most 3.5 Wizards products, very few exceptions and will allow other materials based on a review. As I expect an attempt at roleplaying and am fond of skill usage, I will be using a variant skill system.

Haven't decided if I want to run a group in the Realms or a homebrew. If the campaign is in the Realms, I am going to use the Shining South. If I do a homebrew, the group will be settlers to a new land. Either way during the first meet up I will give a couple random encounters and some roleplay scenarios to get a feel for each play style and experience.