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02-04-2008, 11:33 AM
I am looking for a group that would like to do a game using the old 2E system. I realize that I'm located a little out of the way, so I want to make sure that potential players are aware that I can come to a more centralized location for the group to meet at. Currently, the group will be meeting in Monroeville for the game.

This campaign will include both the wilderness and cavern levels. I am looking for 6 to 8 players. Have no problem if someone wants to run two characters, but no more than that per person.

The PCs used to start will be the ones in the campaign module. They are the following:

Cathartic: human female, level 7 cleric

Ethelrede: human male, level 8 fighter

Flemin: dwarf male, level 6 fighter

Dunil: halfling female, level 9 thief

Weslocke: elf male, level 4 fighter / level 9 mage

Hockerbrecht: half-elf male, level 4 fighter/ level 4 mage / level 5 thief

Arocken: human female, level 6 ranger

Benedict: human male, level 6 cleric

With any luck, this campaign will take a very long time. There is alot of terrain to cover. There is ample opportunity for role playing when interacting with various NPCs. It's not just a hack & slash game. This could be a good campaign for a group that hasn't played before and would like to learn.

02-07-2008, 01:40 AM
in person, or online?

02-07-2008, 02:31 PM
Be sure to scrape the mold off first. That is an old, old, oldy indeed.

02-07-2008, 07:12 PM
in person, or online?

This would be an in person, sitting around the table game. Sorry, I didn't specify that originally. I have never done an online game.

Be sure to scrape the mold off first. That is an old, old, oldy indeed.

I actually played this as a pc (the dwarf, Flemin), when in the Persian Gulf in 1990 & 1991.

02-08-2008, 01:32 PM
sigh. (sniff, sniff) ;D awesome. my first module was good old B2-Keep on the Borderlands.

04-17-2008, 03:13 PM
A little more info. This is not the tournament version. This is the one that has the large wilderness part added to the actual caverns. This is why there are eight characters listed. There are many opportunities for further campaigning after the actual one is completed.

05-06-2008, 01:04 PM
Although there are 8 characters listed, I would have no problem with players that would want to "run" more than one character. This will allow for gaming without needing to wait for 8 total players. Could also run party characters as NPCs if the player group would want.

08-04-2008, 09:29 PM
OK, as promised, here is the information for the first character.

Carthartic is a human, female cleric of 7th level. Age: 25 Height: 5' 8" Weight: 141 lbs. Alignment: LG XP: 82,500.

Strength: 13, Dexterity: 11, Constitution: 12, Intellitence: 10, Wisdom: 15, Charisma: 13. Hit Points: 48. She knows the Common language only.

She is wearing Chain Mail and a Ring of Protection +3. She has a sheild and a Footman's Mace +2.

Along with 14 days worth of dry rations, she has the following regular gear: Back pack, Belt pouch, Large sack, 2 Oil flasks, Silver Holy Symbol (player can state what it actually looks like), Wolfsbane, Tinder box, 3 vials of Holy Water, Wine skin, and 50 feet of Rope.

In addition to the protection ring and the mace, she has the following magical items: Spell book, an Invisibility potion, and a Spell Storing Ring that can hold 3 spells (the player can choose what 3 spells they want to have in the ring. the spells will have to be chosen from any spell from 4th level and lower.

Cathartic knows the following spells per level:
1st: Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil, Santuary
2nd: Silence 15' Radius, Augury
3rd: Cure Disease, Remove Curse
4th: Neutralize Poison

She has the use of a Light War Horse (Hit points: 16), Saddle, Saddle Bag, and Saddle Blanket. Lastly, she has 14 days worth of feed for the horse.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
08-05-2008, 12:09 AM
Oh how i envy your group. I would do anything to play that module again. You must post links describing your adventures in said module. I droolingly await to read what you post.


08-05-2008, 09:16 AM
Oh how i envy your group. I would do anything to play that module again. You must post links describing your adventures in said module. I droolingly await to read what you post.


That's easy to fix. Move to this area.:D

08-05-2008, 09:46 AM
Here is the second character.

Ethelrede is a human, male fighter of 8th level. Age: 28 Height: 6' 5" Weight: 221 lbs. Alignment: CN XP: 187,500.

Strength: 16, Dexterity: 16, Constitution: 16, Inteligence: 9, Wisdom: 11, Charisma: 10. Hit Points: 88. He knows the Common language only.

He is wearing Chain Mail. He has a shield +2, Hand Axe +2, and a Dagger.

Along with 14 days worth of Dry Rations and Garlic, he has the following regular gear: Back pack, Belt pouch, Large sack, Mallet, Wooden stake, 3 Torches, 10 Spikes, Tinder Box, Whetstone, and Wine skin.

In addition to the shield and hand axe, he has the following magical items: 5 Javellins of Lighting and an Extra Healing Potion.

He has the use of a Light War Horse (Hit Points: 16), Saddle, Saddle Bag, and Saddle Blanket. Lastly, he has 14 days worth of feed for the horse.

08-05-2008, 10:33 AM
Here is the Third character.

Flemin is a dwarf, male fighter of 6th level. Age: 65 Height: 4' 6" Weight: 161 lbs. Alignment: LG XP: 48,000.

Strength: 18/66, Dexterity: 13, Constitution: 12, Intelligence: 9, Wisdom: 8, Charisma: 7. Hit Points: 54. He knows both the Dwarf and Common languages. He can identify the languages of Goblin, Kobold, and Orc, but does not understand what is being said.

He has the following racial abilities: Infravision (at a 60' sight distance), can detect sloping passages 83% of the time, detect new construction 83% of the time, detect traps 50% of the time, detect sliding or shifting walls & rooms 66% of the time, and determine approximate depth underground 50% of the time; and has a +3 adjustment to saving throws versus the effects of rods, wands, staffs, magic spells, and poison. He has a working knowledge of mining and gains a +1 advantage to hit Orcs, Half-orcs, Gobllins, and Hobgoblins.

He is wearing Plate Mail +2. He has a shield +3, Light Crossbow , 18 Bolts +2, and a Dagger.

He has 20 Platinum coins and 10 Amber gems.

In addition to 14 days worth of dry rations, he has the following regular gear: Back pack, Belt pouch, Large Sack, Whetstone, Wine skin, and 50 feet of Rope.

In addition to the Plate Mail, shield, and bolts, he also has a Potion of Speed.

He has the use of a small Light War Horse (Hit Points 14), Saddle, Saddle Bag, and Saddle Blanket. Lastly, he has 14 days worth of feed for the horse.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
08-05-2008, 11:04 AM
That's easy to fix. Move to this area.:D
No wife and kid, i can move anywhere. I'm always looking for the BBD(bigger better deal).


08-05-2008, 11:36 AM
And the fourth character.

Dunil is a halfling, female thief of 9th level. Age: 29 Height: 3' 4" Weight: 66 lbs. Alignment: LN XP: 135,000.

Strength: 11, Dexterity: 17, Constitution: 15, Intelligence: 11, Wisdom: 8, Charisma: 14, Hit Points: 54. She knows both the Halfling and Common languages and is able to use Thieve's Cant. She can identify Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, and Orc, but does not understand what is being said.

She has the following racial abilities: Infravision (at a 60' sight distance), can detect sloping passages 75% of the time, and determine direction underground 50% of the time; has a +4 adjustment to saving throws versus rods, wands, staffs, magic spells, and poison. Gains a +1 advantage to hit when using thrown weapons and slings.

She is wearing Leather and has a Dagger +1 and a regular Dagger.

She has 3 Gold coins, 6 Silver coins, and 21 Copper coins.

In addition to 14 days worth of Dry Rations, she has the following regular gear: Back pack, Belt pouch, 2 Large sacks, a 6 foot Pole, flask of Poison, Whetstone, and a Wine skin.

In addition to the Dagger +1, she has the following magical items: Robe of Blending, Rope of Climbing, Ring of Water Walking, and a Potion of Healing.

Her Thieving Abilities to start are as follows: Pick Pockets: 80%, Open Locks: 77%, Find & Remove Traps: 65%, Move Silently: 85%, Hide in Shadows: 76%, Hear Noise: 35%, Climb Walls: 83%, Read Languages: 40%.

She has the use of a small Light War Horse (Hit Points: 14), Saddle, Saddle Bag, and Saddle Blanket. Lastly, she has 14 days worth of feed for the horse.

08-05-2008, 01:34 PM
The fifth character.

Weslocke is an Elf, male mge of 9th level and fighter of 4th level. Age: 130 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 107 lbs. Alignment: N XP: (m) 139,000: (f) 12,000.

Strength: 10, Dexterity: 14, Constitution: 12, Intelligence: 18, Wisdom: 9, Charisma: 13. Hit Points: 54. He knows the following languages: Elf, Common, Dwarf, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, and Hobgobllin.

He has the following racial abilities: Infravision (at a 60' sight distance), can Resist Charm and Sleep 90% of the time, can detect Secret or Concealed Doors 33% of the time. Gains a +1 to hit when using either short or long swords and when using any type of bows other than a crossbow.

He is wearing Bracers of Defense (AC 2). He has a Dancing Sword and a Dagger.

He has 8 Gold coins and 1 Fire Opal gem.

In addition to 14 days worth of Dry Rations, he has the following regular gear: Back pack, Belt pouch, Large sack, Silver mirror, a 10 foot Pole, and an Ivory Scroll Tube.

In addition to the bracers of defense and the dancing sword, he has the following magical items: Spell book, Magic Detection Wand, and a scroll with 3 spells on it (the player can choose any 3 spells from 5th level and lower to be on the scroll).

Weslocke knows the following spells:
1st. Charm Person, Light, Magic Missile.
2nd. Darkness, 15' Radius, Mirror Image, Web.
3rd. Dispell Magic, Fireball, Hold Person.
4th. Confusion, Ice Storm

He has the use of a Light War Horse (Hit Points: 16), Saddle, Saddle Bag, and Saddle Blankket. Lastly, he has 14 days feed for the horse.

08-05-2008, 02:25 PM
And the Sixth character.

Hockerbrecht is a half-elf, male Fighter of 4th level, Mage of 4th level, and Thief of 5th level. Age: 24 Height: 5' 6" Weight: 140 lbs. Alignment: LN XP: 12,000.

Strength: 16, Dexterity: 16, Constitution: 15, Intelligence: 13, Wisdom: 11, Charisma: 17. Hit Points: 40. He knows the following laguages: Common, Elf, and Gnoll; and is able to use Thieve's Cant. He can identify Gnome, Halfling, Hobgoblin, and Orc, but is not able to understand what is being said.

He has the following racial abillities: Infravision (at 38' sight distance), can Resist Charm and Sleep 30% of the time, can detect Secret or Concealed Doors 33% of the time.

He is wearing Leather. He has a Bastard sword +2 and a Dagger.

He has a gold necklace that has 3 Garnet gems on it.

In addition to 14 day worth of Dry Rations, he has the following regular gear: Back pack, Belt pouch, Large sack, a 10 foot Pole, 4 vials of Holy Water, a Steel Scroll Tube, Whetstone, and a Wine skin.

In addition to the bastard sword +2, he has the following magical items: Boots of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind, Bag of Holding, Ring of Fire Resistance, and a Scroll with the 9th level spell: Time Stop.

Hockerbrecht knows the following spells:
1st. Charm Person, Magic Missile, Shield
2nd. Mirror Image, Web

His Thieving Abilities to start are as follows: Pick Pockets: 60%, Open Locks: 47%, Find & Remove Traps: 40%, Move Silently: 40%, Hide in Shadows: 36%, Hear Noise: 20%, Climb Walls: 90%, Read Languages: 25%.

He has the use of a Light War Horse (Hit Points: 16), Saddle, Saddle Bag, Saddle Blanket. Lastly, he has 14 days worth of feed for the horse.

08-05-2008, 02:59 PM
And the seventh character,

Arocken is a human, female Ranger of 6th level. Age: 23 Height: 5' 9" Weight: 137 lbs. Alignment: CG XP: 55,500.

Strength: 17, Dexterity: 16, Constitution: 15, Intelligence: 13, Wisdom: 14, Charisma: 9. Hit Points: 60. She knows the following languages: Common, Blue Dragon, and Nixie.

She is wearing Chain Mail +2. She has a Bastard Sword +2, Long Bow, 6 Arrows +1, and20 regular arrows. She gets a +4 adjustment to hit Orcs. She is a very good tracker

She has 9 Star Rose Quartz gems.

In addition to 14 days worth of Dry Rations, she has the following regular gear: Back pack, Belt pouch, Large sack, Quiver, a 10 foot Pole, 3 vials of Holy Water, Whetstone, Wine skin, and 50 feet of Rope.

In addition to the bastard sword +2 and the arrows +1, she also has a Potion of Heroism.

She has the use of a Light War Horse (Hit Points: 16), Saddle, Saddle Bag, Saddle Blanket. Lastly, she has 14 days worth of feed for the horse.

08-05-2008, 03:31 PM
And finally, the eigth character.

Benedict is a human, male Cleric of 6th level. Age: 24 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 189 lbs. Alignment: LG. XP: 41,250.

Strength: 13, Dexterity: 11, Constitution: 13, Intelligence: 11, Wisdom: 11, Charisma: 11. Hit Points: 46. He knows the following languages: Common and Stone Giant.

He is wearing Plate Mail +1. He has a Footman's Flail.

He has 37 Gold coins.

In addition to 14 days worth of Dry Rations, he has the following regular gear: Back pack, Belt pouch, Large sack, Silver Holy Symbol (player can state what it actually looks like), 3 vials of Holy Water, 2 Candles, Tinder box, Mallet, Wine skin, and 50 feet of Rope.

In addition to the plate mail +1, he has the following magical items: Staff of Striking, a potion of Levitation, and a scroll with 3 spells on it (player can choose any spells from 3rd level or lower).

He knows the following spells:
1st. Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Remove Fear.
2nd. Augury, Find Traps, Silence, 15' Radius.
3rd. Dispell Magic, Prayer.

He has the use of a Light War Horse (Hit Points: 16), Saddle, Saddle Bag, and Saddle Blanket. Lastly, he has 14 days worth of feed for the horse.

08-05-2008, 09:18 PM
sniff sniff! i've always wanted to play that one. but i'm not able to move just yet.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
08-05-2008, 11:22 PM
sniff sniff! i've always wanted to play that one. but i'm not able to move just yet.
If you, or anyone for that matter, ever find yourself up in the San Francisco/Oakland area. I can set up a game. Just give me notice and i will have a full party of players ready to go... including a DM expert in running said module.


08-20-2008, 09:36 PM
It has long been rumored that somewhere deep in the Yatil mountains there is a long lost hoard of magical treasure. For as long as everyone can remember, group after group has left in search of this treasure, but nobody has ever returned. Although there is no written proof of it's existance, verbal lore of Bissel says that there is a hidden cavern that contains the fabled trove of the archmage Iggwilv.

Now the passage through the Yatils has become a journey that is not the easiest to undertake. If it weren't bad enough that rock slides can happen at anytime, the many different creatures that have been said to have been seen have basically brought trade between Bissel and Perrenland to a halt. Since Bissel has a limited amount of usable farming land, this has led to economic problems due to prices constantly rising. Talk around town is that the entrance to Iggwilv's hidden stronghold that was supposed to have been sealed has somehow been broken, and the creatures that have brought trade to a standstill are actually from the caverns that surround the entrance to the hidden treasure trove.

Things have gotten so strained that the general public in Bissel has started to make the rulers there nervous. They know that if something is not done soon, the people will rise up and use force to replace the current March of Bissel with someone of their own choosing. Not wanting to have to change his lifestyle, the Margrave has sent agents out to find those that would make a worthy group to send out and find the fabled magical trove. He believes that with it, he will be able to keep the road through the Yatils open once again.

This is where you all come in. Your party has been camped along the road that leads into the Yatil mountains for 2 days now. In late morning of the third day, the Margrave arrives with his guard. He tells you that you are to find the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and return with 3 particular items: Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn, Prison of Zagig, and the Demonicon of Iggwilv.

The question is, "Do you have what it takes to find the caverns, aquire the artifacts, and make it back alive"?

08-20-2008, 10:07 PM
and the third of the three items? ^^ (wishing i was close enough to join!)

08-21-2008, 10:16 AM
Oops! Sorry about that nijineko. I was trying to watch Ghost Hunters International on the tv at the same time that I was typing up that introduction teaser.

08-28-2008, 03:49 PM
Info deleted since it was no longer relavent.

09-01-2008, 09:38 PM
deleted info that is no longer relavent.

09-06-2008, 04:59 PM
removed info that is no longer relavent.

09-09-2008, 08:34 PM
Okay, it looks like we will be getting the group together for the first time on this coming Saturday, Sept. 13th. As we progress through the game, I will post the parties progress on this thread so that those who are too far away can keep up.

09-14-2008, 12:18 AM
I will also be posting a first person perspective of the events that unfold in this adventure on these boards. You can click below to follow the link to the thread.

Happy reading!


09-14-2008, 08:22 PM
Be sure to check out starwolf's first person link also. It is rather interesting.

Yes, we have kicked off the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth campaign. Amazingly enough, there is a total of 10 of us, myself as the DM and 9 others that are each running a PC (player character). We were all set to have a total of eight people, and then the day before our first meeting, another couple wanted in too. Not wanting to turn anyone away, we immediately adapted and have one more PC than actually came with the module. This being the case, an extra character was drawn up while we were doing introductions around the table. Here is the current information for the Nineth character:

Veda is a human, female mage of 8th level. Age: 27 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 155 lbs. Alignment: . XP:112,500.

Strength: 12, Dexterity: 15, Constitution: 13, Intelligence: 17, Wisdom: 12, Charisma: 13. Hit Points: 25. She knows the following languages: Common, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Drow, and theives cant.

She is wearing Bracers of Defense (AC 3). She has a Quarterstaff, a dagger, and 10 darts.

She has 220 Gold coins.

In addition to 14 days worth of dry rations, she has the following regular gear: 3 torches, 2 flasks of oil, back pack, belt pouch, large sack, tinder box, wine skin, 50 feet of rope, and a bar of soap.

In addition to the Bracers of Defense, she has the following magical items: Wand of Paralyzation.

She knows the following spells:
1st. Grease, Hold Portal, Magic Missile, Sleep
2nd. Mirror Image, Shatter, Web
3rd. Dispell Magic, Fireball, Wraithform
4th. Dig, Evard's Black Tentacles

She has the use of a Light War Horse (16 Hit Points), Saddle, Saddle Bags, and Saddle Blanket. Lastly, she has 14 days of feed for the horse.

After being brought together, the party was camped along the road that leads to the Yatil Mountains for 2 days. Finally on the morning of the third day, they noticed that the 20 members of the Bissel guard were breaking camp and shortly thereafter, 4 more people approached on horse. Upon stopping their horses, the rider that was very finely attired addressed the party. He introduced himself as the Margrave of the March of Bissel and due to "political considerations" that he did not go into detail about, was sending the party forth to find the three items: Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn, Prison of Zagig, and the Demonicon of Iggwilv. They are however to keep this mission secret so he told them to tell anyone that inquires that they are here to find out what has been impeding the trade between Perrenland and Bissel. They are warned by the threat of serious punishment not to let any magical items fall into evil hands. They also will repay for the was horse, saddle, saddle bags, saddle blanket, and 14 days of feed for the horse that each one of them have been given to use to undertake this quest. There will also be a 15% tax assessed on the remainder of the money that the party has found. The money that remains, along with any other magical items and treasure is the party's payment for undertaking the quest.

A chest is brought forward and place in front of them. The Margrave tells them that His Grace, The March of Bissel, has donated these items in hopes that the party meets with success. He also hands over a vellum map which shows the most probable locations of the caverns they seek.
The only thing that the party asked was if they could have the cart that the barrels that contain all the horse feed in. The Margrave gives them the cart and the large draft horse that was pulling it. When the party had no other questions, the Margrave and all the guards left and headed back to Bissel.

As they checked the contents of the chest the party found the following items:

1. Potion of Extra Healing
2. Potion of Healing
3. A Ring
4. A Ring
5. A Wand of Magic Missiles
6. Chain Mail
7. Full Plate
8. Scimitar
9. Hand Axe
10. Mace

By using a detect magic spell they know that all 10 items are magical, but only know specifically what the 2 potions and the magic missile wand are. They all looked at the map and it was decided that the ranger would carry it. After dividing up the items, the party proceeded toward the Yatils. They traveled quite a ways before encountering anyone, however it turned out to only be a patroll that was returning to Bissel.

As they continued to twist through the S bends of the road, they eventually heard some talking ahead. Luckily there were a couple of members that were able to make out that it was the language of hobgoblin, but could not understand what was exactly being said. Because of this, they were able to have the upper hand at the meeting. Unfortunately, Hocherbrecht managed to let it be known that he was a spell caster and drew the fire upon himself. This caused him to be hit by a spear and at least a half dozen or so arrows. Weslocke did manage to put a mirror image spell on Flemin which made 6 more of the dwarf. This worked to Flemin's advantage that his opponents always ended up swinging at on of the mirror images and not himself. Ironically, the only image to get hit was actually run over by the draft horse drawn cart, since Veda sent the horse forward to crash through the hobgobins.

Thanks to a timely thrown couple of fireballs, Weslocke and Veda managed to stop the flow of more hobgoblins coming around the bend. Of course, both castings managed to stop 8 hobgoblins each, but also destroyed some items in the fire that the party could have used. One good thing that came about by the second fireball was that when the draft horse pulling the cart saw it, it slowed to a stop. Unfortunately for Hocherbrecht, he spurred his horse forward without looking in front of it and his horse fell over one of the dead hobgoblins. By the end of the fight, Weslocke was able to remember the hobgoblin word for surrender and got the last two to drop their weapons. They tried to get some information from them, but there was not that much that was usable.

After the battle ended, the party has one hobgoblin captive and have aquired the following items: 15 platinum coins, 185 gold coins, 372 copper coins, 1 black onyx gem, 9 long swords, and 2 whips, all of which was put into the cart to be carried. The dead hobgoblins were then all gathered into a pile and set ablaze in order to clean up the area.

This is where the group decided to call it an evening. Tentative plans were discussed for when to meet next. As an advertisement for the next session, the party is in for a little bit of a surprise at the begining of the next session. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue the campaign at the next game session.

09-17-2008, 06:11 PM
I still wonder how they set them ablaze.. .I thought flesh was hard to catch without a lot wood, and there is no gasoline around.. LOL...

And I WONT let them take wood, not that there is much around here.

Ewww.. that would smell really bad too... ewww....

Just picking... ;) bored and want to play more


09-20-2008, 09:39 AM
:biggrin: Arocken's tale starts out like many others.

Her father Yendak was a half-elf ranger. He was a tall man for his heritage, yet he moved like the wind. He had violet eyes which his daughter inherited. Yet she did not inherited his other elf-like abilities including his long ears, or silver hair. She knew that he came from the Grey elf community, yet he never told her about her grandparents, nor his heritage. It always seemed like a subject that was taboo.
Arocken's mother was a human cleric named Aracaryn. Aracaryn followed the diety Ehlonna. Aracaryn was a gorgeous beauty. She had long raven black hair that was so black that it was almost blue. She had startling green eyes. Arocken remembers that she always smelled like a spring day, comparably her father always smelled like the deep dark earth. (amazing the things that you can remember) Aracaryn always wore a green robe that seemed to float around her, Like the leaves of a tree blowing in the wind. And she had a soft calming voice, that would always sooth even the most angered of man or beast.

When Arocken was wee little, her and her family moved around a lot. Thinking back upon it, she wonders if it was not the wanderlust that her father had to have. She knows now what that feeling is like. She often has to venture just around the next turn to find out what is there. When she was nine,. Her family had finally settled down. Her mother had found them a hut down in a valley that seemed very secure, and safe from any other human influences. Actually it was many days until they would come upon a village. Which suited her family just fine. And since Arocken was not use to other human company, suited her well too.

In the morning her mother would have left already. Having left her and her pa some meal. They would eat, then he would start with her duties. Teaching her everything that he could about the wilderness. Hunting for dinner and gathering herbs and spices. Working on the hut with already fallen wood and limbs. Finding pitch to patch holes in their humble abode. It kept them very busy most of the day. By the time they got back, her mother would be there ready to teach her about writing, and all other learnings that she really didn't want to deal with. That seemed to bore her to tears. She grew so bored of it , that she really looked forward to her time with her father, and loathed the time she spent learning from her mother.
So it wasn't one day until she was 13 that she actually wondered what her mother was doing all day. She and her father had been done for hours. On their morning chores, and was. waiting for her mother. Her mother came in a disheveled state. Her hair windblown. Her dress had twigs and bits of hay in it. Yendak took it all in stride, yet Arocken from then on wanted to know where her mother went every day.
The next morning Arocken woke very early. Got dressed in the dark, and spied upon her mother that morning. Aracaryn made breakfast quickly, then got dressed into her traveling clothes. She then went out back and grabbed a bag that she filled with apples and grains and straw. Which really confused Arocken.
She followed her mother up into the hills, (hills she noted that her father never wanted her to venture to. That were off limits because it was “dangerous” if it was so dangerous why was her mother going that way?) She followed her mother deeper and deeper into the hills. Until it seemed to dip into a small meadow. The meadow was full of golden wheat blowing in the autumn wind. Sparkling in the newly rising morning sun. Amongst the wheat was a small shrine, which her mother walked to. The shire was a large river rock , rounded perfectly smooth from the water. (which Arocken noticed, a river only a few minutes from the glade).
Her mother laid down the items that she had put into her pouch. And stepped back from the shrine. She then started to sing a beautiful melody that Arocken always thought was just a lullaby.

She watched and waited. Wondering what on Oerth her mother was doing. When she heard a rustling in the woods. Her ears perked up as she looked trying to find where the noise was coming from. Her mother kept singing. Unaware of the danger. Arocken heard the thundering of hoof beats charging their way. Yet her mother did not move.
Arocken rose like a spirit and charged to her mothers side, pushing her back Just as a large white hairy beast reared up in front of her. Screaming in outrage.
She felt her mother pull her back, talking in a soothing manner. Yet it did not register, her brain frozen in surprise. There in front of her was a unicorn. A very large unicorn. She couldn't move. She couldn't talk. All she could do is stare into those azure eyes. The wisdom in those eyes. The majesty of how he stood and threw his man. Huffing hot breath upon her face. Her dagger fell from her hand as her mother pushed her aside and started talking to the Unicorn in a strange language. After talking to the unicorn her mother took her hand and led her to the outside of the field. When Arocken finally got her wits about her she heard what her mother was saying. That the reason they moved here was because of the unicorns. That she was their protector, that the goddess had led her here to do her duty. She had to protect the grace that was now 5 strong. It was then that Arocken saw there were more unicorns. A female went and nuzzled against the male that had charged her. And there were 3 younger looking ones. Another male and two females. Her mother explained how the youngest mare was sick when she first arrived. She is the bairn of the younger couple there.
“She was very ill due to many different elements. And so I healed her. Now I stay and protect them in ways that they can not protect themselves. I have rebuild their food supply. And I give them and the goddess presents every morning with my prayers. See how they fair now? See how we are now blessed. And now the Mother is to bear child.... it is a miracle... Just as now I will also bear a miracle. “
And Arocken understood. Her mother was to have another child. As was the unicorn. The goddess had blessed them both.
Arocken was very happy with the news. And her mother started taking her to pray with her in the mornings. She became very attached to the creatures. And they started to have a new respect for her. The youngest mare started to talk to her and would play games with her. Running through the field. Though the Eldest Male, the ruler of the rest. Seemed to still watch her. And keep her within his view at all times. But they both had a respect for each other. It was a very happy time. She would soon have a new sibling. She was in the woods all the time. Her father started to teacher her martial arts. It was a very exciting time. A very blessed time in her life. But like all things. It had to come to an end.

One day Arocken went on a lone journey. Since going through the change into adulthood, she needed her space now and again. She liked to go visit the young mare named Likili. Who was around the same age as she in Unicorn years. They were both going through that time in their life. And they both had much in common, being outcasts from other society. The closest Unicorn Grace other than their own was weeks away. And Beal (the main unicorn) was off looking for a suitable mate for her. It was a stressful time for the Grace. Beal's mate was soon to have child. Likili needed to find a mate. And Arocken's mother was laid up at home because of her difficult pregnancy. Thus emotions were running rampart in the Grace.
This particular morning, Arocken felt like there was something strange about the wind.. something in the air. Yet she went , did her prayers. And laid in the wheat as the unicorns went around eating and dozing with her. She dozed in the light of morning, smiling at the golden hues that surrounded her. The heat and happiness surrounded her and she fell asleep in the morning light.
She woke to screaming and terrorized sounds. With fuzzy mind she got up quickly and saw that the field was afire. She saw the mares galloping around in a frenzy. The protecting male was reared up fighting against some humanoids, but Arocken could not see what. She ran as fast as she could through the smoke, trying to save herself. She tried to calm the unicorns but they were crazed with fear. And the smoke was so thick she couldn't see what was happening. Knowing not what to do she ran as fast as her legs could carry her home. She ran and ran until she could not breath, and she ran some more. Screaming for her father as she entered the valley of her home. But as she crested the last hill she stopped dead in her tracks. Her home was in a blaze. A rush of blue-white fire. She knew that her mother could not move, that she was bed ridden. That her father had to be there with her, that he would not have left her
They were both in there. They were both in there!!! She ran to the door, smoke flaring out around it. She grabbed for the handle, and screamed as as it severly burned her hands. She quickly let go. Screaming in pain and yelling for her parents as more and more smoke poured out of the house. She fought the pain within her hands, and kicked in the door. A flare of bright blue flame burst out of the house. Throwing her back with the wave of heat. She fell back, hitting her head, and passing out into the bliss of darkness.

The next thing that she remembers is sniffing , tickling sensation upon her face. She awoke to Beal's azure eyes staring at her. Felt him, pulling upon her shirt. A Tugging that hurt, she could only moan in response. She felt him nip her hip and she jumped up... Hardly being able to see. She heard soft words of encouragement. She found herself upon his back, laying against his mane. She is not sure how she got there, but she held on tightly. Coughing as smoke invaded her lungs. She huddled against his mane, and it was all a blur of smoke and hair, and fire. Creaking, and explosions. All she could do was hold on. Her mind could only remember to hold on. Hold on..... hold on......

She awoke to a new world. A new life.. She was in the village's temple. The one and only priest, a man who was a cleric to all. His little church for the prayers of many gods and goddesses. He had healed her what he could . But she had awful burn scars upon her hands and lower arms. But that was not all that was scarred. The priest tried to treat her like a daughter. He tried to teach her where her parents had let off. But Arocken could not stay indoors. She would run off into the woods. Looking. Forever looking for any signs of the unicorns. Any sign of what had set the fire. She went to her house once. Saw its blacken shell, and could not go inside. She could not get herself to find her parents remains. It was bad enough seeing her house in such a state. She cried for days after visiting it. She went to the field of wheat. And found only blackened ruins. The fire had destroyed most of the forest. It was only a shell of what it once was. There was no sign of any of the unicorns. Just the shrine was left sitting amongst the burnt debris. Arocken found herself stumbling to the rock, tears streaming down her face. She fell to her knees. And cried and prayed to Ehlonna, asking her why. Why would she let such a thing happen. And amongst her tears she fell asleep, sleeping the night through under the blanket of the stars. She awoke with the mornings golden light shining upon her. She blinked her eyes and there before her was Beal. As majestic looking as the first time she had seen him. Yet this time he spoke to her.

“Ehlonna did not let this thing happen. Orcs did this. They destroyed your home, your life. They took my Grace from me. I can no longer feel them. Either they are dead or hidden from me. Either way, they are gone. The Grace I went looking for was no where to be found. For all I know, I am the last of my kind.”, his head fell. And for the first time Arocken thought she would see him cry,
She went to him and hugged him. And they cried together. Unicorn and human child. His tears fell upon her breast, and they ran down upon her shoulders. Sparkling against her sun kissed skin. Staining her skin in a rainbow of colors. They cried for their lost loved ones until they could cry no more.
Beal told her that she had to go back to the humans, that he could not protect her. But she made him promise to visit her.
She studied under the priest with a new fervor. She also attended real school and met real children her own age. Though she made friends. She found that she liked going to the forest more than staying in the classroom. She didn't like hanging out with all the girls who just seemed to coo and whine about boys. She always thought about Beal and wanted to be with him. And the boys were not interested in her because she always had gloves on that covered her hands and arms... And always had a wrap on that covered her neck and shoulders. Unlike the other girls. Besides any time that she would speak of human boys, Beal got cranky for some reason. Not that she wanted to talk about them much anyways. She didn't really understand them. None of them were anything like her father. Or pastor Julles. They were all very, well immature. And Bael.. well he was very mature. Knew everything about the world. Was always there when she needed him. And had saved her life.

The years went by. And she learned all she could. It came to a time where she had explored all there was to explore in the area. And she had felt that she should wander. Bael, was not happy. He did not want to leave the area. In case his Grace was still alive. They would know where he was. He could not leave. And he did not want Arocken to leave. But they both knew that she had to. Pastor Julles packed her up with as many supplies he could give her and gave her a bow and arrows that she may protect herself with. She then she traveled once again to her old home. There amongst the ruins of her old house she planted three trees. One each to represent her mother, father, and the sibling she never got to see. While planting amongst the wreckage she found no sign of remains, but she did find her fathers bastard sword. She took his sword, and now carries with her. She then went and camped in the Meadow of the Unicorns. Where she stayed for a month and a day. She replanted the wheat. And renewed the stone alter. Clearing all the weeds and debris from it. She prayed each day to Ehlonna. And worked hard to replenish the forest as much as she could, that which it could not itself. After her month and day was up. She bid Bael a tearful goodbye and was on her way, to find ... whatever there is for her to find.
In the back of her mind she thinks of what happened to her family, and wishes revenge. But she will go with where the world takes her and do what she needs to do to survive. She often thinks of Bael. When she gets to missing him she touches her breast where his tears had fallen. If looked at, there now is a tattoo of a unicorn upon her chest. There is also green , silver, and blue leaves swirling around her neck and down her shoulders. She always has leather gloves on because of the hideous burns that are still left upon her hands and arms. She does not like to show them to anyone. And since she really does not care much for human companionship anyways, she rather just stick to the woods, and her own thing. Rather stick to what she knows best. A little part inside her does wish for , companionship. But she is so awkward in social situations ,that she just does not know where to begin. So she finds herself talking to her horse a lot. Its at least close to Bael. She is still pure at heart and physically. She knows that if she ever lays with a man, that her connection to Bael will not be like it is now. That she may even loose him forever. Her mother was a Cleric of Ehlonna so she will not have the same connection as her mother did. Though she does every morning wake with the light of day and pray to Ehlonna for guidance and safe travel. And she has her symbol of her upon her chest, which she could never loose. But she knows she is no cleric, she is merely a woods child.
She has been traveling around for the past few years. Wandering endlessly, searching for answers to questions. Searching for the next nook or the next meadow, or the next pine forest. Always hoping that she will find a Grace that she could send to Bael. Or perhaps answers to a question she can barely grasp in her mind about the disaster of her family.
She had heard rumors of a Unicorn in the area, when she some how got caught up in this mission.

And now she is stuck with this group... this group of ... strange people. Perhaps this human contact will be good for her. But they seem to be very odd people. Well it should be interesting at least, Ehlonna only knows what will happen next. She was set upon this path, and she planned to follow it, come what may.

Arocken goes by the name of Aro to those who know her well. She wears browns, grays, and greens. She always has on brown leather gloves that cover her from her elbows down. She never takes them off, even to sleep. Her chest is also always covered. She has a unicorn tattooed between her breasts over her heart, and then vines twin over her breasts, up over her shoulders and part way down her arms. The vines are blue, green, and silver in color. The unicorn is white and looks strikingly like friend Bael. When she prays in the morning light, her tattoos will sparkle in the morning dew. She always has her father's bastard sword on her hip. When she is thoughtful or anxious, she will touch the pummel of her sword absentmindedly. She loves horses, and talks more to her horse than her companions. But when she does speak, it is usually for a very good reason.
She has violet eyes like her father, and black brown hair. Her skin is very tanned from being in the sun all the time. Sometimes if you look at her you will sense sadness about her. But it is only fleeting. For often she seems very determined. Determined to do whatever is needed to be done, as quickly as could be done.


10-05-2008, 11:23 PM
As the 2nd gaming session started, the party was "tossed a bone" by the DM since when I handed back their map, I made sure that it was flipped over so that they saw the back of the paper. Much to their dismay, they realize that none of them bothered to turn the map over and notice that there was writting on it. It reads:
the horn of Iggwilv pierces the heart,
look over your shoulder before you start,
how many sorrow foolish men,
because they didn't turn back then.
Now after some initial groans, the group picks up where we left off from the previous session.

The party makes a watch roster and makes camp for their first night of the campaign. The first shift went by uneventfully. The second shift was covered by Flemin and Dunil. Dunil heard a stick snap and when she looked in that direction with her infravision, she saw a 7 foot 6 inch tall elf and a huge dog as his companion. The elf said nothing nor made any moves other than standing by an giant oak tree. Being able to see in the dark also, Flemin was able to see the elf and dog also. He was able to get his crossbow ready and had it aimed at the elf. When Dunil started to go toward the elf, he stepped behind the oak tree. As soon as the elf started moving, Flemin fired his crossbow but missed since he had no way to lead his target due to the tree. Dunil awoke Arocken and Hockerbrecht, but neither of them believed her. It didn't help that with Flemin's exageration of the elf being 18 feet tall. The rest of the night went by as uneventful as the first third did. In the morning, Arocken went over to the oak tree, but only found a single huge paw print and nothing else. Of course, Flemin was sure to "find" his crossbow bolt, which Dunil was hoping would not be found as proof that the elf was there and took it.

As they continued to proceed down the road into the Yatil Mountains, Arocken scouted ahead to be sure that the road was clear and that the hobgoblins weren't waiting up ahead for them. Much to her dismay, she spied the tall elf disappearing around the next bend in the road, and of course, she was by herself so that there was no one else to collaborate the second sighting. She rides back to the rest of the party and tells Dunil that she saw her friend from last night. Now Hockerbrecht and Weslocke think that there are three of them seeing things.

The party continues until they come to the first place on their map where they can either continue straight or turn left. They choose to go straight since there is not that far to go until that road comes to an end. As they make their decission, Dunil again hears a noise, that soon becomes audible to everyone. As the party is turning to try to fall back to a place that is easier to defend from, 3 hill giants come into view and to them the fleeing party must be weak so they think that they will have an easy time taking anything the party has of value. Since it was obvious that the giants would not have any trouble catching the group, Weslocke throws an Ice Storm spell at the advancing giants. He has it hit in front of the giants so that they step right into it, while coming down the hill. All 3 of the giants end up falling on the ice and slide up to the party. This made it nice for the party to get good attacks on them, except for poor little Dunil, who kept trying to lunge forward to stab with her dagger and jump back, but her arms just weren't quite long enough to reach to make a hit. When the third giant came sliding down the hill, it slid up to where Flemin was and sent the dwarf flying when it hit him. One of the giants managed to get a couple of hits in, but ultimately the party did defeat the giants. Each giant carried a large sack with coins in it. The first had gold coins, the second, silver coins and the third had of course, copper coins. There is a large amount of each coin and the party decided to wait and count it later.

Too be continued...

10-06-2008, 03:16 PM
Second session Part II

After defeating the 3 Hill Giants, the party was glad that they had horses to clear the dead giants out of the way of the road. Once the way was clear again, they proceded down the road to the west. Just as a precaution, Hockerbrecht tied his horse to the back of the wagon and rode on the wagon and watched to see if anything tried to follow them. When he sees a tall elf step out of the trees back along the road, he jumps off the back of the wagon. Of course, just as quick as it had stepped out of the trees, the elf steps back in and disappears from sight. When Dunil heard Hockerbrecht's boots hit the road, she pulled up and waited for him and asked why he jumped off the wagon. All he would say was that he thought he saw something, but was mistaken because there is nothing there. As they followed their map, they eventually came to a place where another road that went south from that point. The only problem was that this road was not shown on their map. They decided to have Arocken scout it out. Hocherbrecht said that he would go along so that there wasn't just one lone person checking out something that was unknown since it was not on the map. The two of them traveled to the first turn, only to see that the road turn again up ahead. When they came around the second bend and found that the road turned yet again, they decided to go back and tell the others what they saw of the new road. The party then decided to continue along the road that they were on and would check down the new road on the way back, since they did not have that far to go to reach the ending point of the road they had been travelling.

When they found the end of the road, it actually emptied into a large open meadow that was surrounded by high rocky cliffs that did not afford another path out. As they stopped to assess this situation, a large shadow passed over them. Everyone looked up to see what caused the shadow and were surprised to see a sub adult Blue Dragon. Naturally, they were not wild about the idea of dealing with a flying creature, let alone a dragon, but Arocken, the ranger tries to speak with the dragon since she is able to speak Blue Dragon. She tells the dragon that they do not seek to harm the dragon. It responds with the reply of, "If the party gives a horse for a snack and at least 1000 gold coins, I will allow you to leave. When Arocken tries to continue to converse with it, in hopes to gain some information, the dragon takes this as a way to try cheat it out of what it feels it should be given and decides that it needs to show some force.

On the first pass, the dragon let loose with it's breath weapon. Luckily Flint was able to make his saving throw and therefore only recieved half damage. On it's second pass, the dragon took an arrow from Arocken's bow just as it was about to let go with it's lightning breath again. The arrow going through it's wing was just enough to throw it off and the second lightning breath actually just hit the ground. At this time, Weslocke cast his Mirror Image spell on himself which made 6 more images of him. Benedict stood up out of his saddle and prayed to his diety for Silence, 15 ft. radius on the dragon's head. The dragon failled to make the saving throw and from then on eventhough they could see it open it's mouth, there was never any sound with it. Benedict smiled and said, "Now we don't have to worry about it trying to cast any spells at us." As it went by, Arocken's second arrow missed. Veda stood on the cart and pulled out a wand and a thin blue ray hit the dragon. This time the dragon made its saving throw, so it was not paralized. The hesitation that this caused allowed Flemin to be able to hit it with a bolt from his crossbow, all the while yelling at the dragon to come down here and we'll see how bad you think you are. Weslocke fired off a Magic Missile spell which was cool to see 7 sets of missiles zero in on the dragon. Of course, only one set of them were real, but still gave five of them to hit the dragon. On it's third pass, the dragon went with its claws and bite attack. Luckily, only one of the claws hit for any damage, but the bite hit Weslocke for a critical wound with the natural 20. This time, Veda used her magic missile wand and scored a few points of damage. Again the dragon circled around and came in for another pass. Rather than fire another arrow, Arocken pulled out her scimatar and waited for the dragon to come by again. This time it hit one of the extra images of Weslocke, so now there were only 5 extras. Hockerbrecht hit it with Magic Missile and Arocken was fortunate to be in the right spot to get a good strike with her scimatar. As it was making its circle to come in for a fifth time, Weslocke cast Fireball at the dragon. It made for quite the site to see 6 fireballs headed for the dragon. Again, only one of them was real, but that was all it took to bring the dragon crashing to the ground. The party approached cautiously. They used Arocken's 10 foot pole from the wagon to poke at it to see if it was actually dead. When there was no response, Hockerbrecht said he was cutting off it's head to make sure. This was interrupted when Arocken found the entrance to the dragon's lair. Her, Dunil, Weslocke, and Hockerbrecht all entered with Dunil leading the way checking for traps. They eventually came to the large cavern that this young dragon used for it's lair for the last two years. In the center, there is a huge pile of coins that has all from copper to platinum in it. They found a magical Javelin, and a scroll which Weslocke took. Dunil managed to be able to pickup a jeweled cup and a silver dagger with an ivory and lapis handle. There was also 15 azurite gems, 7 jasper gems, and 4 garnet gems. Finding this huge pile of coins, the party is glad that they have the cart. After getting all of the treasure out of the lair, Hockerbrecht finished taking the head off of the dragon and it was placed in the wagon. I told Hockerbrecht that when it is put in the wagon, the hobgoblin that they have tied up in the wagon was licking its lips hungrily. They were planning on a nice feast for their evening meal since with a dead dragon, there was plenty of fresh meat to be had. It would make for a nice change from the dry rations that they have been eating.

This is where we left off for the night since we realized that it was now 1:35 AM.

10-20-2008, 10:33 AM
As the game session started, the party had their "feast" thanks to having fresh meat. Weslocke said that he was looking forward to having something other than trail rations for a change. Everyone ate their fill and their Hobgoblin captive was even given some dragon to eat also. As they started to get things together to camp for the night, Arocken noticed the dark clouds that were starting to fill the sky. She mentioned the likely hood of a wet night to be had and the party decided to use the dragon's cave for a dry place to spend the night, especially since they could get the whole cart inside to keep dry too.

Once again the party found it fortunate to have the ranger with them, as she was able to lead the horses inside with no trouble. The hobgoblin was placed out towards the entrance as a sort of sentry. The party figured if something tried to gain entrance, they would be alerted by the hobgoblin.

Shortly after getting everything inside the dragon cave, the storm struck with all of its fury. Although they couldn't see the lightning, they were able to hear the rain hammering the ground and the rumble of the thunder that echoed through the cave. With the huge ammount coins that are present, Hockerbrecht uses his bag of holding to put them in. Naturally, Dunil offers to look after the bag, but Hockerbrecht declines, much to some of the other party members delight. Weslocke also gives the scroll that he found to Benedict, who likes to see that it has clerical spells on it.

With not much else to do, they decide that it would still be a wise decission to have a watch also. Need someone awake in case the hobgoblin has a visitor. The first two watch shifts go by with the storm still unleashing all of its rage. The third watch is glad to hear the thunder start to diminish and move farther away, especially Weslocke, since he took this shift to refresh his memory of used spells. As morning comes, the party awakes nice and dry.

Arocken as usual, wakes first and went outside to reflect and pray to her diety. As she is returning to the cave, she notices a trickle of dried blood that trails from the hobgoblin's neck downward and disappears under its "clothing". She rushes into the cave and asks who killed the hobgoblin overnight. As suspicions arise amongst the party, Dunil and Arocken go outside to have a look around. Where the remainder of the dragon is, they find some footprints and what is the same type of paw print that Arocken saw by that huge oak tree the night before. It doesn't take them long to put 2 and 2 together. The elusive elf was there most likely sometime during the storm, so as to cover his presence. The tracks unfortunately are not a constant set, so they are not able to know what direction the elf went when he and his dog left. They also notice that he helped himself to some of the dragon meat too. The two of them go inside and inform the rest of the party to what they have found. Benedict and Carthartic are in agreement that it is not a good action to kill something that is unarmed and not able to defend itself, even if it is a hobgoblin.

They cautiously emerge from the cave, since the where abouts of the elf is unknown. They take the rest of the dragon meat with them. Flemin of course is carrying a big old dragon thigh and every so many steps takes a bite off of it. As they reach the middle of the meadow, a voice is heard shouting a message. In the elven tongue, it says, "I suppose that you think you're invincable now that you managed to kill a sub-adult dragon." Weslocke replies that dragon left them no option since it attacked them and asked if he is the one that others have seen and to show himself that the party means him no harm. The only reply is laughter. Since there is no more response to questioning, they continue on their way.

They decide that while there, they should check out the road that they found which was not shown on their map. They eventually come to a place where the road makes a sharp turn to the left and narrows to just a small passage inbetween the rock. As the front three are inside the pass, there is a loud rustling from behind the party. Benedict shouts out a warning and is dismayed to realize that himself and Cathartic are both traveling in the rear behind the cart.

From each side of the road, large groups of Goblins come streaming out of hidden recesses behind the trees there. Being right in front of Benedict, Ethelrede calls for Benedict to duck down. As he ducks, Ethelrede throws one of his javelins towards the group of goblins that are coming from the west side of the roadway. His mighty throw landed the javelin in the last goblins body, and the clerics were then able to see a 5 foot wide lightning bolt bounce off of the rock and come back up through the line of goblins. By this use of a magical item, Ethelrede was able to take out 15 of the advancing goblins, much to Benedict's and Cathartic's relief. While pulling out their maces, both clerics pray and thus bring favor upon the party which increased their attack, damage, and save abilities. Unfortunately, neither of the main magic users were in a good position, so that when they were finally able to, they couldn't cast their best spells for members of the party would have been affected also. Another problem was that three members with good fighting ability were caught in the narrow passage and had to wait to get out where the melee was taking place.

Eventually the three were able to get to a position to be able to help with the fight, when Flemin waded into the goblins with a fighting rage. and was making hit after hit while taking no damage himself. Eventually the party had inflicted a rather large amount of casualties on the goblins and their leader called for a retreat. Although many got away, it seemed that about the same amount of the goblins lay dead. Even little Dunil killed one when it made the mistake of turning its back to her to flee and thus gave her the advantage of a thieve's backstab attack.

Realizing their mistake, the party again proceeded to go through the narrow passage only this time they made sure that both the clerics were not in the rear. It was a tight fit, but the wagon was able to make it through with a couple of feet clearance on each side.

[ to be continued]

10-21-2008, 09:56 PM
Third session continued:

After making their way through the narrow pass, they follow the road along until it comes to a small hill. As they reach the crest of the hill, they see that the road goes down the other side into a valley that is roughly bowl shaped. As they surveyed the view of the valley, there was a camp of sorts off over by the left side of the valley. Not knowing who might be down there, they decide that only four of them will go down to the camp.

Veda, Cathartic, Ethelrede, Dunil, and Flemin stay with the wagon while Arocken, Benedict, Hockerbrecht, and Weslocke make their way down to the camp. Veda keeps the cart on the hidden side of the hill so that it isn't seen from the camp. The four members descend into the valley and make their way over to the camp along a dirt trail. As they are approaching, three Orcs are seen standing as guard. When the Orcs see them, one turns and goes into the camp. The party holds up when the orc returns with two more orcs, one of which is wearing robes. Upon seeing the four approaching on horses, the robed orc chants a spell. To the party's relief, nothing seems to happen to them.

Upon this happening, Benedict then chants his Silence, 15 ft. raduis which ends up being centered right behind the robed orc. At the same time, Weslocke unleashes a magic missile spell at the robed orc, who appears to take no damage and just smiles at him. Seeing the guards ready their weapons, Arocken tells Hockerbrecht to alert the others. With that, Hockerbrecht turns and spurs his horse to go get the others.

While Hockerbrecht races to get the others, the robed orc goes to chant another spell but is surprised to find that there is no sound around him. He glares at Benedict and walks backwards 20 feet. Benedict chants his prayer spell. Arocken charges at the orcs with fury in her eyes.

Arocken starts trading blows with the orcs. The next thing Benedict knows, he can't see anything. Upon seeing total darkness where Benedict had just been standing, Weslocke casts his Light spell there. Much to Benedict's liking, he can once again see, and pulls out his mace. Five more orcs start to come out of the camp towards the melee at this time.

As Hockerbrecht is arriving at the place where the rest where waiting his yells about the orcs below. Hearing this, Ethelrede and Flemin spur their horses and race back with Hockerbrecht to help the other three. Veda, Dunil and Cathartic come along a little slower with the cart and their possessions. Meanwhile, back at the camp, Arocken and Benedict are going head to head with the orcs. Weslocke sees 12 humans being led by another human and a half orc now approach. Since they are far enough away, he unleashes his Ice Storm spell on the new arrivals. The 12 brigands manage to each throw their spear before being hit by the spell.

The Ice Storm makes a huge impact for the party since it takes out all 12 of the brigands and the orc in the robes. Fortunately, reinforcements arrive and the party is now joined by Hockerbrecht, Ethelrede, and Flemin. The orcs prove to be some tough fighters and don't fall as easy as goblins and hobgoblins. Eventually, they finish off the orcs and now just have what appeared to be the top three leaders. While Weslocke, Hockerbrecht, Flemin, and Ethelrede work on the other two,Benedict arcs out around and comes in on the flank of the top leader.

As Flemin and Ethelrede are finishing their orc, the other one manages to get a rope from his side that shoots out and tangles up Weslocke. Once these two are finished off, Ethelrede and Flemin go back and help Benedict with the last one and Hockerbrecht cuts through the rope to free Weslocke. While this is unfolding, Arocken is going coup de gras on the orcs. Of course, Dunil takes the opportunity to check the orcs for useful items, but keeps clear of which ever one Arocken is at, just to be safe.

Weslocke goes to check the robed orc to see if it was a mage of some sorts. Dunil continues checking the dead orcs and moves on to the brigands. Arocken finally begins to calm down after the head of one of the orcs goes flying away. As she regains her composure, she is distressed about the party having fought and killed humans this time. More distressing is that she is curious as to why these humans would be in league with orcs?

10-27-2008, 09:45 PM
Session 4:

After checking the defeated foes, the group decides to check out the camp and see if they can find clues as to what these people and orcs were doing. The search of the tents turned up very little. They did notice that there is a well used path that led out of the other side of the camp and went towards the eastern wall of the bowl shaped valley they were in. Arocken, Weslocke, Benedict, Hockerbrecht and Flemin decide to follow the path and see where it went, while the others waited at the camp. Reaching the end of the path, they found that it led to a cave of sorts in the rock wall of the canyon. Held captive in it were a group of Hippogriffs. Flemin was able to move the large tree parts and boulders out of the way and Arocken entered to see if the creatures were OK. Much to her liking, Arocken found that even though they were being held captive, the hippogriffs were in excelent condition and well cared for. Flemin made an opening wide enough and the hippogriffs filed out one by one. When the last one, which was the largest male had exited, it turned around and nodded with a slight bow towards Arocken as if if was thanking her for releasing them. With that, they flew off towards the top of the canyon walls. Finding nothing else of interest, they headed back towards the camp since darkness was beginning to close in. Once back at the camp, they decided to just go ahead and use the camp themselves for the night. This way they wouldn't have to worry if a storm blew in overnight like the previous one. The party did manage to find some magical items along with some weapons. Hockerbrecht took possession of a light crossbow and 5 bolts and a suit of Splint Mail. Dunil was able to aquire some additional daggers for throwing. They also found some coinage and gems along with some jewelry items. They did still set the usual watch roster again. Fortunately, the night went by without incident and everyone was able to get a good nights rest. There was even no sign of the elusive elf and his dog either. This was commented about in the morining. Of course, both Hockerbrecht and Weslocke noted that they have not seen an elf, but Weslocke did say that just because that voice spoke elf didn't mean that if could have only been an actual elf.

After getting around and caring for the horses, the party leaves to follow the new road back to where it branched off from the main one. As they got back to where the narrow pass was, Veda suggested that they needed to get himself and Weslocke through the pass so that they could keep the goblins from attacking out of their hidden lair. They did however not want to have the two magic users go through first and not have any fighters there in case some goblins got out before the mages could cast their spells. So Arocken, Hockerbrecht, and Benedict went through before Veda brought the cart then Weslocke followed. As luck would have it, the magic users were able to cast their spells before any goblins came out. They each cast a web spell on the opening that the goblins used. All the goblins were trapped inside the lair and the party was able to continue on without having to battle them a second time. When they got back to the main road, they went left since they knew that going right would only take them back to the box canyon that held the meadow where they had defeated the blue dragon. They traveled back to the intersection where the battle with the Hill Giants took place. The bodies of the dead giants were still there. Apparently, not much is around that finds giant, eadible. They discussed whether to turn north and continue their search or to go back to Bissel and resupply and inquire about the verse on the back of the map. Most of the party was for going north rather than back tracking. Veda did speak up and say that from what she has heard about the Margrave that sent them on this quest, it would not be good to arrive back in Bissel with no information about the where abouts of the three items or the items themselves. That pretty much made the decission to continue north.

They traveled along for quite a ways before they found the broken remains of several wagons along the sides of the road. As they were looking over the wagons, Arocken says that they better be on the look out for what attacked those wagons. While most were rather old, you could tell that a couple of them have been as recently as within a month or so. As they start to look around, 4 Trolls are spotted coming down from a cave opening on the left about 75 yards away. As the trolls advance, they prepare for a battle that they know will not be easy since this is the first time they will fight something that they know is able to regenerate. For the second time, Weslocke takes his sword out of its scabbard. To help, Cathartic prays her Bless spell. Hockerbrecht holds back and pulls out the cross bow that he aquired. As the trolls closed in Benedict chants his Prayer spell. Veda is having a fun time keeping the draft horse from bolting down the road while Dunil stands in the cart behind to defend the mage if need be. The first troll reaches Flemin and misses. Flemin swings back and connects. The battle is on. Hockerbrecht uses two bolts from his crossbow to see what effect they have. Cathartic and Benedict positions themselves to be where they can effectively cure the fighters that may take damage from an attack. Eventually, Weslocke looses his sword to "dance" and takes out his long bow. Even though the party does manage to ultimately bring down the trolls, they do so by taking some decent damage themselves. Fortunately, Benedict was there to do some curing as the injuries were recieved. The troll that was fighting Weslocke was surprised when his sword left his hand and continued to fight. This allowed Weslocke to fire arrows at another of the trolls at the same time. Flemin was able to bring down his troll, twice. Once they finally had all 4 trolls on the ground, they quickly got them rolled together and getting a safe distance away, they watched as Weslocke's Fireball burned the bodies of the trolls, thereby stopping them from being able to regenerate. Although it was getting late, the usual group went up and checked the cave that the trolls came from. They stayed only a short time due to the noxious smell of the heap in the middle of the floor. After getting outside and back down to the cart, they had managed to collect 2 potions, 431 gold coins, and 93 platinum coins. Hockerbrecht did take some wood from the old wagons up and burned the noxious heap. This seemed to please Benedict, Cathartic, and Arocken.

Eventhough it was dark, they used a light spell from Weslocke to travel a little farther down the road. Nobody was really wanting to make camp where they had battled the trolls. When they came to a place where they could easy keep an eye on the road, they made camp for the night. It was at this time that they realized that nobody thought to bring any of the tents along with them from the "borrowed" camp site the night before.

11-11-2008, 12:42 PM
As the session started, Weslocke was granted the roll of a d10 due to gaining enough XP to reach 5th level as a fighter. As luck would have it, the out come was a 1. It was agreed that it was better to roll a 1 here than on an attack roll.

The usual watch roster was then posted and the party made camp for the night. They were hoping that there wouldn't be any more trolls show up and also wondered if they would have another visit by the elf and his dog, which according to which party member, may or may not exist. Fortunately, they got to enjoy another eventless night. As the first hints of light started to show, Arocken woke to go off to a lone tree where she did her usual morning ritual. The magic users also like to use this time to be able to replenish their spells from the smaller spell book that they have to carry in their pack. It is easier to see in day light than by the flickering light of the camp fire.

As morning wore on and everyone arose and took care of their usual routine, they prepared to continue further up the road that they were traveling. It is now that they are able to see that it appears another road is up ahead. This was not seen the night before since it was outside of the range of the light spell. A check of the map confirmed their suspicions. Here again is another road that is not on the map that they were provided with. The decision was made to go down it and see where it led to.

As they followed the new road, it was noted that this road seemed to be more traveled than the ones that they have been on so far. It was also noticed that the road was built in a way that it resembled a cattle chute. Where as the other roads had a lot of grassy space on each side of it, this road had a vertical rock wall that varied from 15 to 20 feet high along each side. Fortunately it is 20 feet wide so that there is no problem with getting the wagon through. After rounding another bend in the road they are able to see that there is an area of grass and trees ahead that it leads to. There is however a pile of rocks crossing the road at the entrance to the grassy area and what looks like a guard stationed at this entrance. As they approach, it is appearant that the guards are made up of Gnomes. It is also noted that they gnomes have seen their approach and are discussing what should be done.

Weslocke hails the gnomes with his ability to speak their native tongue. He tells them that the party means them no harm. The leader of the guard force acknowledges this and tells him that the party may advance without worry of attack. Weslocke relays this to the rest of the party and says that everyone should not pull out any weapons at this time. As they are moving forward, he gives Flemin a quick lecture on what not to do at this time, since the dwarf can be unpredictable at times.

Upon reaching the rock barricade in the road, Weslocke inquires as to if the gnomes know any other languages besides their native tongue. The guard Chieftan says that common is also known and asks if the conversation should continue in that language. Weslocke says that would be better for the rest of the party and the remainder of the conversation takes place in the common laguage.

The chieftan inquires as to what the party is on the road for. Weslocke tells of them investigating the problem with trade between Bissel and other communities. The gnome chief tells of merchants that have arrived on foot telling of their caravan being attacked by trolls. The party tells of their battle and defeat of the trolls. Upon hearing this, the chief calls another gnome forward and says that if any of the party is in need of healing that their cleric can provide this for them. They party thanks for the healing offer, but states that at this time they are not in need of healing. They inquire of the gnomes as to any other dangers they have heard of. The chief says about a large hobgoblin war party that they have fought off on a couple of occaisions. The party says that they have encountered a hobgoblin party themselves, but are not sure as to how large it was. The chief then tells of an odd occurance just last night. It seemed that in the middle of the night the guard noticed a lone tall elf walking down the road with a large dog beside him. Upon calling out to the elf, he stopped. They inquired as to his purpose, but there was no response from the elf. By the time reinforcements had arrived, the elf had turned around and walked back down the road, dissapearing into the darkness. At this, Arocken said, "See, we told you that there was an elf and dog." The chief says that it is just about time for the midday meal and offers for the party to join them. He tells them of the stable at which they may take the horses to. At the stable, Arocken stays a bit to be sure that the gnome is capable of taking care of their horses. Relieved to find that the stable gnome is kind and caring with animals she catches up with the rest of the party just as they get to the meal site. Since the party is with the chief, they get to sit at a large table outside with him. As they eat, Weslocke inquires as to if they may have more of a discussion with the chief later in the day. The chief agrees. Upon finishing the meal, the chief excuses himself saying that he has to go file his report about the experience with the elf the night before. He invites the party to stay and enjoy the vale and rest. Arocken says that it would be good to give the horses a rest after all the traveling that they have done over the past few days. Most of the party stays at the table to take care of various tasks that are not easily done while traveling. Arocken, Weslocke, and Flemin however do move from the table.

Arocken wanders around the vale to see what she can find. Much to her dismay she doesn't find any hint about unicorns here either. She does however come upon a group of animal handlers that have 3 giant badgers with them. She approaches one of the badgers calmly and it lets her even touch it. Since the badgers only let the handlers touch them, this greatly impresses them. She continues on her way but finds nothing more of interest.

Flemin has been approached by some of the gnomes and is more than happy to "teach" them some of the finer points of fighting. In no time, the sounds of his teachings echo throughout the vale.

Weslocke manages to find a couple of illusionists and is happy to find that they know of a spell that he doesn't. Upon listening to their descriptions, he is able to learn this new spell and is able to scribe it into an empty page in the spell book that he has brought on the campaign. The gnomes then take him to a very well aged gnome that has a shop. Much to his delight, the gnome is able to identify items for a fee. Weslocke tell of the parties need for this service and agrees to the 10gp price per item. He goes to tell the party of this. On his way back, he finds Arocken and tells her. They collect Flemin and the rest of the party and go to have the magical items that they found identified. They are pleased to find out the following for each character.

Arocken has a scimatar +1.

Benedict has a horseman's mace +4 and a shield +1.

Cathartic has Full Plate +2.

Hocherbrecht has a ring of water walking, crossbow of speed +1, 3 bolts +2, and splint mail +2.

Dunil has a potion of extra healing

Weslocke has a ring of protection +1, a potion of heroism, and 2 potions of vitality.

Flemin has a hand axe +1.

and Veda has a wand of magic missiles with 12 charges remaining.

The party realized that there was a set of magical chain mail in the cart yet. Benedict went and brought it to be identified. Upon finding that it is chain mail +2, Ethelrede exchanged his regular chain mail for the magical set to afford a better Armor Class for his fighter. At this point they return to the table where they had the midday meal and are met by the guard chief.

He shows them to a building with 9 beds inside. He tells them that the clans top elder, the Laird Gwaylar, has given the party the use of this building when they are at the village. He asks what did the party want to talk of that was asked at the noon meal? They tell of some items that they have heard of and ask what the gnomes might know of the Demonicon of Iggwilv, the Prison of Zagig, and of Douds Wondrous Lanthorn. He tells that they know that the demonicon is a book that according to rumor is bound in skin. Noone knows what type of skin it may be though. The prison of Zagig looks like a metal bird cage, but that it is just that, a prison. If it is set to capture, anyone or anything that touches it will be imprisoned within it. As for douds wondrous lanthorn, it is some sort of lantern. Instead of a flame, it is said to be powered by gems. It is also said that different gems will change what the lanthorn does. At this time, nobody knows where these items are actually located, but it is believed they were last possessed by the archmage Iggwilv and that all three items are together somewhere.

Weslocke inquires with the party as to showing the verse. They agree and Arocken gives the map to Weslocke who shows the verse to the chieftan. He says he is not sure what the first line means but that the second line would tend to suggest looking over your shoulder before starting something. The third and fourth seem to make one sentence that indicates if you don't look over your shoulder before starting that there will be some sort of consequence which most likely isn't something good at all.

Unfortunately, due to the DM having to be at work early the next morning, this is where the session was concluded for the night.

11-11-2008, 07:03 PM
im going to be talking to wes on his journal, when he responds..

11-11-2008, 07:16 PM
im going to be talking to wes on his journal, when he responds..

I will be sure to keep tabs on the discussion.

11-24-2008, 03:52 PM
As the gnome Chieftan awaits to see if the party has any requests before the evening meal, unexpectedly there is a knock on the door. Without waiting for a response, the door opens and in walks a gnome that is wearing rather nice robes. The Chieftan acknowledges the newcommer and introduces her as the clans Chief Cleric.

She appologizes for the intrusion but inquires if the part could answere a question for her. When they agree to provide whatever response they can, she pulls out a gold necklace with a charm on it. The charm is of a circle with a unicorn inside it. She tells them that the Elf dropped it on the road the other night and once he was out of sight one of the guards went and retrieved it.

Upon seeing a gold necklace, Dunil steps forward to take ahold of it, but Arocken quickly advances and takes the necklace from the cleric. She is surprised to see a charm of her diety, Ehlonna. Arocken asked about the necklace but the cleric is unable to provide any information other than it was dropped by the elf. Upon asking, Arocken is allowed to keep the necklace. Of course, Dunil offers to "keep it safe" for her, but Arocken quickly puts it around her neck and tucks it out of sight.

As the rest of the party heads over for the evening meal, Arocken is shown where the necklace was found laying on the road. Much to her dismay, the only thing she finds on the road is of the party's passage as they came down the road. She does notice a rock on the south side ledge that is 20 feet above the road and goes to inspect it. Oddly, there is a 50 foot rope tied to it. The footprints around the rock are of some type of humaniod creature, but as to if it was human, elf, or some other creature, she is not able to identify since the tracks were left by someone or thing that was wearing shoes of some type on their feet. After some more looking and finding nothing else, she heads over to the evening meal also. Once there, she tells of her find. Of course, since the others have been there eating and drinking for awhile, a couple of them have had a little extra to drink and give her a hard time as to the purpose of the rope.

After the meal, they all eventually made their way back to their lodging. Some of them thought that the dwarf might shake the building apart with his snoring. The magic users used time to relearn used spells and the others got their equipment ready since they planned to continue on their quest the next day. They were happy to have someplace to sleep on other than the open ground again.

The next morning, as they all eventually arose, each made their way over to partake of the morning meal. Since he was there and done first, Hockerbrecht offered to go aquire some more provisions since they didn't know how long they may be before finding another village if any. At least they a happy to have found the gnome village to be able to seek refuge at in the future. Since they had one empty barrel that had been full of grain for the horses, they figure that it could be used to catch water in to be sure of not completely running out and not being near a water source. At this, Hockerbrecht goes in search of a merchant.

When he finds the merchants store, Hockerbrecht uses coinage from his bag of holding to obtain the supplies. He aquires the following items:

28 Days of dry rations for the entire party at a cost of 360 gp. 50 pounds of dried fruit for 100 sp. And 28 days worth of grain for the horses at the sum of 1,120 sp. Fortunately his bag of holding contained the coin pile from the blue dragons cave and he had plenty of coin to pay with. This also came in handy that it made some free space inside his bag since it was rather full with all those coins in it. He brings the horse and cart along with his own mount and the merchant has his helpers load the five new barrels into the large cart. Luckily there can be three barrels side by side in the cart so that they only take up not quite a quarter of the space in the back when added to the other two that were already there. He then meets up with the rest of the party and tells them of what he was able to obtain. Everyone seems happy to know that they won't have to worry about going hungry anytime soon.

With it being late in the morning, they head on their way. The day guard waves as they pass out through the "gate". As they continue up the road, the gnomes turn to putting the stones back now that the party's wagon has went back out of the village. As they get back to the main road, they quickly decide to continue north as they have already been everywhere that is south on their map. Even to include the two roads that they added to it that were missing. They wondered if maybe they could sell the map back upon their return to Bissel now that there were new roads added to it. They are also pretty sure that the information of a new village for possible trade with should also meet with approval.

Being on the well used main road makes their progress much easier. They wonder if the 4 trolls that they dispatched of was what had caused the trade to come to a halt at Bissel. It would be easier for the merchants to go to the gnome village than try to make it through the trolls area. Eventually the noise of a large group is heard coming from ahead along the road. They stop to see what comes into view, but before they see anything, Weslocke is able to hear the unmistakable language of the gnomes, singing. They wait as the group stops to talk in the road. Appearantly they are heading back to the village. They have been out on patrol for 2 weeks but haven't seen anything. The party tells of defeating the trolls. The gnomes are happy to hear this, since that was what they were primarily looking for and were not able to find. The party is told that there is a crossroads up ahead. Each group then proceeds on their way.

When they find it, there isn't actually a crossroads, but a Y. A check of the map confirms this. So much for finding a couple more new roads to add to the map. Since the branch that leads to the Northwest doesn't go that long before coming to its end they decide to check it out first. As they are going around a sweeping curve in the road, they a surprised to see 3 Brown bears charging out of some brush towards them. Being up ahead of the rest Arocken is alone and tries to calm the charging bears. One of them does turn and wander back into the brush. Seeing a chance to try out a spell he was able to aquire at the gnome village, Weslocke casts color spray at the remaining two bears. When the spell hits, one bear is in front of the other and does not see the rainbow of color, his counter part, however, is not a lucky and is stunned. It falls over onto its side. The remaining bear rushes up to Arocken and attacks. Even though it missed, she strikes back at the bear. However, she doesn't want to hurt it any more than neccessary, so she strikes with the flat of her blade and does minimal damage while telling it that it is a bad bear and should go home.

Upon seeing the bear attack Arocken, Hockerbrecht fires his crossbow and hits the bear and does a little damage. At the same time, both Ethelrede and Flemin spur their horses forward to go help the ranger. Seeing the bear, the draft horse gets nervous and Veda has a fun time trying to keep it from wanting to turn and bolt off. Dunil readys her dagger, just in case, but continues to count the coins in one of the bags in the back of the cart. Both the clerics watch to see if they may be needed for healing.

Again the bear misses on it's second attack, and Arocken does minimal damage again trying to tell the bear to go home. At this time Flemin and Ethelrede arrive as the second bolt fired by Hocherbrecht sails over top of the bears back. Flemin hits the bear for a little damage, but Ethelrede's strike is a mighty one and delivers a huge wound to the bear.

The bear being badly hurt agains misses the ranger. Again Arocken does minimal damage and tells the bear that if it would have left, it would not have gotten hurt like this. This time Hockerbrecht fires one of his magic bolts and does enough damage to actually take the bear down and out. Of course the death of the bears weighs on Arocken. She is not happy with Hockerbrecht since he is the one that finished the bear off. He says that he couldn't just stand by and watch the bear attack her and also mentions that only one of the three were killed. This reminds everyone that there is another bear still there. It comes to and jumps up. Not being to sure of what happened, the other bears runs off into the brush. To help the ranger deal with the bear's death, it is mentioned about using the bear for their evening meal tonight. Since it is dead, Arocken is somewhat relieved that it won't go to waste. They load the dead bear onto the back of the cart and check the map. Fortunately, there is a nice long straight piece in the road that will be alot easier to see any approaching danger. They also didn't want to see if the other two bears would decide to come back.

As they reached the middle of the straight a way, the party chooses a spot to make camp at. It is at this point that the realize that nobody gave it a thought to get some tents while they were at the gnome's village. They get to work on making camp and getting the bear cooked. Hockerbrecht mentions the possibility of using the bear's hide as a blanket.

This is when we called it another night. It seemed as though a few folks were getting a little tired and the DM had to be somewhere early the next morning too. Due to some previous appointments being scheduled, the next game sessions is slated for 3 weeks from now on Dec. 13th. Hopefully everyone will be able to endure 3 weeks between game sessions.

11-30-2008, 02:17 PM
I'm enjoying following this adventure. Campaign logs are a key to a good game, especially when DMing. As a player, I really like them too, because I know the time it takes out side of game to do them.

12-04-2008, 03:57 PM
As luck would have it, the DM will not be able to be there on the 13th due to his work schedule being messed up for that day. We are checking to see if the majority of the group can make it for a game session on Dec. 20th. We will be sure to let everyone know on here, since it seems that the thread has a decent following.

Yes, we were able to get together for a session on the 20th. That game session as well as all future sessions will be posted on cplmac's blog. This decission was made after conferring with our site Administrator. We both believe that the blog section is a better place for the campaign log. My appologies to those who are used to reading the game sessions posts here. I can only hope that you will continue to follow our game progress over on the blog. Thank you.


12-05-2008, 07:16 AM
For what it's worth, I'm still following it, and I haven't even played in it.


12-06-2008, 10:23 PM
I look at the medallion, As I bed down for the night. And I wonder.
“Why did he drop it. Was it a mistake. Did he accidentally drop it? Or did he leave it. Knowing that we would end up there. Does he know about me? He killed the Goblin without us knowing. What else has he done? Has he seen me as I pray? Has he spied down upon me as I bear my soul to the mother of the woods? Did he see my tattoos? The ones that only father “” saw? Was he close enough to see my scars. The scars of my failure. What must he think of me?
He may spy upon me and I can not even find him. Why does he hide from me? He plagues my thoughts, and I know not what to do. Never before has a person intrigued me so. I prayed to find him and yet he eluded me. I used every power that My father taught me. And yet even papa would not be able to find this one. He hides... I have only heard tales of one such as this. How did her learn to be so? Is it something the elves only know? Things that Papa never taught me? Or is he special?
The animals that gathered around me seemed wary of him. Is it because he is even more elusive than them. Or is he perhaps a bad man. I.. I can only hope is the prior.
He must be good. How else would he happen upon the medallion.
It must be his... he couldn't have. He couldn't have stolen it or ... * sigh
He could have stolen it yes. He could be a horrid man. He could kill those I seek. He could be.... But then why leave the medallion. Oh I do not know. This is so perplexing. If he would only speak with me. If only..*.argh! Toss turn*
But if he is good... if he left it for me.... *soft sigh
Why, why would he do that? I just don't understand. I don't understand people. Like Weslock. I thought that he was an intelligent fellow whom I could speak with. I wanted to learn to speak elven from him. I wanted to learn more about the elven people. I... Want to know of my fathers people. I want to know... But if they were like Weslock , or that other .Hoc. I just don't understand them. I just mentioned that stupid rope. Thought it was odd. And they made fun of me for it. I will definitely remember not to mention just idle things to them any more. I guess that I should keep my own curious mind to myself like I always have. And then they destroyed that bear. I feel so badly about that. I will have to wake early to pray extra long to Ehlonna for forgiveness. I hated to destroy a creature that was just protecting itself. I know that we could have subdued it. It hadn't even hurt me a iota. Yet they killed the poor thing. Thank Ehlonna that the other two ran. I am sure if they hadn't that those I am with would have killed them too. The thought of having people to talk to was just nice. To have someone to speak to. I am.. all alone even though I am surrounded by these people. It makes me miss Papa and Mama so desperately. *sigh tears welling I wish I had been strong enough to save them. Strong enough to save the unicorns. To save them all.
I want to know what Papa thinks of this elf that is evading me. I want to ask his advice and... he would know .... *sigh I guess I have to quit thinking of the pas t. Think of now.. Ponder on this Elf. Must thing good things...

Perhaps there is a reason he dropped the medallion. Perhaps he is one I could talk to. Who would understand me. He could be a follower of Ehlona, just like me. And he a part of the forest unlike I have ever seen. He walks without a tread. Then he would want his medallion back.. he would be coming for it. I left him enough clues and footprints back where he left it. He would know I have it.. and will be back for it, for me. *puts the medallion against heart Perhaps he could help me on my quest. Perhaps ... perhaps he already knows the things that I yearn to learn... Perhaps... Perhaps...

(She keeps thinking of all the good things that the Elf could represent. And with a little hope in her heart she falls asleep. When she awakes she would pray extra long and keep here eyes open for any sign of the Elf, of course in the usual quiet spot away from everyone else)

12-16-2008, 11:52 AM
Hooray! It looks good for our group to get to game this Saturday on Dec. 20th. At the present time, it even looks like the weather will cooperate too.

12-26-2008, 08:03 PM
Just wanted to be sure that anyone who wants to keep following the games progress is aware that the decission has been made to move the game session posts to cplmac's campaign logs & blog. This way the thread will revert back to actually dealing with campaign invitations. I hope that everyone will follow us over to the blog. Thank you.


01-05-2009, 11:13 AM
Unfortunately, we had a few folks that have had to drop out due to their schedules. Due to this, there is currently 3 of the characters open for new members to choose from. They are the human fighter Ethelrede, the human cleric Cathartic, and the human mage Veda.

Potential players need to be aware that where we meet for the game sessions, there are 3 children present. This allows for those two members from having to find someone to watch thier children. They also have a dog and a cat, so if allergies are an issue, wanted to make sure you were aware ahead of time. We also usually bring at least snacks and beverage to share.

As new members commit to the group, they would get to choose a character in that order. If you want to join us, please send a PM to either cplmac or aeval on the site here.

01-15-2009, 02:09 PM
To keep everyone up to date, at this time it appears that we have found 3 people to fill the open seats. If this changes, I will be sure to post availability again. The group is looking forward to welcoming our new members on Saturday, the 17th.

02-03-2009, 10:52 AM
Sorry folks but once again the ranks in our group are filled up. If this would change, I will be sure to post again on here.

* For Old School: Be sure to check you Private Message if you haven't done so yet. One was sent earlier today.

04-14-2009, 09:38 PM
For those who are in our area that may be interested, we may be looking to fill a spot again. We will know if there is a need for another player after our next game session. If the seat does open, it would be for the character of Veda, the human mage.

Also, I have an online 2E game that is slated to begin on April 19th using the Chat on the site here. At this time, there are 2 seats available in that game as well. If interested in it, be sure to check the Campaign Invitation for "Destiny of Kings".

05-31-2009, 08:40 AM
The party has found that the lower level of the Lost Caverns is even more of a maze than the upper level was. Be sure to check out the campaign log over on cplmac's blog here on the P&PG site.

Although with each game session of the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth game, the party gets closer to finding what they are looking for, we have come to the point once again where there is one character available for someone that would be interested in joining in on the ongoing campaign. The new player would be using the character of Veda, a human 8th level mage.

Also, when this game gets to the point where either it is over or it gets to the point where I will have to have time to expand beyond the original end of the printed module (which is what the game group is hopeful will happen), there will be another 2E game starting that will be run by Starwolf as the DM. So if someone would take over the character of Veda, you will not have to worry that you would only get to game for a limited time. The one thing that I can tell about Starwolf's game is that all the characters will be starting at level 1.

06-19-2009, 08:44 AM
Currently, the character of Veda (mage) is still open for a player that is looking for a game. We are slated to have another game session on June 27th. Yes, it will have been a month since the last session, but with the large group and varying Summer schedules, we knew that this would be happening. If you are interested, contact either myself or Aeval about possibly jumping in on the campaign.

Also, since I will be leaving the following morning for vacation with my family, it will be quite awhile before I get the campaign log updated on my blog. We won't be getting back from vacation until July 5th, and I may be running a session of my online game, Destiny of Kings, that evening.

07-06-2009, 09:27 AM
Well folks, the party is starting to close in on where they hope to find the items of which they seek. We are to have another game session on July 11th. Both the June 27th and July 11th sessions will be posted on the campaign log after the July 11th session.

07-21-2009, 12:15 PM
Congratulations to the party. They have managed to find and obtain Daoud's Wonderous Lanthorn, the Prison of Zagig, and the Demonicon of Iggwilv. They're biggest problem at the present time is that once they came out of the Caverns, the Drow attacked and managed to get the Prison of Zagig from them.

At this time, since the party has reached the end of the original module, I have to create what is needed for them to continue on. As this will take some time, one of the players is actually going to take the DMs seat and run a game. I will be playing a character in it and am thinking about having a journal for my character, so that those that want can follow along too.

03-17-2010, 12:07 PM
Just a quick update. Our party has grown and when I complete the expansion of the Tsojcanth campaign, there will actually be 12 Characters. Myself and Starwolf, who is DMing our current game have said that this will be the limit of characters. Amazingly enough, our last game session ran smoothly, even with the large number of people. In addition to to the original characters, there will be a Gnome cleric, most likely a Dwarf wayfinder, and a 3rd character as yet to be determined.