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01-17-2008, 12:02 AM
When King Osric The Reasonably Just decreed the wild and dangerous Eastern Frontier open to exploration none abandoned their fat and easy lives to risk almost certain death. But when the good king also known as The Relatively Generous added that there would be no taxes, tariffs, excises, or royal shares levied on treasure recovered from the Eastern Frontier a trickle of desperate adventurers answered his call. Heading east they arrived at Fort Brinks, last outpost of civilization and gateway to the Eastern Frontier.

Tomb robbers, out of work mercenaries, professional scoundrels, holy men looking to save or be saved, seekers of forbidden knowledge, naive farm boys with dreams of glory, assorted ne'er-do-wells, and foreigners from near to far all congregate at the Goat & Wizard Inn. Milling about they drink down the last of their coin, eye the competition, chase up rumors and bar wenches. Eventually, a group gathers round a large table to plan their first foray into the foreboding Eastern Frontier.

Welcome to the Eastern Frontier Campaign. It's organized differently than most(see below). But I'm very excited about the prospect of many gamers being able to play, I hope you will join me.

Campaign Mechanics:

Players need nothing other than paper, pencil, and a desire to have fun. Although, most will want to have their own dice and possibly a miniature figure to represent their character.

This campaign is designed for any number of players to be able to play whenever they have time. For instance, there might be 15 players in the campaign. 4 get together almost every tues, 6 play every three weeks or so, and 4 pop in and out of games whenever it fits their schedules, and the last one is a freak :) playing in almost every one of those games.

Players are responsible for deciding when, where, and what they want to do. There is an email forum http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/eastern_frontier/
for just this purpose. Someone might post "Hey I'd like to play next thur at BattleForge. There's something going on in the Grey Marsh, anyone want to check it out?" Other players would respond perhaps suggesting a different time or goal.

Caveats include:
- There must be at least three players committed to a game day for it to happen
- DM must be available and must have time to prepare, so schedule about 1 week in advance.
- DM may veto any plan that is lame such as traveling west into the BORING Kingdom.

ill be using Fantasy Concepts d20 rules by Jason "Flynn" Kemp. I have a printed copy of the rule book which I'll make available during games. But at only $8 the pdf is not a bad investment. Product page http://www.lulu.com/content/1444818

Blurbs from the back cover
# A streamlined skill system with a reduced skill list for ease of game play and character advancement;
# A redesigned combat system aimed at a rapid resolution of conflict without losing any of the fun;
# Seven races and six character classes that utilize talent paths for character development;
# Twenty-nine talent paths containing 128 talents to help customize your character;
# Over one hundred feats that offer flexibility and diversity in support of your character concept;
# An action point system that is fully integrated with the rest of Fantasy Concepts;

My description is "Take the awesome from Star Wars Saga Edition, give it a big sword, pointy ears, a fireball or two and bam! Frickin fun fantasy."

It is fun and streamlined. Incorporating recent advances in rpgs but still familiar to anyone who has played D&D 3.x or d20. I esp like the choices players have from minute to minute while playing and on a larger scale when developing their character.

So, are you brave or foolish enough to roam the Eastern Frontier in search of fame and fortune? More to the point are you strong enough to survive its challenges and return body, mind, and soul intact? Adventure beckons, will you answer the call?

If so visit the campaign wiki http://www.friendorfoe.com/rpg/campa...tern_frontier/ (http://www.friendorfoe.com/rpg/campaigns/eastern_frontier/)
then email njharman@knoggin.com and I'll get you access to the mailing list.

About DM:
Been playing and running games for over 20 years. Currently the Austin RPG Meetup organizer http://roleplayers.meetup.com/413/ and Austin D&D asst organizer http://dnd.meetup.com/823/ I enjoy making my players laugh, cry, moan, and cheer! Having fun is what it's all about.