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01-18-2008, 01:55 PM
With all the discussion about D&D combat, I've been flooded with nastalgia as I thought about some of the fun I've had in the not to distant past with D&D 3.5. I'll try to keep these After Action Reviews to a minimum.

The PCs:
A half-elf Ranger 3
A human Monk 3
A dwarven Rouge 2/Fighter 1
A human Sorceror 3

The situation:

Orcs had set up a stockade at a location walled in two sides by mountain cliffs. They had a mining operation, where they were using kobold and human slaves to dig into the mountainside. The indication was that they were searching for something hidden inside the mountain.

In the previous session, the players had managed to sneak along a mountain ridge above the stockade and lower themselves inside undetected. They left the stockade defenders behind and entered the mine, besting the resistance. In not too long, the PCs found the ranking officer at the stockade, an orc cleric, who was able to escape the party as they cleaned up the rest of the orcs. Now the PCs were holed up inside the mine, freeing the human and kobold slaves and recovering from their battle.


While the PCs rested overnight in the mines, the Stockade leader did not waste time. He employed what remained of his slaves and orc defenders to create a barricade facing towards the mine entrance. He then sent one of the slaves in to the PCs, claiming in a letter that the PCs had killed too many of them, and that the orcs would let them leave unhindered.

Of course the PCs did not believe the orc, but they decided to leave the mine anyways, prepared to strike first against the orcs.

The battle

The players cautiously exited the mine and moved towards the opening in the barricade the orcs had left. As they moved across a courtyard, the cleric revealed himself on top of the roof of one of the buildings, and he immediately cast the spell Enthrall, which captivated many of the players. The cleric intended to use this to keep the players out in the open while the ambush setup was completed. The monk, however, was unaffected, and charged towards the cleric.

This began a general melee, as orcs revealed themselves from behind the barricades, and some appeared on other buildings, shooting arrows. All of the PCs but the monk were still enthralled, with an NPC ex-slave attempting to snap them out of it.

Amongst those the PCs freed was the NPC captain of a local town's militia among others. He was an expert at the spiked chain exotic weapon, and he had improvised one from the shackles the orcs had used on him. He also was unaffected by the spell, and immediately charged towards another of the barricades.

The monk easily climbed up the building to the cleric, making a good jump roll, and the cleric attempted to cast hold on him, which failed. Orcs at the entrance herded out kobold slaves that they threatened with death if they didn't fight the PCs still in the courtyard as all but the Ranger broke free from the enthrall spell.

The militia captain hurdled the barricade, killing one orc before climbing a building. The Monk used Stunning Fist on the cleric, who failed to resist the effect, putting him out of commission for another round. A melee between the kobolds and players ensued in the courtyard, while the Ranger finally was jolted to awareness.

The sorceror hit the cleric with a ranged spell, and the monk kept the cleric off balance with trip attacks and flurrys of blows, putting the cleric in mortal danger. The militia captain leaped from rooftop to rooftop, using the reach of his improvised chain to smack down the last of the archers.

With their forces decimated, the courtyard players intimidated the kobolds with the fury of their attacks, making them fear the PCs more than the orcs, causing them to turn on their slavers and leaving only a single orc for the Ranger to mop up.

01-18-2008, 02:51 PM
Sounds like that was a fun session! :cool:

01-18-2008, 03:19 PM
Yup, one of the more memorable ones... Poor ranger failed the saving throw his teammates gave him 4 or 5 times before finally breaking free from the Enthrall :o

01-18-2008, 10:36 PM
That sounds awesome. Quite ****ing bad*** actually! :cool:

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Now THAT's some gaming!! W00T!