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01-30-2008, 03:37 PM
My wife was bummed at out RPG groups and thinking about giving up on RPGs all together. So I decided Sunday that I would attempt to throw something together for Tuesday night. I thought long and hard and we always loved Forgotten Realms (in fact I met my wife at a 3.0 FR game) but neither of us is fond of the D&D mechanics. Still I could focus on the story and blame the rule flubs on being rusty. I contacted a couple of our friends and by Tuesday I had a basic plot with a Elf Ranger, Human Paladin of Helm, and Human Priest of Tyr (Rogue class but he uses his skills to fight evil).

Here goes the story...
The priest of Tyr was waiting in Baldur'sGate for a contact who had information about some recent kidnappings in Waterdeep. The contact never showed. He asked around town and found out this guy was a little shady but usually on time. The priest moved south when he got to the Friendly Arm Inn he inquired as to any troubles. The patrons told him Bandit Raids are more common these days so he asked the elf ranger of cloakwood (who was buying some supplies) and a couple flaming fist guards to accompany him down the road to search for his "friend" They found some sink holes and a stopped carriage. The was bound for Baldur's Gate with two nobles and a paladin of Helm. The body guard was grabbed by some mandibles and before anyone could do much he was pulled under the ground. Everyone was stunned and didn't quite know what to do but they needed to get moving. Then one of the flaming fist guards was grabbed. The ranger and priest tried to help him but they found there attacks did not land as hard as they had hoped against the mandibles. The paladin then grabbed hold of the mandibles and in a conan style manuver managed to pull them open. He then proceeded to pull the Ankheg out from under the ground. The ranger and priest made short work of the beast. After the battle they looked around and found clues that the priest's friend may have been taken into Cloakwood. The three decided to search for the priest's friend after escorting the guards and the civilians to the Friendly Arm. They followed the trail through the woods and found an old cabin that was dilapidated on the outside but fairly clean on the inside. A stew was cooking on the stove and the fireplace was burning. The ranger scouted the outside and thinks shes saw a beholder watching them. The priest found a bunch of new books on an old book shelf with various histories and religious writings of the realms. They looked for signs of the priest's friend and eventually pulled up the throw rug and saw the trap door. It was locked so they decided to break it in and some sort of gas escaped. Inside was a ladder that went down about 15ft to what looked like a mining tunnel. They droped a sunrod and climbed down the ladder into the mine...

Thats where we ended it. All in all I give myself a 6 out of 10. I could have used more preptime and I didn't encourage roleplaying as much as I should have. I also made some silly GM mistakes that I should not have. Stay tuned for episode II.

01-30-2008, 03:57 PM
Wow, grappling an Ankheg out of the ground. That's some feat!

Pretty interesting so far, keep us up to date

01-30-2008, 04:01 PM
Yeah, sounds cool for an introduction adventure. Classic D&D. :cool:

01-30-2008, 07:12 PM
Very interesting so far. I look forward to updates. Please post updates :eek:

01-31-2008, 12:21 PM
Go for it. Not bad so far and you can but improve. You don't get a great deal of role-play in first sessions. Character are too new, people are just getting into the game. Games improve with age.

02-04-2008, 11:42 AM
Yes, very interesting so far. Curious as to the effect of the gas that you said came out when they busted the trap door open. Could be that the party doesn't notice effect because it takes time for it to travel through their system after inhaling it. I am looking forward to seeing the next segment. Like said above, there is usually not much role playing in the first segment of any new adventure.

02-07-2008, 12:54 PM
Game #2 will be Tuesday the 12th :D stay tuned, I will post the paladin between now and then (maybe tonight!). This game I will hopefully get some outlines of the players back stories for their characters.

02-10-2008, 07:09 AM
very nice! and welcome back to the ranks of dm! i am also looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

02-13-2008, 03:05 PM
We had an addition to the group of a Human Fighter former underdark slave gladiator. I also offered some XP for PCs to write up what happened. In their own words here is something I got. (its detailed, frankly I don't remember it being this good)

"The three bold adventurers decided to descend into the opening uncovered by the trapdoor on the cabin's floor. Once on the ground, they started walking down the dimly lit passageway. The passage before them was unnatural, shaped into being by many humanoid hands. They paused at a junction.

Arianna studied the ground. "I see tracks heading in both directions. However, the tracks to the left seem to indicate that someone or several someones were dragged there against their will. The tracks to the right are constant and numerous." After a brief discussion, the group made their way down the left path.

They then came to a large set of wooden doors, slightly elevated from the ground, and adorned with a pair of giant knockers. The tracks they had been following continued under the door. Rank tried to get the door to budge, to no avail. Arianna and Rick assisted, each trying to pull on the knockers in hope of getting the doors to open. The doors appeared blocked. At this point, Rank ran his hand below the aperture of the doors, checking to see if there was a way to unblock them. One of his hands met up with an upright slab of wood, which seemed to be nailing the door in place from the inside. The group then began to try to force the door.

On the other side of the door, confined to elevated cages, were three captives. The cage to the right contained the only lucid captive; even though Coop had been confined to the cage for about three days, he felt fortunate that his captors had left him alone. His compatriots had not been so lucky; one lay in his cell, semi-conscious, and the other mumbled incoherently to himself. He knew that the other two men had being treated in horrific ways, being drained of their life energy for some unknown purpose. It was then that Coop heard noises coming from the doorway, and he saw the door begin to open. His hopes grew when he saw that those stepping into the room where not his captors; perhaps he would finally see freedom.

Their efforts had proved successful; the group had gained entry to the room beyond the doors. A peek around the entry showed that this room had once been a temple to an elven deity, but it had long since been abandoned. Chains hung from the ceiling, connected to something far below. The three adventurers heard a voice calling to them from within the room; however, when they turned to look, instead of seeing what they hoped were the captives they had been seeking, they saw a large, tentacled creature blocking their path.

They quickly stepped behind the door. "What is that thing?" asked Rank. "It's an otyugh", whispered Arianna, "take care if we do battle, as those tentacles are designed to do great harm." Rank, Rick and Arianna took their weapons in hand, prepared to defend themselves if the creature chose to attack.

Coop's mind raced. How had his captors handled the creature? "Toss it some, food, that should distract it", he shouted. He hoped that one of them heard him.

Food! Perhaps the creature was hungry! Arianna's thoughts raced. She dug into the sac where she normally kept the food she hunted, and felt relief when her hands touched the remains of the rabbits the group had dined on the night before. She threw the first portion she grabbed. The otyugh saw the rabbit, and ran towards the far end of the room to enjoy this unexpected feast.

Coop acted quickly; he forced the door of his cell open, and hurriedly did the same for the other two captives in the room. Rick and Arianna moved to help, but Rank stopped them. "We do not wish to be in here once that thing finishes eating. We can provide assistance once we are all safe in the hall." The three of them and the captives exited the room. As they left, Arianna tossed the remaining rabbit towards the otyugh, who whimpered slightly as it saw them leave; it then turned to finish off the second rabbit.

Once in the hall, those able to provide first aid gently mended the most injured of the captives, giving him the ability to move of his own accord. Coop then introduced himself and the others. "I am Coop, and these are George and Frack. We thank you for helping us to freedom."

As they walked back down the passage, short exchanges took place amongst the motley group. Coop told of the events that led to his capture. He mused, somewhat to himself, that he wished he could find his belongings before they left. Rick mentioned that there was another way where they could possibly find them, and Frack echoed this by recalling that their belongings were taken to the barracks.

At the junction of the passageway, the group turned left again. Activity was evident on the dirt floor, as dozens of footprints went here and there. Rank took the lead, eventually making his way to an even larger cavern.

This second chamber contained a number of tents and tables. Rank noticed some furry goblins sitting at a fair distance. He quietly continued on towards the tents, and eventually ducked into the largest tent by way of the side. He wanted to know why the captives had been so mistreated. This sounded to Rank like the workings of a cult, and he wanted to know what they were up to.

In this tent he saw a pile of things in a corner, and a lone figure in the bed, apparently sleeping. He noted too that the entrance to the tent looked not quite right, but he could not determine if it had been trapped. He departed the tent, just as quietly, a plan formulating in his mind.

After receiving a short briefing from Rank, the entire group entered the cavern. It had been determined that they were going to try to capture the cult leader. They were relying on the observations made by Rank, and so they speedily made their way towards the largest tent. As they approached, Coop spoke up. "It sounds like they are gambling, and really getting into it. Hopefully they will keep it up, and not notice us at all." Once there, Coop and Frack opted to remain outside, and notify the others if anyone started walking toward the tent. The others quickly ducked inside.

The tent was opulently decorated; it was quite obvious that whoever made their home here was quite learned, and accustomed to life's greater comforts. Luxurious bedding made up the bed, and a number of books adorned the shelves. Rank vanished into the shadows as Arianna and Rick approached the bed.

Rick noticed the form under the covers first; he quickly moved to pin it against the bed. He placed a hand over the mouth and motioned for Arianna to quickly place a gag over it. It was only after the form had been gagged and tied up that they noticed that the form that of a young girl, stripped of clothing and with no eyes in her sockets.

George said: "That's not the cult leader!" Rick and Arianna looked around to see if there was someone else in there with the girl. Arianna looked toward the ceiling, and saw the outline of something that terrified her. "We have to leave, and we have to leave now!", she said. She began to walk towards the wall of the tent.

"What about the girl?" asked Rick. "Leave her; it is not who we are looking for.", Arianna replied. "She needs our help; I am not leaving her behind," said Rick. "Fine, then, bring her, but we need to leave now." Arianna ducked out of the tent; the others followed, confused but not given the opportunity to ask any questions.

The group began walking out of the chamber, when they heard a commotion from behind them. Gutteral shouts and the sounds of fisticuffs came soon after; apparently a disagreement had ended the friendly goblin game.

By the time the group walked out of the cabin, the light of the sun indicated mid-afternoon. After some debate, the group agreed to continue investigation of these strange events after gathering more information. They decided to head back to the Friendly Arm Inn for the rest of the day.

They arrived at the inn in the early evening, and secured rooms for the night. The young girl was provided with some warm clothing, then was taken to the local temple of Garl Glittergold for healing. Gellana bid them good eve, and assured them that she would do all she could for the girl. She requested that they leave the girl there for the night and she would see what she could do in the meantime.

As the rest of the group continued on to the inn, Arianna stepped into the woods. These strange happenings had her worried, and she wanted to find out if the resident ranger of Cloakwood had more information. She hurried her step, knowing she had a long night ahead of her, trying to find Kivan.

Rick, Rank and Coop were all seeking information about the strange events taking place in the Cloakwood Forest. The information given to them by Arianna gave them great pause. An otyugh was frightening enough, but a beholder was a creature of nightmares.

Each of them approached different people with this information. Bentley was unable to help them. An older man sitting in the corner at first appeared to have some information, but Rick and Rank determined that the man was more interested in getting drinks in return for his stories. They quickly discounted his information when some of the man's stories contradicted their own experiences of events.

As they continued seeking information in the bar, Rick was approached by a young boy who handed him a small piece of leather. The leather had a crudely drawn symbol on it as well as the word "bane". He asked the boy why he had given this to him, and the boy said, "because the man in the corner asked me to". When Rick turned toward the corner where the boy was pointing, he saw no one sitting there.

Coop was busy engaging a fine young elven woman in conversation. She did not appear to have any knowledge of the strange events in the woods, but she was certainly expressing an interest in the man before her. As they concluded their exchange, she quietly slipped him the key to her room.

Coop, Rank and Rick regrouped with George and Frack, which is when they noticed that Frack did not seem quite himself; actually, he looked quite ill. Coop started to lead him to the temple, when Frack seized him by the arm. Coop felt a sharp pain in his forearm, and when he looked down, he saw claw marks. What's more, when he looked at Frack's hands, he noticed that the man's nails were quite short. During this tumult a cleric was called for, and the three men worked to hold Frack down until help could arrive. As they did so, they noticed another strange thing about the man: his chest was incredibly full of hair, unnaturally so. At this point, help did arrive, and the men followed with Frack to the Glittergold temple.

Gellana emerged from the inner chamber after some time. "He has lycanthropy. ", she stated. "I can help him, but it will take some time." With this news, the four of them returned to the inn, to dine and get some rest.

Coop acted on the invitation from elven maiden. He made his way upstairs to her room, and used to the key to gain entry. She was waiting for him, and he seized the moment before him. In the midst of it all, he noticed oddly that her eyes were changing hues. In her excitement, she was losing control of the illusion she had cast upon her, and reverted back to her natural shape. With horror, Coop realized that the girl who had once laid beside him was a large white spiderling. He screamed and jumped from the bed.

She looked crestfallen. "But I like you," she said, as she took on more of her natural form. "I'm sorry that I got carried away." He stumbled out as he mumbled his apologies, disregarding her change back into an attractive elven woman. Coop took the stairs several at a time, intent on drowning out memories of that evening with several drinks of strong ale and wine.

It was near to midnight when Arianna came upon Kivan, sleeping in the nook of a large tree. She awoke him, and even though he did not appreciate being awakened at this time of night, she rushed immediately into her explanation of the last few day's events. Kivan grumpily responded, "Call upon the other rangers; we'll look into this in the morning. Ring the bell at the Friendly Arm Inn."

Morning came early the following day. The persons of the Friendly Arm Inn were awakened to an incessant ringing coming from outside. As they made their way outside they saw rangers stepping out from the forest, and the guards of the area clustered around the tower. After about 2 hours, all of the rangers including Kivan were there and assembled. Kivan filled them in to what he had found.

"There's no one left in the passages below the cabin. All I found down there was a cauldron and a lot of blood.", he said. "Come to think of it, I haven't seen that much blood spilt in about thirty years."

The cultists were gone, but Arianna still felt that the area was under danger. Under Rick's suggestion, she told the rangers to remain at the Friendly Arm Inn for a few hours; perhaps she would ask some of them aid the group in their investigation. She followed them indoors, for a bite of breakfast before embarking on another intense day."

02-13-2008, 03:07 PM
hehehe...sounds cool and classic! :D

02-13-2008, 03:21 PM
This led to 5 min of school boy humor about the door and knockers (my bad). Yeah, it took me three passes to be able to read past "giant knockers" as I kept stopping, closing my eyes, and going mmmmmmmmmm.

Of course, now I want to do a pun with a female Mimic shaped as a door...

02-14-2008, 08:49 PM
I eagerly await the next installment.

02-16-2008, 03:26 AM
Sounds like good fun so far. That is what's important!

02-19-2008, 07:00 AM
please keep the stories coming!