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Phantom Gamemaster
02-21-2008, 05:59 PM
Banded together from all walks of life, here in the institute for higher learning and higher heroics are the greatest fighting force for good ever assembled. This is Team Alpha,a student team ready to handle menaces no single teen hero can withstand! Even though thier roster has changed many times over the decades they will stiil be ready to battle for justice and peace for all mankind. Heed The call, for Team Alpha Assembles!!
Setting:the Champions universe
Setting Knowledge required:none
System:Champions [5th ED]
System knowledge required:Teen Champions,UNTIL Superpower Database I&II
Type of Game: Teen Superhero[iron age]
Rating:PG13-18 Fantasy Violence
Genre:Iron age Teen heroes
Mood: Adventure,comedy,drama & romance

TEAM ALPHA is a Champions 5th ed campaign that is to be played here in P&P games.
This is a PBP game in which you play teen superheroes in the metropolis of Medicine City,NC or New Arkham,NJ[whichever city you choose that's where we set the campaign]
Use the SHG in the Champions Genre Book or use HDv3 in order to create your PCs. Point totals for all players are:
Junior =299-399pts
Senior =399-450pts
Char point totals must range from 5 to 19 active points as will 20 point for each disad.
20 experience points will be given at each adventure played here everyday or on weekends.:cool:
The campaign will be set in the New CU by using the Champions Genre Book.
If you want to join in the game PM me here for an invitation.
I Will also be looking for SOME GMs to help run the games as there will be some locations that you would like to set the campaign in like your hometown.

Dax Thura
10-17-2008, 05:42 AM
Whatever happened with this game?

09-20-2010, 06:48 PM
It's Set upand ready to go All it needs are players if you want to join then PM me and I'll list you as one of the team members.