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09-28-2006, 10:21 AM
I'm starting a Blackmoor MMRPG campaign at my home in Allegan. I'm four miles off of US-131 in Martin, and the drive to Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Holland, or Hastings can be done in less than an hour.

The Blackmoor MMRPG is the 'Living' campaign for Dave Arneson's Blackmoor if you didn't know. There are over 30 adventures to run, and I intend to run them all as a 'home game' that is sanctioned. Players will receive experience, and certificates for participation, and these things will be valid for convention play. I chose to run the MMRPG because I don't have time to do a strong job of detailing an entire setting on my own (what I normally do) and I really like the 3.5 Blackmoor release.

To describe things better, I'm going to use a list I derived from the WoTC 'setting search' contest a few years back. It's a good tool to make a GM focus their thoughts and examine why their game may be fun.
What is the core ethos?
The big push is that you get to play in the 'original campaign setting' for D&D. Blackmoor is a very old world with over 30 years of play under it's belt. The setting feels very familiar to old hands at D&D, and yet Arneson has included the things from his home campaign that makes it special and unique -- so it does not feel like a stock fantasy setting. There are rich cultures, exciting places, and enough detail to make the setting feel live and full of adventure.
Who are the heroes?
A Westryn elf, protecting the lands of his people. A High Thonian noble seeking to secure Blackmoor from imperial ambitions. A Peshwah rider, scouting to detect Afridi movements. A strong willed Docrae halfling, intolerant of short jokes. An Arcane Warrior focused on ensuring that the use of magic does not get out of control. Blackmoor provides many races and cultures to draw upon for heroic inspiration.
What do they do?
Carve their fates and fortunes across a frontier landscape that is ripe with opportunity, and full of dangers. Motivations could be as simple as personal wealth and glory, or as complex as leaving your native lands to take down dangers before they can escalate to the point that they threaten your home.
Threats, Conflicts, Villains?
The Afridi invaders, the Egg of Coot, powerful and ancient dragons, sorcerer gangs, Skandaharian raiders, and the ever watchful eye of the Thonian Empire threaten Blackmoor and the lands surrounding.
What is the nature of magic?
Magic is deeply tied to this world. To the point where the land itself exhibits magical activities. Castle Blackmoor itself is built upon rock of a magical and unknown nature.
What’s new? What’s different?
Strong political entities affect the spellcasters of Blackmoor. A war between sorcerers and wizards in the past led to the rise of the Wizards Cabal -- an order dedicated to ensuring that sorcerers will never range unchecked in the populated areas of Blackmoor. This makes it possible for 'renegade' spellcasters to exist against political poles. Every layer of the societies and cultures in the setting have detail like this. Characters don't just exist, they exist for a reason, belong to an order, or have cultural motivations. The world does not gravitate toward vanilla fantasy. Further, how many times do you get to play in a setting still actively touched by it's creator?Here is a link to the official Blackmoor MMRPG (http://dablackmoor.com/MMRPG/) site for more information.

Specifics about my home:
I have a dog and two cats - if you have allergies this would be bad for you.
I have a wife and three kids (boy/girl/girl ages: 9/4/6). Be nice to them.
I am looking to have a game in a relaxed atmosphere.
I do use miniatures and electronic tools to better manage my game.
I can be bribed with quality beers.