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Chris House
03-05-2008, 02:23 AM
Sunday march the 9th 3pm to 9 pm
Basic role playing system
Alternate history Heroic
1901 -1937
as to Galatic cilivilizations Collid two experimental vessels and crews suvive the holicost of an all out space battles and arrive on earth but scattering thier equipement, energies and some personal though out the 36 year though a dilightion in the time stream. thus alterering the time continuum and finally droping the player character, who are crew members in the year 1936.

but wait there is more a problem then ever realizing the crews exposer to the time dilational energies have altered not only themselves but also replacing specific laws of space and energy as well.

this displacement has allowd the primary sentient species on earth to inherent a proto psychogenic anomility thus producing a side effect that to most seem like super powers not only in specific unique people of earth but also among the crews as well.

things are about to get real wierd as the earth history is altered with Meta abilities appearing among earthlings and the Aliens who have brought there technology and war with them.

join this exciting new setting for the basic role playing system <formaly fuzion> wher e the backdrop of history is become the forfront of a altered current events.

first part of the campaign
Transferrence 1936 begins this sunday
contact the game master Chris House with mail if you want to generate and be ready for sundays game
or take a pregenerated character
Host is ED CHASE
Anne house is providing Spinich lesonia and Pesto or alfrado with salad
and cookies for the game.
bring owns drinks and an apititete to play :D

03-09-2008, 04:19 AM
interesting ideas. =D