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01-30-2008, 06:15 AM
What are some of your most favorite wargaming memories? If thinking back on the memory of a situation or specific game brings back feelings of nostalgia, then please share it :cool:

01-30-2008, 11:18 AM
I was playing Space Marines versus my buddies' Imperial Guard (40K). I put my whole army in Drop Pods. :D

Then, proceeded to deploy them, my buddy was none to happy as his tanks and heavy weapons usually had ample targets on turn one, but they were denied this carnage. :D

Then, out rolls the lads, and they proceed to FAIL EVERY FREAKIN' ROLL AGAINST THAT TANK HUGGER!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

When half his army should have been off the table by the start of Turn 3, I was now sweatin' and staring at a world of hurt coming my way.

I won, but it was close. I think only 1 of his units ended up fleeing off the table.

Hey, I can laugh about it. It was funny. It should have been a blood bath.... :rolleyes:

01-30-2008, 11:57 AM
Lego battletech a few years back. A free for all demo, I hung back, looked for better weapons (there were arms scattered around the table) and played "lets you and him fight".

I took out two mechs that were more or less out taken before I got there, including one standing on a bridge, I shot the bridge. Into the drink. I ended up in a face to face shoot out with the GM's super mech. I beat it by an inch to be last mech standing.

01-30-2008, 06:05 PM
Alright I've posted this one in the past in another thread. But that was a while ago and I know several of the newer users have probably never seen this. So here it is, my all time favorite wargaming memory.

I had a best friend in High School, named Matt, that just was very socially awkward. After meeting his parents it became clear why but needless to say my friend and his older brother Gabe lived a VERY sheltered life. My friends brother and my friends church pal Paul were the only people Matt ever played with. Gabe had a HUGE ego and rarely played with Matt anymore because Matt offered no challenge. Matt had tried playing with other people from church and school but nobody stayed around too long because Matt ALWAYS won.

When Matt introduced me to the game I immediately took to it. I was very competitive and I talked a lot of smack as Matt beat me down the first few games. Then I won a game. Matt and Paul were shocked and demanded a rematch. I beat him again and his friend Paul. The following week I played against both Matt and Paul as a team (I was given extra Mechs so it was fair) and I beat them twice. The following week Gabe sat in and watched me wipe the floor with Matt and Paul and a new friend I had brought to the game. Gabe came out of retirement to show up his brother and to humilate me. He never really liked me as I was far to comical and he was extremely serious about everything.

Our first battle was a free for all in which most of the game was fought between Matt and Gabe while Paul and I fought each other. When I finished with Paul, Gabe had just finished killing Matt, and Gabe was HEAVILY damaged. I killed him with one shot to the head. He boasted that it was luck, as I had rolled 2D6 and gotten a 12 to pull off that shot. The next week Paul wasn't around to play.

This game was quite different. Apparently Gabe and Matt and decided to team up before the game to teach me a lesson. One thing they both hated about the way I played was I never took any given situation to seriously. They were the super serious type, every action must be the most efficient and logical choice possible, and both had years worth of experience to inflate their ego's. We all could spend 100 Tons on whatever we liked. Matt had one medium mech and two light mechs; Gabe had two medium mechs and a light mech, and I had one Assault mech.

Assault mechs are notoriously slow and are practically sitting targets. Their only advantage is the ridiculous amount of firepower that they wield. Both Matt and Gabe thought choosing a single Assault mech was the most foolish choice a player could make. Their mechs had speed, many options for offense/defence, and had a much greater diversity of weapons. The drawback to smaller mechs is their lack of armor and they must get into close range before they can do any significant damage. My walking fortress could attack them long before they got into range to use their weapons. This was the main advantage I continued to cite but neither could see the value of my reasoning.

During the very first turn of the game both of them moved on my mech but finished their movement phase with their mechs hidden by mountains. I couldn't fire on a single target. I choose to hide in a thick forest hex to make my mech that much harder to hit. By the third turn they had my mech surrounded and there was finally line of sight for all three players. All six mechs attacked me but only two mechs actually hit me. The forest I was in made it very difficult to land a hit on me given the fact that both players had run that turn. Their To-Hit numbers were very large. My mech took virtually no damage. Then it was my turn to attack.

I got a head shot on one of Gabe's mechs which destroyed it. I blew the leg off of one of Matts mechs which caused it to fall to the ground where I finish it off with my Gauss Rifle. I picked up the blown off leg and attacked one of Gabe's mechs that was standing right next to me, knocking it to the ground. The next turn both players retreated to safety, all of their mechs having taken damage, and each player having lost one mech. Gabe failed his roll when he attempted to have his knocked down mech stand up. I set the forest on fire with my flamer and walked to safety. Two turns later Gabe's mech's heat raised high enough that it caused the ammo stored in the left side of his torso to explode. That mech was dead now too.

After retreating from their battle with me, Gabe's medium mech waged a personal war with Matt's two light mechs. Gabe was actually victorious over Matt and was hardly damaged. Matt just wasn't having a good day with his rolls. I stood out in the open and waited for Gabe to eventually move into firing range. I missed him over the course of three turns. My heat was so high that I didn't fire much during those last few turns. I did however pull a tree out of the ground and when Gabe came into range I threw it at him. The tree met its target and Gabe fell over. He fell in face of a Level 3 mountain which I climbed. When his rolling finally allowed him to stand up I was able to perform a Death From Above attack. I jumped on him and he fell right back over. The damage done to his mech was heavy indeed. I planned to walk several hexes away and snipe him on the ground, drawing out the humiliation of his death.

When I was only halfway to my destination Gabe successfully stood up but due to the damage done to his leg from my Death From Above attack, he had to roll to make sure he was able to stay standing up. This roll failed and he fell over once more. The damage he took, which was almost non-existent, when falling over was enough to kill him. Matt and I laughed so hard at him. Gabe was furious and did not play with us again for a good couple of weeks. We had several rematches after that which have many more glorious moments but I think this post is long enough lol. God I love BattleTech! :D

01-30-2008, 09:11 PM
I played a few games of Battletech. I've never won one as far as I remember :D What I mostly loved about it was building the mechs anyway : "damn I love those long range missiles but there's no more room on either arm, what shall I do ? " I have a good memory of the PC game version too, I think it was Mech Commander.

01-30-2008, 09:17 PM
Mech Commander was based on BattleTech but I don't believe it used the BattleTech license. Mech Assualt on the other hand was the greatest BattleTech game I ever had the pleasure of playing. The PC's game were alright but just didn't feel right to me. Before Mech Assault the last great BattleTech video game I played was MechWarrior for the SNES.