View Full Version : Darkage Warlord - Maps

02-16-2008, 04:08 AM
All right, here's a map that can be used for Darkage Warlord. The next step is to get a few unit simple unit icons, and we'll be ready to playtest our first game.


The subset of things we need for a Darkage Warlord skirmish map are pretty simple... we need a map at least 20 hexes wide and 10 hexes tall (this one is 24x15). It can also be inverted, so that it is 20 hexes tall by 10 hexes wide for a vertical skirmish (sides start at top and bottom). The hexes should be numbered for easy reference, but then again, Vassal might do it for us.

I think after we get the first skirmish done, I'll add a map generation utility to the DWArmyBuilder utility so that anyone could generate these maps.