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Jonathan Kwiat
03-01-2008, 10:45 AM
The best tip I got was from
This Thread

It is strange, you go into a store and you ask for one thing and you get another. At that point you can evolve, adapt or stay the same and stay dissatisfied.

That is a rather philosphical musing but I am going to leave this in this very public place.

Here is the thing I asked for a chat box, something that will talk to Yahoo chat boxes, IRC chat boxes, Windows Messenger Chat Boxes, wathever chat boxes Mac people use (I don't know Safari Browser chat boxes) and I got to very reasonable suggestions.

1) This thing Nijinecko was talking about. I already see problems with it but who knows?

2)Hippie_Mama sees the OpenRPG engine as a chat box. That was weird to me at first. I mean that software does everything....

It rolls DICE for crying out loud that when everything works make NOISE. What kinds of noises I do not know. I guess they clatter acrools the table to the midi noise of your choise.

And this thing is completelty FREE.
It is Open Source.

An open source table top gaming engine that updates itself. OK, it doesn't get much more pen and paper then that. AND SHE, Hippie_Mama can attest that she uses it.

OK, then as they say in Brooklyn, when we are feeling outraged and in a laughing mood, "Forgetta about IT!" Meaning, that's it:
She solved the problem.

But could I really use an IRC account and this OpenRPG software not only to play Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, Shadowrun, Paranoia, and everything my greedy little hands can download install modules for?

I mean heck if the dice make noise when you click those little polyhedronic dice surely I can construct dice with special sound effects. Yeah, I'll construct or download synthetic special Shadowrun dice for my "hacker" character. When he starts "jacking in" to the internet through is bionic inplant in his head and rolling dice if he cut through the corporate firewall of those evil people that are using Trolls as slave labour why... that special dice noises will start to hit the fan.
...."Forgetta about it..."

Sorry I found an acutal Linux Group that meets tomorrow. They use Ubuntu, which is legal free, buggy, brittle, recoverable quixotic, and it runs OpenRPG.

I have made a decision. I'd rather talk about computers and databases and all that rot with actual live geeks. Not try to be a geek in a can on www.penandpapergames.com (http://www.penandpapergames.com)

Hippie_Mama helped me Evolve.
I have met people through this gaming portal that are going to show up and play Dungeons and Dragons with real dice that roll around on a table. Since I bought my new set of real Polhedron Dice made in Germany from Neutral Ground in Mid-Town Manhattan...I ain't talking geek speak on this place.

But below is my edit to this thread do with it what you will.
I cannot believe I had a thread I started locked down on me, I ain't investing my time here that way again.

But I am thankful, very thankful to this place for being here. For the database software running the way it does. I am thankful for the cool Google maps but there is no way in heck that I am going type my life into a little box surrounded with cute icos when I can actually talk to people in the real world that will tell me if I get out of line...

"Forgetta about it! What's wrong with you, are you mental or something!? Just go to Manhattan. Get some coffee and talk to people about Linux. It'll clear yer head!" -A new yorker to me, Jonathan
That's right. But in this life I try to pay it forward not backwards so I leave what I scribbled intact.
> The end of my contribution to this thread 3-6-2008 late Wednesday night.
Originally I asked for a Chat Bot that was:
Open Source
Free Standing Application
That can Run on Linux, Windows, and Mac Operating systems...
Ideally one application should run on all of them.
>I got two proposals:

1) From Nijinecko that was limited, see below, but told me he understood my thread.

2) Was from hippie_mama, that's below. She was persistent so I check out her suggestion which at first I thought was completely wrong.
>Original post requirements:
Licensing fees are fine but I'd like to hear about something that is like this "Universal" compabilibility that Nijineko introduced me to.

Be Excellent,
Jonathan S. Kwiat

> At the end of Monday, I concluded that OpenRPG is some seriously complicated software.
Thoughts at the end of the Day:
1) I'd love to know why people do not use it. For instance what is wrong with the dice rollers integrated into this application?
2) It is a complicated install. I have it running on Windows XP and Windows Vista. But I needed 4 different downloads according to the specs and my understanding of what was required. That's alot.

Here are the installs needed for a Windows XP or Vista install and what you will need to do to make it work.
(At least this is what I think you need to know.)
I know a lot of you must be using this software or a clone of it.

Check the chips and your Windows OS. You need to make a distinction between 32 bit chips (Intel or AMD) and 64 bit Chips (AMD and newer Intel Chips)

What bit version of the Opetating system are you using? I am using Windows in 32 bit mode. Both Vista and XP run on AMD 64 bit chips BUT that OS uses 32 bit chips so that's the package I needed to download and install from the site Hippie_Mama gave me
The Basic Package for a Windows Install is:
First Please Check the link hippie_mama Gave ME:

Next got to the install page on THIS site (it is a tab) and can be found here: http://www.openrpg.com/index.php?page=install

NEXT if you want to understand all those downloads you go here:
(These links are embedded and should point you all to SourceForge.net)
Phython: (http://sourceforge.net/projects/python/) This is a programming language like Java but unlike Java as best I can see nobody owns it like Adobe owns Java.
WxPhython: (http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxpython/) Think of this as a little cap on the Phython program, it gives programs and people that run in Windows an interface between them and Phython.
Open RPG > see hippie_mama's initial link below in her posts.

OpenRPG is true Open Source. This means it is a bit of a warzone out on the internet on which is "TheReal" OpenRPG. This is typical. It happens because people want to make a profit off good code and I do not blame them.
In many cases Closed Source is better for a consumer because at least a corporation has control over the code and can enforce rules.

Lastly I installed Mecurial on both Windows and Windows XP. Today I had other stuff to do so I am unsure if this was necessary for Open RPG to work. I'll check into it. If anybody knows tell me.
Now here is some honesty. I have seen something like OpenRPG in the past. In fact it was another version of the software from about five years ago. I hated using it because I wanted to play with people in the flesh not through complicated code. It was good though but getting a game... well that's what we come to www.penandpapergames.com (http://www.penandpapergames.com/) for. "They got game."-ps THAT AIN'T A TM OF PENANDPAPER GAMES
I know a lot more though, now, about Open Source Code so I am going to keep pushing forward with this thread. (no more) And I want to use Linux anyway. Its not what professionals use, its what computer professionals use.
-Goodnight Tuesday, I got to watch some old Cartoons Tonight on DVD.

03-01-2008, 10:52 AM
"universal" in the context which you saw it, is a mac-only term meaning that the application in question will install on both a ppc mac, or an intel mac.

as far as triple compatible instant messengering clients, i suggest miranda (http://www.osalt.com/miranda-im), which i just found a few seconds ago.

Jonathan Kwiat
03-01-2008, 10:57 AM
OK, that will do...I'll look into it.

03-01-2008, 11:05 AM
Our group uses OpenRPG. Easy download. Updates somewhat frequently. Free.

Jonathan Kwiat
03-02-2008, 08:31 AM
Our group uses OpenRPG. Easy download. Updates somewhat frequently. Free.

Sorry, I want it not to be labeled that way..."Open RPG."

Yup, I bet it works fantastic. I am going to ask you about that someday and I hope you won't mind because making this thing work my be a task as a roleplaying application.

But as a general chat box...why that will be a piece of cake. <wry grin>

-Be Well Jonathan

03-02-2008, 01:17 PM
I don't know anything about Linux, so i guess i never considered that it wouldn't be compatible. I'm not sure if it is or not.

OpenRPG has a dicebot, mapping area, whiteboard, and minis all worked in.

I don't know anything about Linux, so i guess i never considered that it wouldn't be compatible. I'm not sure if it is or not.

But Step 4 of the Installation instructions lead me to believe it is:

Step 4: Run OpenRPG!
Start OpenRPG by executing start.py.
Windows: If you used the windows installer, a shortcut should be in your start menu. Otherwise double click start.py.
Unix/Linux: Execute start.py. Make sure you use python2.2! For example:$ python2 start.pyAlso, here's a link to the site (http://www.openrpg.com/) in case you haven't gotten around to checking it out yet.

Jonathan Kwiat
03-03-2008, 08:18 AM
But Step 4 of the Installation instructions lead me to believe it is:

Step 4: Run OpenRPG!
Start OpenRPG by executing start.py.

Windows: If you used the windows installer, a shortcut should be in your start menu. Otherwise double click start.py.
Unix/Linux: Execute start.py. Make sure you use python2.2! For example:$ python2 start.pyAlso, here's a link to the site (http://www.openrpg.com/) in case you haven't gotten around to checking it out yet.

I am not editing this anymore. That's it. The thing in this life that non-professional understand when buying computers is that most people who use them are in it to make a buck, money, moola, dollars or whatever currency they use. I am not going to try to stop them.

Below is a RANT about operating systems. >JSK

>This stuff people is mostly a thread. I did not want to offend Hippie_Mama and at the same time I needed to blow off the stress that this install was going to put on me.

Alright, now this OpenRPG thing you are talking about is a serious chat engine. It is running on a programming language called python. Phyton speaks machine language, 1's and O's, and that means it can probably run on everything from a windows 95 machine up to windows vista, macs on motorola chips, mac OSX running on intel chips, and it runs in

UNIX, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu etc... (these are all Unix variants, the software that came out of the colleges originally.)

It compiles Hippie_Mamma and you instincts are good. (It complies source code into machine code which usually means you will be able to get it to run eventually, at least on your desktop)

That whole site you linked to is very good. When I saw powered by sourceforge.net, I got a good feeling when I spotted GNU license I new you had it ... (This is my thought process as I am correcting my mistake about Hippie_Mamas post. I thought she did not know what she was talking about)

Alright, now that is a tip!

(Below is my dig a Mac Software and Mac commericials in general)

There should be an anti mac and anti microsoft commericial for Linux and after that cool young hip arsty guy finishes ripping up that fat guy with a tie and coke bottle glassed the GUY, it has to be a male, should turn around and look in the mirror and start singing...

"Who's that pretty mac in the mirror there?"
-Song set to: West Side Story
the original broadway Musical sound score.
"Such a pretty nose, such a pretty face..."
"Such pretty eyes..."
<Chorus backup dressed in working class clothes, all sexes and races>
"What who, where !?"
-As they look around for the pretty mac and stare through the hot young professional thats now starting to put on weight...

And then when the Mac Guy, the McGuy, you know what happened to McGuvor after he starts eating too man big MACS> who looks all cool, starts dancing and badly too.

Anyway, I ain't building that commericial but there are plenty of lines in the musical number from West Side Story to drive home the point that Macs are apples, and the Apple Corporation wants to make as much money, if they could, as the Microsoft Corporation.

(This is an important point that people miss when they start getting distracted into Vista versus Mac OSX or whatever came next. This is almost an argument of whether we should speak Esperanto or Spanish when both languages are owned, Tradmarked, Copyrighted by corporations which are forever. They never get tired of making money even if you have all the software you need. They just make sure your hardware breaks.)

Where was I?

(this is to bring it on home: and do what I wanted to do: Thank the poster that was persistent in posting about OpenRPG and then linking to it.)

Oh yeah, hippie_mama, you just earned yourself that title.

The 1960's Hippie movement had many threads to it and individuals in it. Many grew up to become neo-fisco conservatives. Thanks fine. That's the TV show "Family Ties." Some of them were my High School teachers. I like them a lot. I was trying to tell Hippie_Mama that she embodies what I feel was the good part of that movement.

If I, Jonathan, could use this OpenRPG to talk to my local Unix group online, now that's OpenSource, that's Hippie.

(That comment means I am not sure I, Jonathan, can be that good with the Engine. I have no doubt it is capable of being a general chat box but the thing is so geared to roleplaying it might be useless as a chat box.)

Now, if I ever had a new MAC, a MacIntel it will work.

Yes, this distribution of OpenRPG will work on Macs. I am sure of it.

It is only because I once had a Graphics Desinger Mac fanatic colleauge for awhile, who I found insufferable, that I know about MacIntels versus the ones that ran on motorola chips.

That and "In the Beginning... was the command line interface." - A short out of print Novel by Neal Stephenson who wrote SnowCrash and the Cryptonomicon. (see my myspace page for that link)

Heh, guys!?
I was never a scout, do you think I could get a merit badge if I install this OpenRPG on all these partitions and my laptop!?

This is a reference to the people that post and chose to share their IRC numbers with the board. They get these little icons above their text box that shows how many chat box protocols they are willing to admit they participate in. To me they look like merit badges boy and girl scouts were on their sashes.

> I made a mess of the screen shots!!! Hippie_Mama is probably going to get five thousand updates of screenshots!!!

03-03-2008, 01:26 PM
You're welcome! Wait...was that what you were saying? I got turned around a few times in that post. :D

Jonathan Kwiat
03-03-2008, 03:24 PM
You're welcome! Wait...was that what you were saying? I got turned around a few times in that post. :D

The post is a work in progress. I did not want you to get confused because I am making a lot of jokes as I go along.

I do not want to offend you, the person.

See I set you a private message heads up, that way you understand that I am using your suggestion.

All the rest of it is open to the public. I am trying to keep it updated as I go along. I think you are dead on. It is a chat solution, it also happens to be a RPG solution. Its both. I think.

I complied it on Vista and the initial load works nice and neat thought the system documentation is hard to fine.

See the above two massive posts. I redited the first, which had my initial post. And then there is another massive one after yours Hippie_Mama when I understood what you were saying. This one I am just going to try to leave as a personal thank you to you after I am done installing all of this on as many machines as I have.

So...my thank you to you is a work in progress. I hope you understand that, if not just private message me.

Thank you the person...for your time.

-Jonathan S. Kwiat

In the end give me penandpaper, real ink, real mechanical penicls, and people jibber-jabbering at each other on a table.