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02-22-2008, 05:49 PM
Hey! Thanks for reading this thread if you're interested in the game! We will be starting the campaign on March 8th in Brooklyn New York. We currently have 3 confirmed players and are looking for 3 more.

The current game schedule is practically bi-monthly. This group originally played every other week though our schedule may be more fluid in the future. We intend to play at LEAST every other week however we hope to be able to play more often then that as well. All decisions about the next session are made at the end of the current session as a group.

The starting level is 2, with 1000gp as starting gold. There are some minor house rules, mostly beneficial, if I don't post those below then you'll receive them upon contacting the GM and joining our groups little email circle.

Currently the team makeup is not set in stone. Our 3 current players are all martially minded in some way, we are sorely lacking in magical support, divine, arcane, or artificer or what not so anyone willing to play those will feel extra special (Expect some free pizza!)

02-22-2008, 06:08 PM
Here are the house rules..

Campaign Mechanics Notes

1. Ability Scores
32 Point Buy (see DMG).

2. Alignment
No Chaotic evil pc’s.

3. Action Points
To help capture the cinematic nature of swordplay and spellcasting, action points have been introduced to the rules. This is a spend-able, limited per level resource. Action Points provide a player with the ability to alter any d20 roll. Your character has a certain number of action points at each level (5 at first level). The points do not transfer from level to level and players’ roll a number of dice per action point as determined by the charts on p. 45 of the ECS.

4. Races
Humans: human culture was born on the continent of Sarlona, with the first people sailing from the western shores of Sarlona to the Lhazaar Principalities. From there, they spread across Khorvaire leaving ruined goblin kingdoms in their wake and disrupting the placid Elven kingdom of Aerenal. Humans established the vast Kingdom of Galifar and the Five Nations in 1 YK. They are the most numerous and most influential species on the continent of Khorvaire.
Changelings: a race that has evolved from the blending of humans and doppelgangers, granting them a limited ability to alter their forms. This ability makes them consummate spies and criminals, and many changelings live up to that potential. Changelings strongly resemble Dopplegangers but unlike Dopplegangers, changelings do have gender in their natural form.
Dwarves: Natural miners and smiths, dwarves control most of the precious metals found naturally throughout Khorvaire. Powerful dwarf families mint coinage and operate banks, issue letters of credit, hold loans, and collect debts. Dwarf bankers and merchants wield a great deal of economic power from their homeland of the Mror Holds, a loose knit federation of otherwise unconnected dwarf clans in the mountainous terrain of northeast Khorvaire. Thus, the dwarves are both respected and feared.
Elves: Born on the mysterious continent of Xen’drik, where they were slaves of the Giants. Tens of thousands of years ago, elf slaves rebelled against their masters and eventually left Xen’drik for the tropical forests of the island continent of Aerenal. Before the reign of Galifar, some elves left Aerenal and now live among the nations of Khorvaire. During the Last War, the beleaguered rulers of Cyre brought elven mercenaries from Aerenal. After 50 years of fighting, these mercenaries claimed a portion of Cyre as their own - Valenar.
Gnomes: A race with an immense thirst for knowledge. To them, every piece of information may someday have value. (In fact, Gnomish society wages a continual internecine battle for leverage through the use of information). Gnomes make superb librarians, scribes, accountants, bards, and alchemists. The Gnomes’ homeland is Zilargo, a significant trading power and well-known for its stores of knowledge.
Half-Elves: Unique to Khorvaire, Half-elves grew out of the earliest mingling of humans and elves. Now, they are a distinct race with no single homeland, rather they can be found throughout Khorvaire. They are known on the continent of Khorvaire as the Khoravar.
Half-Elf Houserule: a half-elf player character gains the weapon proficiencies gained by Elves as part of their racial abilities.
Half-Orcs: An uncommon race in Khorvaire, Half-Orcs can be found in the Shadow Marches, the western parts of the Eldeen Reaches, and Droaam. The Orcs of the Shadow Marches live much as the humans there do – a rustic life but a far cry from their existence as ruthless barbarians in the distant past. Today, Half-Orcs are just as civilized as the humans of the region.
Half-Orc Houserule: a half-orc player character may disregard one of the two negative ability modifiers attached to the half-orc race (Player choice).
Halflings: In their homeland of the Talenta Plains, Halflings are nomads who ride domesticated dinosaurs across the wide plains. The heritage of the nomad also serves more urbanized Halflings well, and Halflings have established themselves across Khorvaire.
Kalashtar: a blending of alien mind and human flesh that are masters of mental powers. The Kalashtar are a compound race: incorporeal entities from the alien plane of Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams, merged with human bodies and spirits to form a distinct species. Today, new Kalashtar are born, not possessed; neither spirit nor human, they are a new race that breeds true. Originally from the continent of Sarlona, this race has begun to explore the world beginning with Khorvaire. Kalashtar sleep but they do not dream. As such, they have immunity to the Dream and Nightmare spells, as well as any other effect that relies on the target’s ability to dream.
Shifters: the descendants of humans and lycanthropes, able to manifest bestial characteristics for short periods of time. A Shifter can tap into her Lycanthropic heritage to gain short bursts of increased physical power. Shifter racial feats are available to enhance the shifter’s shifting capabilities – each shifter feat that the shifter takes increases the duration of shifting and the number of times per day the shifter can tap into the ability.
Warforged: sentient constructs built to fight in the Last War, now seeking to find a place in the uneasy peace that infuses the world. The treaty of Thronehold freed these slaves but also ordered the dismantling of the Cannith creation forges that made them. They are a race without a settled place in the world.

Warforged House-rules:

Warforged may not be Druids unless the Ironwood body feat is chosen at 1st level.
Warforged may not be a Psion or Wilder character class unless the Psiforged body feat is chosen at 1st level.
Warforged with the Adamantine Body or Mithral Body feat may purchase the Improved Damage Reduction feat a maximum of two times.
The level 1 Warforged Fighter Racial substitution level special ability, Battle Hardened does not stack with the Improved Initiative feat but becomes Improved Initiative if the Warforged takes the Warforged Juggernaut prestige class to level 3.
Warforged may only choose a body feat of an armor type in which the Warforged is proficient, i.e., Heavy armor proficiency is required for Adamantine armor.
The Plane-touched races are sometimes found on the world of Eberron but are so exceedingly rare that they are not available as player characters. Also, races from Khyber (the underdark) may not be chosen as player characters. Only races with LA 0 are permitted.

5. Classes – Only classes on the list under feats may be selected.
a. New Core Class: Artificer
In Eberron, Magic is technology. Artificers understand magic on a different level from spellcasters, and do not cast spells as others do. The ability of Artificers lie with magic items, item creation, and constructs. They are magical technologists that keep the magical world of Eberron running, from the Lightning Rail and Airships to the eternal lamps that light the streets of the cities.
Characteristics: artificers can use just about any spell from a wand or scroll, empower ordinary items with temporary magical power, repair damaged constructs, and craft magic and dragonshard items. Artificers have a limited list of their own spell-like Infusions that they can apply to objects, and they can also work with any of the spells on other classes’ spell lists. Their magic is neither arcane nor divine, and they are not bound by that classification. See the ECS for details.

Artificer House Rules:
1) Artificers have no access to semi-spell user spell lists, including the Paladin, Ranger, Hexblade, and other semi-spell user core-classes and prestige classes from the Complete books or PHb II.
2) To use the Weapon Augmentation, Personal infusion to place Bane on one’s weapon, the player must first make the appropriate Knowledge (or Intelligence) check to know the correct type of a creature. Once a check is successful, the Artificer need not roll again for that creature.
3) An Artificer may not craft a UMD competence bonus magic item.
4) An Artificer may not use a Metamagic Rod in conjunction with a spell trigger item or spell completion item.
5) Artificer Infusions are neither arcane nor divine; Artificer created items ARE either arcane or divine. ASF applies to Artificers!! But now Spellcasters can use Artificer items without making a UMD roll. Please Note that this alters the ECS errata.
b. Class Alterations:
1) Fighter Fix
Level 1 bonus feat must be Weapon Focus (special). Weapon focus is altered to apply to entire weapon classes rather than individual weapons.
Level 7: Fighter MOS skills (choose 5 skills that become class skills, one of which must be a knowledge skill, and a bonus 12 skill points)
Level 13: Gain 6 skill points to apply to MOS skills.
Level 17: Gain 6 skill points to apply to MOS skills.

2) Psionics:
(a) Soulknife Fix – Reduce HP to D8 per level; Increase BAB to Full; Add Balance to Class Skills.
(b) Psionic powers: Psionic Repair Damage is limited to 3D8 + 1/lvl (to a maximum of 10 points of damage).

3) Samurai, Ninja, Shugenja, and Wu Jen are not available as pc’s. Culturally based classes don’t fit well into my view of Eberron.

4) Spellcaster Alteration
All Spellcasters get a number of bonus 0 level spells equal to their bonus 1st level spells.

5. Character Advancement Cost
Gaining levels requires training, tutoring, practicing, and sometimes money. This is a roleplaying affectation. It takes about a week to train for a new level and you need someone of appropriate level to train you until you are 9th level or higher. No actual cost except time.

6. Skills
Ability score bonus for Intimidate changes to the higher of Str or Cha.

7. Feats - 1st level characters (including NPCs) are given one bonus feat. Limitations:
Fighter: Weapon Focus (using fighter alteration)
Druid: Track only
X-Panded Psionic classes: limited to Psionic feats only.

Feat Alterations
Dodge: +1 AC applies to all enemies (but not to attacks of opportunities)

Feats are available from any of the official Eberron books, Core books, or from official WotC books upon DM approval.

02-29-2008, 12:44 AM
We have one more. We only have one spot left!

Jonathan Kwiat
02-29-2008, 04:30 PM
But they need one of those artsy fartsy-Eberron classes.

They need an artificier apparently.

I took a look at that class and said...no way I am playing that junk but...

Heh Kudos Brooklyn Night.

Currently the team makeup is not set in stone. Our 3 current players are all martially minded in some way, we are sorely lacking in magical support, divine, arcane, or artificer or what not so anyone willing to play those will feel extra special (Expect some free pizza!)

As far as I now you already have a Cleric...I volunteered for that one...

do you have an artificier, or a wizard!?

Jonathan Kwiat
03-01-2008, 01:37 AM
As far as I now you already have a Cleric...I volunteered for that one...

do you have an artificier, or a wizard!?

Hmmm...OK i suggest you contact them personally. It sounds like a fun group.

03-01-2008, 02:11 AM
Err, did you just reply to yourself?

Jonathan Kwiat
03-01-2008, 11:33 AM
Err, did you just reply to yourself?

Not Really BrooklynKnight,

You see I have me real name on my posts. I have to be responsible for what I say...

I had to edit what I had added to the post.

Now that I know how to contact you, BrooklynNight privately I will not be adding posts to this thread.

08-22-2011, 09:25 PM
i saw your ad and i like what it's about if you have room for one more please email me at marinevet7713@yahoo.com