View Full Version : Can the Upcoming Events in Your Area Be Sorted?

Jonathan Kwiat
03-02-2008, 09:57 AM
>I think this is going to depend on people willing to trust www.penandpapergames.com (http://www.penandpapergames.com) The sysadmins can do nothing if nobody is willing to post "We are going to meet at the RenCon Faire in Jersey" directly to the site. A lot of people seem to use other meet up sites.

Question: From the top of the board "Pen & Paper Games"

in the box "Upcoming Events in your Area"

can what appears there be controlled?

I do not go to New-Jersey to play role-playing games. I live in New York City.

There are places in Manhattan I go to play board games, at least I used to.

Is there a way so that what appears in "Upcoming Events in your Area" can be made more relevant to me with the existing software of the board?

For Instance, Neutral Ground, a gaming location where people meet to play board games. will appear very far away from me. However it is around Mid-Town. Mid-Town is not far away from me when I am working in Manhattan.

-Thank you for your time,

Jonathan S. Kwiat

03-03-2008, 10:53 PM
sorting sounds like a nice feature.

03-04-2008, 01:10 PM
Or maybe the ability to set a distance, like when you do a player or game search.