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Set on a large continent ranging from cold (south, think Canada as far as climate) to the desert and tropical (north). This area is unique by having 2 seperate subterrain areas. One which is just below the surface by several hundred feet (High Dark) and another nearly 1/2 a mile down (Deep Dark). The land above ground in the temperate regions is controlled by Elves who live in large nomadic tribes (200-600) who keep to their ancestral lands. The first subterrain area is controlled by dwarfs and has large waterways and many caverns. The deeper subterrain areas are full of ancient horrors and aberations from ancient civilizations and tend to have few caverns but many twisted corridors.

I plan on using each type of magic as different for spell resistance only. The type of magic are Arcane (wiz/sorc), Nature (Druidic/elemental), Clerical, and Psionic.

To this new world come settlers:

Gnomes fleeing their native plane arrive by teleporting their last embattled city (10k+ inhabitants). Their city does not cover alot of ground area (~6sq miles) but is thrust all the way to the Deep Dark (2500 ft down) and only the wealthy live above ground. Their city did not intersect any known High or Deep Dark areas, but that may not last for long. They arrive in the southeast desert (inhabited by lizardfolk) and seek to settle the forests directly north of their city. They thrive by magic and technology and are cut off from all their deities and have no access to cleric powers. Powers of the mind and nature are foreign concepts to them.

Human explorers from the west come by ship and had decided to settle the coastal plains (inhabited by wemics) there. On the advice of the wemics, humans have decided to push into the vast interior forests and the untouched resources within. They have access to arcane magic, druidic magic, clerical magic, and technology but are not very advanced in any category.

Halflings arrive in the northern areas from a land ravaged by terrible wars. They seek to rebuild their respective civilizations and wipe out their rivals. Some groups are pushing south to find more favorable climates for their dragon allies. Many warriors have dragon companions. One side supported by chromatic dragon allies uses arcane magic and technology heavily, while the side supported by metallic dragons favors clerical and nature magic.

Underground the dwarfs are being fought by goblinoids lead by creatures from the Deep Dark. Slowly they are being forced to the surface lands where they encounter the other races. Dwarfs rely on clerical magic, technology, constructs, and have nature magic relating to stone and water.

Elves claim most of the land area of the continent as theirs. They resent the Gnomes, humans, halflings and Dwarfs trying to move into their ancestral lands. Most of their peolpe have access to psionic powers and have never needed to develop technology, so they have no access to metal. The only physical weapons and armor come from natural sources. They have access to cleric and nature magic based the the god, spirit and element of each tribe, but it is not used widely.

:cool: Campaign:
I plan on making the group choose a race to play and will base my campaign from there.

:rolleyes: I made few changes to the way the races are handled:
Elves: Take 1 damage from skin contact with metal but all have low level psionic powers based on tribe.

Dwarfs: Cannot use arcane magic but get Arcane Spell Resistance of 10 + 1/2 char lvl.

Halflings: +2 ride and handle animal which count as racial skills, then due to their warlike ways diplomacy, bluff, sense motive and are always cross class skills

Dragons: Max size is young without intervention and they can mate at that age, they only advance in size through rituals known only to the halflings and some of the denizens of the Deep Dark. The rituals also make the dragon sterile. :eek:

Gnomes: Get +2 to a skill depending on social strata they come from. They are marked at birth by class and cannot increase their standing without approval from the Council and decrease in class is the most severe punishment.

:confused: Not sure yet how to setup the tribes and social classes.

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So is this a game you're planning on running on the boards? Or in front of live people? Are you seeking comments/criticism/ideas?

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So is this a game you're planning on running on the boards? Or in front of live people? Are you seeking comments/criticism/ideas?

Playing with real live peoples. Comments, criticism and ideas are always helpful.

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This is just my thought on the matter, but I would think that the one group that the party should not be from is the Elves. Any of the groups coming to the continent would be fine though.

Jonathan Kwiat
03-09-2008, 12:53 PM
:confused: Not sure yet how to setup the tribes and social classes.

Basically you are already done, don't try to write everything by yourself or else you should start on your novel. Your players will always want to customize the world a bit and I'd advise you to let them.

Now, if you really want to learn, I'd suggest reading some anthropology books, maybe "Guns Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond

Its not that the MAN is RIGHT. But he is an ethologist of sorts and his idea that geology and what will grow on the land can shape the course of Empires would be of help to you in determining which tribe gets what and likewise which social class gets what.

But that will only be a beginning book of this adventure, now if you want to know the D&D way of doing it...

er... ask somebody else. I am not that embedded into the interface