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01-21-2008, 04:30 PM
Hyborea, the very name conjures images of heroic loss & tragic victory. It is the essence of Sword & Sorcery, the genre of fantasy & roleplaying that leaves nothing for cowards or ne’er dowells, fools or spoiled brats.

Why the Well of Skelos?

By ancient measure and advice all manner of man – Commoner to King visited Ancient Skelos to learn his Secrets, their Fate, or both as the concern drove them. Upon entering, a Tithe would be assessed against the Petitioner for the Favor of the Presence of Wizened Skelos. Those that had sense enough paid their toll based upon an estimation of the value of the answer to the question they sought, plus a valuation of themselves so as not to bring Omen upon them while at the Court of The Magician. Many are the Tales of men – Commoners and Kings alike who sought to cheat this old man. One common theme in all of them was the Dire Consequences experienced by the niggardly fool.

Now there came a time when even this most ancient of Sages passed into the Beyond – some say a Heaven complete with Honey and Virgins awaited him, while still others insisted it was a far bleaker place full of fowler things than even Old Skelos himself.

Eventually, his Citadel fell into ruin as all works of man, however mighty, will. Eventually hardy souls explored those Ruins. Those that returned told many Tales of Horror and Riches. One common theme, though, was the mention of the Well.

Boundless, death-filled and bottom-less were those Tales, but all full of hand-holds and foot-holds for some Behemoth to ascend or descend, all full of Treasures beyond mortal ken strewn about, because in the Age after Skelos passed the Lords of Atlantis, the Emperors of Mu, the Masters of Thuringia and the Kings of Lemuria each visited the Well when their Lands felt the bite of the Cataclysm. For Skelos on his deathbed had predicted the death throes of those mighty civilizations saying simply that they could all be averted if those doomed kingdoms threw every last item of wealth that they possessed into the Well, which their leaders did, save but a remnant and that remainder was just enough to seal their nation’s Fate.

It is here where the Legend divides. Some say that the Hyboreans had nothing of value so they were spared Skelos’ attention. Still others say that the Hyboreans defeated the Demonic Host that rose from the Feeding of the Well. Still others say that it is all Myth and Fairytale meant to scare the Young and justify the Great Cataclysm that was intoned in that Fell Augery.

Though, I will note Gentle Reader, that there truly is a Well and men have fed it all manner of valuable – whether daughters, jewels or themselves – for countless Ages. It is here that we dare to travel. Welcome to the End!

01-21-2008, 04:32 PM
Hyborea is a traditional in person game w/some capacity to address Email actions/decisions, etc...DJW

03-07-2008, 08:35 AM
i would be interested in this well, but I'm not an experienced player. I need a few low-leveled games to start with to catch back up since my absence about 4 years ago. If you would be able to work with me on this, I would be so happy. I would also need to play online by any method but voice (I have no mic) hopefully, I have a ton of apps I've downloaded. Please contact me and let me know what you think.:cool:

09-08-2011, 03:58 PM
Sorry, I haven't checked this listing in awhile...we do PBEMail a bit...so if you're still interested Email me @ synakkah @ nycap.rr.com...we can get you started...