View Full Version : 4th edition group forming now!

Johny Limbo
01-31-2008, 02:56 PM
Go look on the thread titled 4th edition application being taken now! I am trying to get a group of players together that will be ready to play in my campaign shortly after 4th edition is released. I have a long history of running campaigns, and I currently run a home brew campaign at my home every other Sunday. I Plan on having some good players who know not only the mechanics of the game, but also know how to roll-play as well. I have plots that will develop over the course of the characters level progressing and I plan on going into deep character detail. I have the campaign setting plotted out as well and I am just waiting for the new edition to come out so I can learn the rules and the mechanics. I would like to already have my players lined up and ready to go as soon as we can get the new system learned. I want to start drafting players now, that way once the new edition comes out, we will be ready to go. I am looking for experienced players who are looking for a long-term campaign where they go from 1st-15th level at least. I use minis for combat only, and I am looking for players who are willing to role-play as well. I am not concerned with min/max players or rules lawyers, or chaotic players who need attention and get it by causing problems in a D+D group. I am a grown man in his late 20's and I am looking for mature players who are ready to have a great time. Anyone who is interested should email me at
My campaign setting is going to be a bit of dark future, no tech, post war, mix of blade runner, and forgotten realms and Ebberron. With elements from other fantasy settings as well. I have all of the tools and minis a DM will need, now I just need 4th edition to get here and some players.....