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09-28-2006, 10:52 AM
I'm going to use the same questions Farcaster answered, because they are good ones. That's a hint Farcaster, sticky a thread with a basic template for everyone to follow before the flood happens! ;)

How did you first get started in roleplaying games?
When I was in 5th grade I spent the night at a friends house for his birthday. The next morning started with breakfast and then everyone started playing "Greyhawk" -- a mysterious game to me. They had this table sized map and started telling me about their adventures. I was hooked.

I went home and made up my own game based on what I saw that day. Forced my brother and neighbors to play. Eventually I scrimped and saved enough to get the fabled red box for basic D&D and I never looked back. I've played every single version since.

What games have you played?
Forgotten Realms
The 'Known World' (pre-Mystara)
Are you currently in a group?
Currently forming one to be exact. I have three people I've gamed with in the past that I'm currently feeling out to start a Blackmoor MMRPG campaign. I'm LFP because I need at least one more person to fill out the table!

The 'what else' question?
I'm a massive computer game geek as well -- but think that the tabletop offers something the desktop can't. I had to take three years off of RPG's due to work issues, and can honestly say that I missed it. I'm getting back in head first, and after I get a group going I'm hoping to find new ways to evangelize and bring new players into the fold. It's cool that 'gamers' are growing up (I'm turning 35 in November), but without new blood this form of gaming will dry up. No reason to have that.