View Full Version : Roommate and I Looking for Group, Wylie Plano Area.

01-03-2008, 08:19 AM
Me and my roommate are looking for a roleplaying group to join or atleast find some players and a GM to put somthing together. We can travel if needed and/or just have it at our place.

We have both played DnD (Only if mixed well with RPing), WoD (3rd edition only please)

Ive played Aberrant, and Fading Suns

We dont have a set time we just want to see whats available and change our availability accordingly, as we are both servers we can be flexible, the only no no for me is i attend ITT in Richardson tue, wed nights and this changes every 4 months. other than that we should be good.

Were looking for a group that is rather mature but can take a joke or two, we dont mind being out late so thats not an issue (i enjoy the late night games anywho) We would perfer WoD any system mixed or not, DnD would be fine as long as its not Hack in Slash, We are however open to new games just need a good GM to introduce them.

Get back with me soon, txhazard@yahoo.com or thru the forums