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02-27-2008, 12:46 AM
A place for information about the game and the Victorian period.

The characters are PL10, 150 points. Because I am getting old and stupid, please put tradeoffs (Attack with Saving DC/Damage, Defense with Toughness) clearly in your character write-up so I don't have to guess.

House-rule: The Morph power measures how differently you look (according to the description, it adds to your Disguise skill). A rank of 1 (even with the Metamorph power feat) means you two look a lot alike; a rank of 4 means you two look very different. If the other form is non-humanoid, I might require you to buy more than 4.

EDIT: Just a reminder that, depending on descriptors, Flight underwater acts as Swimming of the same rank (not speed). Johnny Storm can't fly underwater, someone whose flight comes from an ornithopter or a jetpack can't fly underwater--wrong descriptors. But someone with antigravity or standard comic book issue flight can fly underwater. Ultimate Power has some text that clarifies this.

The character background is the most important thing; it's where I'll draw things from, and it's a source of great fun when we're figuring out who's who. This is required.

You have to have a character name that is a variant of some DC name. This is also for fun: the background of the game is a big handball game, seeing how it's done differently or the same in the gaslight era.

You must have a reason to work with the League. Over the course of play, that reason might change or become obsolete. If you really have no reason to be there, in the league, you'll have to draw up a new character.

You do not need to buy a league benefit.

One more rule thing: If there's a chance to fail, describe both the failure and the success; it makes the game go faster. Such as:

Jake swings at the character (dice roll here); if he connects, the smack sound reverberates through the room, but if he fails he hits, it just doesn't seem to affect the man. Just clipped him, thinks Jake.

Location: Representing British interests anywhere in the world. (The sun never sets on the British Empire.) You'll be based out of the UK. It's January 10.

So there will be times you'll be in the US, in Africa (there were British interests there), or even on "loan" to deal with things. If anyone is interested in something more political, PM me, and I'll add elements of that, though it won't be the focus of the adventures. However, you might have an overt reason to go somewhere and a covert reason ("By the bye, old chap, tell us everything you see; Afghanistan is right on the border with Russia, and we would like to know what the Russians are doing. All part of the Great Game, don't you know.")

Intent: I intend for this to be fun: lots of action, some angst if people want that. I'm not going to be historically rigorous, though I'll try not to have dead people act without a reason.

EDIT: Until the dice roller in this set of forums is fixed (please, is it yet?), if you need to roll dice, use http://invisiblecastle.com/.

02-27-2008, 09:55 AM
A few short notes about 1889 Britain.

TRANSPORTATION: Steamships (although some sailing ships can be found); carriages, horses, and cabs. There are airships (they can carry up to four people!) but not yet zeppelins, and of course, no planes. Horse-drawn boats still pull cargo up the canals in Great Britain. London has the underground, and trains run everywhere.

On water, the speed record is below 9 mph, which is established in 1893.

On land, I have a vague recollection of trains doing between 30 and 45 mph, but haven't found a resource yet. (Ah. In 1888 and 1895, there was a race from England to Scotland; in the 1895 race, very light trains--only three coaches each--made 63.3 mph on average. So 45 mph is a reasonable speed and supervillains might manage more.)

WEAPONS: The bullet as we know it finally came into use early in this decade; older revolvers and rifles might use fulminate nipples (longer to reload) or even black powder (much longer to reload). Swords are part of the dress uniform in many forces, and a real gentleman still can use one. Ships that are part of Her Majesty's navy will have swords for the officers as part of their dress uniforms, and cutlasses or revolvers for the crew in case of boarding. Compressed air can be used for weapons, too, and might be for smugglers weapons.

HOME: Although the electric light bulb has been invented, it has not made headway yet. DC power does not go far enough. In America, the genius Nikola Tesla is promoting something called "alternatng current". Most homes are still lit with gas, which is piped to most homes. Citadel found a fine link which gives prices: http://www.victorianweb.org/economics/wages4.html Given the difference in some items, it's tough to peg a difference in costs, but about a third of the people in London were living in poverty.

PEOPLE: Darwin is dead, since 1883. Marie Curie is about 22, and hasn't yet married Dr. Curie. Thomas Alva Edison is the wizard of Menlo Park, and competes furiously with Tesla, who is still alive. Edison recently remarried, and his fourth child (and first from the new marriage) was born last year. Tesla is in New York City, and is aware of X-rays.

Van Gogh is in an asylum right now, and will be freed in 1890.

Jack the Ripper hasn't been caught yet, though he will soon (in this history, I mean: the Gaslight one).

Benjamin Disraeli died in 1881; the Marquess of Salisbury, Robert Cecil, is Prime Minister of a Conservative government right now, and Gladstone will be Prime Minister in 1892.

COMMUNICATIONS: There are transatlantic telegraph cables. From London, you can wire nearly anywhere in the UK or North America or mid-sized cities on the Continent. The mail in London arrives twice a day, morning and evening. Gentlemen and ladies present calling cards so that you'll know who is coming. (Telephones are still a quarter century in the future.)



In general, guns do 1 point less than in the book because of technological differences between now and then, unless you have a special bore--that is, more power. (A simple Craft[Mechanical] skill is all one needs to be a gunsmith.)

There are enough odd sizes floating around that any size of gun could be equally claimed as "Equipment" or a "Device". My ruling is that there are enough gunsmiths required that guns unless clearly fantastical are equipment. That is, a gun that is a large enough bore to do +5 is simply specialized equipment; a gun that also shoots a line or a beam of cold is a device.

Hold-out pistol: +1
Light pistol: +2
Heavy pistol or light rifle or airgun: +3
Custom heavy pistol or rifle: +4
Shotgun: +4/+5
A harpoon cannon on the deck of a boat might do +6.
Flamethrower: +5
Grenadoes: +3 or +4

Melee weapons are as listed in the book.

Armor, unless designed by a supervillain, is also heavier and less effective.

Expect Victorian technology to top out at +5 damage normally for handheld weaponry and +8 for ship weaponry--this means that ship's guns such as 40-inchers do +8; only supervillains can do more.

03-06-2008, 08:02 AM
what month in 1889 is it, please? roughly. i understand that continuity is not a serious issue. i'd just like a target, for certain aspects of my character background. =D

03-06-2008, 10:42 AM
I'm not GMing but why not say its January? That makes it easy...

03-06-2008, 11:29 AM
January's okay. It's January 10; people still think that Jack the Ripper is in hiding and will attack again (that's part of the reason the Queen has put you together).

04-04-2008, 11:21 AM
Following a suggestion by someone else, when combat happens, post in any order, not waiting for Initiative. Once everyone has responded, I'll write a summary for that set of posts.

I don't think anyone has a re-do option in their feats, but you can always send me an objection to the summary and any do-overs.

04-22-2008, 09:24 AM
Do still have openings?

04-22-2008, 10:23 AM
Openings? Kinda hard to fit you in on a boat in the middle of the ocean, but I'd certainly consider adding one more after this adventure.

(If the others agreed, I'd let you have been already on the boat, but that would be up to them.)

04-22-2008, 10:47 AM
Fell out of the sky.

I was thinking a slight mod. of the paragon. Maybe he just falls from the sky with no memory.

04-22-2008, 10:18 PM
No worries here - i am sure you all can figure a way to write the character in.
Also Kipling - did you get my PM on the dice roller? Trying to figure which one that was you used so I can get and roll initiative.

04-22-2008, 10:21 PM
Sorry Kipling I saw post in Announcements on the Dice roller

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is there space in this game for another player?

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we haven't been able to contact the dm for a couple of years or so now? i guess i'll have to pester the admin again to move this game into the inactive group.